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    • Which is why economists are dumbfounded by the continuation of the healthcare financing scheme still extant in the United States. It is the most suboptimal system known in the industrialized world. the involvement of private, publicly held insurers was, and remains, the largest flaw in the ACA (the failure to provide tools to reduce costs being a close second). It was clear from the beginning that when the insurers didn’t want to participate any longer, the system would implode.

      I’m sure the ACA was (or should have been) regarded as a short-term measure, to be replaced by something more sane as the Congress changed members, which, of course, hasn’t happened, and in my opinion, has absolutely no chance of occurring before 2022. Hopefully, there will be incremental changes prior to then, but it will be very expensive and very hard.

  1. 6176 posted this link over on Facebook. It is worth the time spent reading and deserves to be shared.

    (From the link): ““I’ve got three words for you: scared white people,” Parker says. “Every period of racial progress in this country is followed by a period of retrenchment. That’s what the 2016 election was about, and it was plain as it was happening.”

    To be clear: Neither Parker, nor the latest research, is saying that Trump voters are all racists. Most voting is simply party-line no matter who is running. What they’re saying is that worries about the economy, free trade and the rest were no more important in 2016 than in previous elections, but racial resentment spiked.

    It makes sense, considering the candidate himself was maligning Mexicans and openly calling for banning Muslims.

    What’s doubly interesting is that Parker suspects the reason his research gets overlooked is because he is black. He senses it’s assumed that as a black man he must be biased about race, or is too quick to invoke it.

    “I get a whole lot more respect over in Europe,” Parker told me. “There, it’s all about the ideas and whether my social science is sound. It’s not about who I am, like it so often is here.”


    • I also think the 2016 election was a revenge vote to push the biggest white bully the Republicans could find down (which was Trump) down Obama’s throat – and Hillary Clinton was their second target – a woman (of any color, will NEVER be president in their minds).

      I also believe history repeated itself in this way:

      In 1980’s – Reagan destined America to our current situation by pushing his Trickle Down Economics. Who did Reagan team up with to smear the good name of Jimmy Carter – can you say Jerry Falwell Sr?

      In 2016 – who ran to endorse Trump very early on in the GOP primary? Jerry Falwell Jr.

      As I see it – our country took a very dark turn starting in 1980 with Reagan. For God’s Sake – Reagan sold war arms to Iranians through the Iran Contra Scandal Deal. And yet Reagan is still worshipped today by Republicans as such a damn loyal American Patriot? – BTW those same Reagan worshippers still claim to hate the same Iranians that Reagan must have thought was okay to sell those war machines.

      That is one thing I will NEVER understand – this obsessive worshipping Republicans seem to have to do in their lives.

      Trump has only been in office for 5 months (God, it feels like it’s been 5 years) – and from the look of things – it is not going to be ten time worse than Reagan’s 8 years.

      Hang on to your hats – it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  2. Nothing says America has dignity and class like seeing a video tweeted out by the US President himself showing his fat ass to the camera and then doing the cock strut dance like he just did something so brave.

    BTW – don’t we all know that pro wrestling is just FAKE well-choreographed stunts – because with all that corporate money involved, who would want to risk real injuries to their celebrity stars?

    Which brings us to my point – Trump whines about all the FAKE news but yet he tweets out a FAKE wrestling fight to prove he is the most awesome and bigly macho US President and the rest of the world should fear him?

    Excuse me while I laugh….and then laugh some more..

    I wonder what the rest of the world is thinking when they saw this same video on 24/7 news coverage?

    But you know – the saddest part in all this is having to try to explain to Trumpublicans why this is in such poor taste and is clearly such a disgrace to the country for a sitting US President to conduct himself in this way.

    I don’t care how many Chinese-made American Flags you wave, wear or mount on your truck or car – when you applaud Trump pulling this latest stunt – there are no words to describe what you’re doing.

    I don’t feel sorry for Trumpublicans – I pity them. But I also will not allow them to sit back and laugh about this. This latest Trump Twitter Stunt nees to be addressed by the grown ups in our country – and TODAY.

    • I have to wonder – is this video something that resulted from a group of White House Neanderthals while they were drinking and partying? And who the hell thought this was a good thing to do?

      But – look at who is defending Trump and his Neanderthals – those same God-fearing Evangelical Kristians I am always yammering about. And why do I yammer – because I know these folks up close and personal. I was in their movement throughout the 70’s.

      And those folks were meek and mild compared to the ones we see today.
      Even the meek and mild ones were just pure evil..

      • I heard the video was originally made years ago. It was a fake planned attack on a referee like the wrestling matches are planned and fake. Somebody found it recently and superimposed the CNN logo over the face of the original man — voilà. Trump saw it, liked it, shared it on twitter.

    • Here’s the video CNN made in response. 😉

  3. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/analysis-how-cnn-managed-to-anger-everyone-by-finding-then-shielding-the-creator-of-that-trump-wrestling-meme/ar-BBDOabG?li=BBnbfcL


    The guy that originally made this video – by only applying the CNN logo over the face is a Reddit user (I don’t know what Reddit is ??)

    he has apologized not just for this CNN video but for all his past racist, bigoted and anti-Semitic comments.

    Hmmmm……this dude sounds like a typical Trumpublican – IMHO.

    But even this dude did not make the decision for Trump to retweet this video. That falls back to Trump or his Team – doesn’t it?

    Who the hell in the White House is so STOOPID (intentionally misspelled) to think this retweet of this spoof of the CNN punch fight with Trump is a good idea?

    • The original video of the choreographed punch fight came from Trump’s WWE pro wrestling days.

      I remember seeing it back then – and as I said previously, we all know how FAKE the pro wrestling world is and how all that corporate money would NEVER allow their celebrity starts to actually risk getting injured.

      But – again – no matter where this video originated from or who did what to it – it was Trump that retweeted this on HIS own Twitter Account.

      That decision is just one of many decisions Trump as president will be faced with – does this decision to retweet this video give Americans the confidence that President Trump will make well-thought decisions?

      I am confident of one thing – Trump will do exactly what Trump has always done – looked out for himself.

      Not exactly a leader I want to follow – IMHO

    • Very simply Reddit is a website where folks talk.