Friday, 6/16/17, Public Square



by | June 15, 2017 · 4:15 pm

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  1. Rick Liebst

    LOL such pits, I discover the exact right things to post to facebook as to images here. But then I have lost some people that were following me use they are trump supporters. Trump does give the best ammunition. If he was mute there might be nothing to gig him on. Of course if nasism had not gain such a foothold. he would not be president.

  2. Rick Liebst

    I so neget me a new keyboard!

  3. Music is always good!

  4. Bob White

    We “knew” he was new and that he didn’t know! Why didn’t the College of Electors know that he didn’t know? Just one more example of the fact that the ‘electors’ do not represent the voters. They represent their states. Such is not a Democratic government, and a majority of the voters who voted did not elect the one “who didn’t know!” Around and around. Hillary should be our President, today. She was the “voters” choice.

    • What bothers me as much, maybe more, than his not knowing is his lack of curiosity. He doesn’t want to know. He wings it. The most powerful office in the most powerful country winging it — what could possibly go wrong!?

      • Trump knows that he can do whatever he wants and his core supporters will continue to defend him. This is why Trump insists on sending out his infamous tweets.

        Trump claims tweeting is his way to talk to the people. NO – it is a way for Trump to talk to HIS people and keep the hatred pot stoked 24/7.

        The saddest part -IMHO – is how many Trumpublicans claim to be such God-fearing Christians. This gives Trump the appearance that he is also a God-fearing Christian. That perception is very hard to fight – because nobody wants to be known as the Jesus-Hater in the bunch – do they?

        I’ll take a page out of Trump’s playbook and just call his Trumpublicans a bunch of FAKE Kristians.

  5. “From a friend:

    To the Republicans

    I feel no glee.

    I just don’t want to hear that we need to pay for secret service for each of you because you are in grave danger due to crazies with guns. It was no big deal when those little children were massacred. The citizens of this country begged you for more protection and reasonable laws by making gun owning more difficult. You laughed when our President cried.

    When Mrs. Gifford got shot in the head and people were killed on that day, you made it easier to buy guns. You used the opportunity to rally. Your glee was in record sales for the NRA.

    I don’t want to hear your whining. You got lucky today. The citizens are not always as lucky as you are. They die at the hands of criminals daily because of you being an enabler.”

    • Did I miss the day when any foreign leader reached out to Trump and all Americans about the tragedy of the shooting of the Republicans on that ball field?