Sunday, 6/18/17, Public Square



And, to all Moms pulling double duty!


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  1. Hope today is a good day for everyone! It’s a day to honor those who nurture and parent our children. I’m one of those who agrees with Hillary that it takes a village. Our world today seems harsh and I’m all for protecting our children from the violence and intolerance that seems rampant. I believe strongly that love and kindness can be spread if we have enough people willing to work hard to become more civil and offer the examples our children deserve.

    • And take away Twitter from those folks who are not mature enough to handle it.

      • Rick Liebst

        I resemble that remark!

      • Rick – I was referring to Trump and his Twitter addiction. I don’t use Twitter and would not know how to even attempt to tweet.

        But I do know an obsesses Twitter user when I see one….and when that same Twitter is the president of the United States – I have to shake my head in disbelief that somebody within his own political party does not have the balls – or brains(?) to take the damn Twitter away from The Donald.

  2. An interesting topic — seems the Supreme Court may weigh in on the subject of gerrymandering soon.

    Supreme Court’s next step on gerrymandering could be its biggest yet



    This is interesting reading. I must confess, I laughed at the Superman joke. And I also loved the plaque halfway through the article.

    I’ve always believed that the greatest gift any human being can be given is the ability to laugh.

  4. I’ve got a question about that Virginia ball field shooting.

    Why was the lobbyist for Tyson Foods playing on the Republicans’ ball team?

    And Tyson Foods ? Hmm…..if Republicans want to build a wall to keep illegals out of the country, then why not just ask their fellow ball team player – Matt Mika – the Tyson Lobbyist – to ask his employers to stop exploiting the cheap illegal labor?

    Just asking..

    BTW – Republicans are now wanting body guards because of this shooting. Does that also mean taxpayers will have to pay for the Republicans’ lobbyist friends also?

    • This Tyson lobbyist was the pitcher on the field that day – so he was definitely a big part of their Republican team.

      Some might say – the pitcher is the STAR of the team.

      Hmm….the STAR is a lobbyist?

  5. I don’t care how many Congress Critters say they feel like sitting ducks out there – they made the decision to run for Congress. And they are the ones creating this hostile world we live in.

    Why should they get body guards – the rest of Americans don’t get that protection?

  6. Thunderchild

    New right wing strategy being fronted to littlehands.
    Fire Rosenfeld, have his replacement fire Mueller. His hands are clean!
    Do not BUY it.
    When he does that, and he will, he must finally be shown a nation that is ungovernable. Of course this will provoke him further, and we may very well see tanks in the streets. He aspires to be a dictator. And millions, but a minority, support him. He and they must fail.
    It’s civil war, but in the digital age. We have them outnumbered and out-thought. It is time to crush them forever.

    • I wonder if it has ever crossed Trump’s mind that if he had NOT fired Comey – and then bragged about it on television in an interview with Lester Holt that he fired Comey due to the Russia investigation – that a lot of this so-called witch hunt would not even have occurred?

      I know Trump is the Pied Piper of the People who truly are Proud to be D.U.M. – but seriously, isn’t there a limit to how stupid a person can be?

      Trump’s approvating rating hovers at 38% – no president – of either party – can govern at that low approval.


    Will be interesting to see how Neil Gorsuch handles this particular issue.

    Remember when Republicans just loved John Roberts when GWB appointed him as Chief Justice – but then these same Republicans crucified John Roberts when he was the deciding judge that agreed with Obama on the Affordable Care Act mandate?

    WOW – Republicans are a volatile bunch – one day the love you like Jesus-flavored cotton candy and the minute you go against them, then you’re a heathen worthy of being thrown into the bowels of Hell.

    Can you imagine if the new Republican SCOTUS Messiah Neil Gorsuch does not rule the way he is ‘expected’ to from these Republicans?

    • That’s a case I plan to follow when it’s argued next fall! Could definitely have an impact on the fairness of elections!

      • When White Republicans argue they are not the ones out protesting in the streets and forming the resistance movement to Trump – I have to shake my head.

        White Republicans don’t go out in protest in streets – they don’t have to. They did their street protesting when they gerrymandered the voting districts.

        I’m sure these Republicans were fully aware of the streets involved in those maps they created.

        When one controls the making of the rules – one does not have to bother with all that street protesting stuff.