Thursday, 6/29/17, Public Square

obama did it


by | June 28, 2017 · 5:12 pm

6 responses to “Thursday, 6/29/17, Public Square

  1. Rick Liebst

    “Implosion” I am seeing more and more everyday the implosion of the trump supporters. They just can not seem to stand against simply logic or reason. Of course in return I am a Liberal and a moron! Un-American and a traitor. Well you have heard it all before. God help me when I admit that I voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump! You would swear I had just came out as a Communist. I am Ok though, you can not have a thin skin in politics and pay attention. I would have been quite happy if Obama had been able to have a third term. Of course often I catch hell from the other side when I say that he Governed like a moderate Republican. Oh well, it is all good. I just wonder when that point will be reached when the majority does turn on Trump. He is such an anemia, Neither a Religious nut, a fiscal conservative or a Liberal. LOL Poor guy just won’t be able to win for losing!

    Well my Grand daughter is doing pretty good. I managed to get my breakfast made this morning and eaten. LOL you can not imagine how much of an accomplishment that can be some mornings. If I won the lottery I would more then likely eat at sonic every morning. I really am a lazy cook.

  2. Bob White

    Great Big Head ——- but did you notice just how small his hands are?

  3. Thunderchild

    Do not engage Trump supporters except to demand their apology for what they have done. And if they will not apologize or abandon Trump, they must be considered enemies, dangerous to themselves, you, the nation, and the planet. Rest assured, if they do not already consider you the same, he will soon persuade them to it.

  4. Rick Liebst

    I keep being told I should leave them alone, some will be dangerous. So blinded by their devotion that they are both willing to kill and to die for Trump? I tend to want to agree with those telling me to drop it. But in a sense it would be like seeing a kitten in the street when a car is coming.

  5. This is a very interesting piece —


  6. I do think our country would be better off if the media (and all of us) completely ignored Trump’s tweets and all his other efforts to start a fight and deflect from what is important. I am left bewildered by the number of people who seem to love the fight.

    It seems to go well beyond the inability to look away from the train wreck all the way to encouraging and hoping for the train wreck and as much damage as is possible. These ‘love the fight’ people get themselves worked up all the way to vicious before the rest of us even know a fight is coming and think we’re still talking and negotiating.

    Trump does know how to start the fight and knows the fight will happen long before anyone even responds to his taunts. He counts on it and knows well he will be asked about his latest tweet before being asked about anything important. He is a bully whose behavior is atrocious and we must ignore that the same way we ignore it in the child we lead to better outcomes.

    Only if every thoughtful person begins ignoring his taunts and demanding he speak about what actions he is taking, what plans he has, to address the many challenges and important issues that go along with the job of being president will we have any hope of making any progress.