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  1. “More than twenty 20 percent of Americans are covered by Medicaid. Even more people with brain injuries who experience a lifetime disability use Medicaid. And the House GOP’s bill slashes funding for the program by $834 billion, so as to finance a large capital-gains tax cut for the rich.

    The human cost of that maneuver comes out to 14.4 million more Americans with no access to affordable health care.

    This is the heart of Trumpcare…

    The Senate health-care bill will reportedly retain the House’s language allowing states to opt out of Obamacare’s essential-benefits requirements. This would free insurers to, among other things, sell plans that impose annual and/or lifetime limits on coverage benefits in some red states.
    But it would also free America’s large employers to impose such limits on all of their workers, no matter what state they reside in. This is because, under existing regulations, employers that have operations in multiple states can chose to apply any one of those state’s insurance standards to all their businesses. In other words, if Utah allows insurers to cap lifetime benefits at $1 million — and a company has branches in Utah and California — then that company can ignore California’s ban on such limits and impose them on all their Golden State employees.

    Right now, of course, Utah makes no such allowance, because Obamacare doesn’t let it. But Trumpcare would.

    Before the Affordable Care Act was enacted, roughly 60 percent of workers were enrolled in an employer plan with a lifetime limit. When these workers or their family members contracted cancer — or other diseases that require expensive treatment — such limits often forced them into bankruptcy.

    Trumpcare Could Bring ‘Lifetime Limits’ to Millions With Employer-Provided Insurance

    • I’ve been a patient in a chemo therapy treatment room prior to Obamacare.

      I can tell you for a fact that people were told they had ‘maxed out’ of their insurance and their next treatment would have to be paid in cash – up front.

      Imagine being told to bring $10,000 cash with you the next time you needed the toxic chemo therapy pumped through your veins.

      I don’t know about your neighborhood – but mine is made up of average working class Americans and we don’t have $10,000 cash just laying around.

      My brother lived in Illinois – and he told me about his experience in his chemo therapy treatment room. Same scenario – he heard several fellow cancer patients being told they had ‘maxed out’ and to bring cash the next time.

      My brother ‘maxed out’ a few months before he got his disability approved. So – my sister did a lot of digging and found some pharmaceutical company’s program that helped people get their needed drugs. And just by luck – my brother’s chemo drug was on that list of drugs they covered.

      But people should not have to rely on being ‘lucky’ to find help like that.

      In a country as wealthy and blessed as ours – I will NEVER understand how Republicans continue to seem to take such delight in refusing to help Average Americans but yet have no problems with giving our taxpayer money to corporations who have laid off American workers for the past 4 decades.

      It just does not make any sense to me.

  2. Rick Liebst

    LOL well it seems to happen too often, I am listening to the “Rocky horror picture show C.D. Gotten on the computer and it and the internet seem to working fine. Yeap, it is time to get hit between the eyes! OK if it was not so serous it would be comical. This implosion of the neocons and trump, seriously it could not be more a sitcom if the Liberal press was actually writer it for them to perform. He is attacking his supporters and constituents! The paranoid delusions are grasping him and he is about to suspect his own wife of being against him.

  3. Bob White

    All Right!! I always knew that Witches, real Witches, were way-too-good, to be allied in any manner with President Trump. Trump’s only alliances would be Russian, or worse, Republicans.

  4. What American inequality looks like: The bottom 50% of Americans earn an average of $16,000 a year. The top 1% earn an average of $1.3 million.

    • Republicans have consistently showed every American – they don’t give a fat rat’s ass about inequality – income inequality, racial or gender inequality.

      These Loud-N-Proud FAKE Kristians don’t care about anything but themselves.

  5. The Senate health care bill is scheduled to be released tomorrow, with a CBO score as soon as Friday.

    Here’s the latest on what we’re hearing:

    What we know about the GOP Senate health bill


    Is it just me – or is the majority of these counties in the Deep Rural Republican Red States that have been welfare leeches for a long, long time.

    This is nothing the black man in the White House created.