Saturday, 7/8/17, Public Square

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by | July 7, 2017 · 6:22 pm

4 responses to “Saturday, 7/8/17, Public Square

  1. Bob White

    Most persons would be embarrassed by such clear evidence and rebuttal. Not “The Donald!” Idiot.

    • Remember the ‘good old days’ when there was shame and embarrassment when politicians got caught telling lies, having adulterous affairs or groping women’s p______?

      But the sad fact is – now we see so-called Church Leaders getting caught doing the exact same thing and what happens to them? They get even more popular.

      I just don’t get it……

      I suspect this is the result of what happens when the Republican’s pure hatred for the black man in the White House turned into a cancer and that cancer is now eating it’s way throughout our entire country.

      There is no logic in cancer – the only way to fight cancer is to cut the damn thing out – and not leave a drop.

      But that is hard to do when our so-called Church Leaders are the very ones supporting and cheering their boy Trump at every single word he spews and ever single tweet he sends out.

      These are the folks who truly think they are the favorites of Jesus – and to hell with everybody that dares to confront them.

      • Does anybody remember Gary Hart?

        If Gary Hart were in politics today – he would be called a Saint. Of course, he would have to change to Republican and take the pledge of loyalty to party – even if it means he has to burn down the country.