Thursday, 6/22/17, Public Square



by | June 22, 2017 · 5:33 pm

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  1. Rick Liebst

    It sure was rough in the beginning, that is what set so many against it. Bugs started getting worked out and the Gop was catching hell for the non-work. American people are not to keen on partisanship when it hurts them directly. Now many are seeing that trump is to put it politely just is not all tat and a bag of chips.

  2. I miss President Obama.

    • I miss President Obama’s level headed and calm approach to all the chaos in the world. Trumpublicans said Obama was a weak person because he was never the type to do the cock strut dance.

      I would much rather have a calm, cool and collected man in charge than a small man-child bully who can only run his mouth.

      But what do I know? I’m only a woman and according to Trumpublicans that makes me good for only one thing – groping.

      But let’s ask Bin Laden what he thinks of President Obama.
      Or maybe ask those Somali Pirates what they think of President Obama.

      Oh yeah, that’s right, these thugs are all DEAD – by careful planning and orders from President Obama.

      Be very careful of the quiet, calm man with the Velvet Glove.

  3. Robert Reich says —

    “Make no mistake: The Senate’s bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act is not a healthcare bill. It’s a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, paid for by a dramatic reduction in healthcare funding for approximately 23 million poor, disabled, and working middle class Americans. America’s wealthiest taxpayers (earning more than $200,000 a year, $250,000 for couples) would get a tax cut totaling $346 billion over 10 years.

    If enacted, it would be one of the largest single transfers of wealth to the rich from the middle class and poor in American history, at a time when the rich already have a higher percentage of the nation’s wealth and income than in over a century.

    Mitch McConnell – the Senate leader who refused to hold hearings on Obama’s Supreme Court pick and then pushed Neil Gorsuch through by changing the Senate rules on Supreme Court confirmations — has scheduled no hearings on this bill. He has shut out not only his own Republican colleagues but also major hospitals, physician groups, consumer advocates and organizations representing millions of patients with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other serious illnesses.

    The core of the bill is a huge reduction in Medicaid – America’s healthcare program for the poor — even beyond the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act.

    Reducing the federal government’s share of Medicaid is not reform, by any sane person’s definition. It is an enormous cost shift to the states – many of whom will not make up the difference. Among the programs sure to be cut are state responses to the opioid addiction crisis, of which more than 40 percent of the cost has been covered by Medicaid.

    If this shameful bill is enacted, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump — as well as every Republican senator who signs on –will bear the burden of tens of thousands of deaths that could have been avoided were they not so determined to make rich Americans even richer.”

    • That opioid epidemic is in a lot of Republican-led states – and in those Bible Belt States.

      Why aren’t these Trumpublican Evangelical Kristians using their tax-free money helping with this crisis?

      Perhaps their tax free money is currently heavily into Big Pharma stocks and why would they want to kill the Golden Goose?

      I do find it rather ironic that this opioid epidemics has gotten so big at the same time the Big Pharma’s pushing of all their new pain pills has brought them huge profits.

      I’ve worked the pharmacy business -and I can tell you one thing. There are a lot of people on anxiety, pain pills and every time a new marketing commercial comes on – the orders for that particular new drug jump very, very high.

      Hmmm…….is this why the advertising of pharmaceutical drugs and any doctor or dentist was prohibited during my childhood?

      I can’t pinpoint as to the exact year we started seeing marketing ads for Big Pharma, doctors and dentists. Does anyone else care to venture a guess?

      Was it the 1980’s when Reagan was in charge of the ME-ME-ME Greed Decade