Sunday, 6/11/17, Public Square

party hats


by | June 11, 2017 · 11:28 am

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  1. Not just the baby is not covered – but the pregnancy and delivery of that baby is not covered.

    But yet erectile dysfunction pills and penis pumps will continue to be covered.

    Perhaps that is why Mitch and Paul are wearing the party hats?

  2. Thunderchild

    Today, far right wing shill and attorney to the Resident said he would not take the Resident firing the special prosecutor off the table.We see how that played out for Nixon. But could this Resident pull it off? And how would the Senate judiciary react?

    • I don’t doubt for a New York minute that Trump will try to fire Mueller. But how the Republicans react to this will determine what follows.

      It’s not going to be pretty…..but as President Obama often said – keeping a democracy is not easy and it is a messy situation at times.

      Maybe it’s time to get messy?

      BTW – when Trumpublicans yammer about how Obama tripled the national debt and Obama – and only Obama – has caused our country’s financial debts – I just have to shake my head in disbelief.

      My grandkids love to watch our old School House Rock DVD – you know, the one about how our government works (the infamous song – I’m just a bill, up on Capitol Hill) and our how country was founded and the Revolutionary War.

      My grandkids know the basics of American History – why don’t these Trumpublicans?

      I wonder how many Republicans know the Founding Fathers started the first national debt in their funding the Revolutionary War?

      Trumpublicans are scary people – they claim to be so all knowing but yet are clueless – but they still don’t care.

  3. Thunderchild

    Resident tweets today, expecting Comey “leaks” to be “prevalent”.
    Who can ever guess what this arrested 8 year old intellect is really trying to say. “Prevalent” IF he is using it properly, would seem to suggest he expects more, a LOT more. If so, he has a lousy way of trying to get ahead of it. It’s like saying, “He’ll have more on me. But it’s lies all LIES!”
    This oversized Oompah Loompah is going to make a most interesting experiment. I could almost be enjoying it if said outsized Oompah Loompah wasn’t the most dangerous…..thing….on the planet. Still, let the experiment begin!
    There’ll be no more from Comey, not that he will personally air anyway. Comey is a professional. What he has to share will go to the special prosecutor, not in early pre-dawn reactionary tweets.
    And this will eat at little hands. He can’t hit back against what he does not know about! I predict more flailing away. He may even give things away by reacting to the shadow of things he fears to come!
    I promise you, I have done no looking on the under and over on how long this administration survives, I don’t want it to bias me. I say he doesn’t last in office a year/ or destroys the world first. 50/50.

  4. I’m not disagreeing the odds look even, but that scares me. I truly think Pence and Ryan are both even more dangerous. tRump can’t control himself but there are safeguards in place. Both Pence and Ryan will hide what they want to do maybe until it’s too late to stop them. They are practiced in navigating politics and government — with majorities in the Senate, the House and on the Supreme Court we need to wonder what would they pass??

  5. Thunderchild

    Not sure what you mean by the advantage of incumbency. And I’m fairly sure anyone remotely connected to this administration has any sort of advantage at all.

    • Being the incumbent has always been an advantage. I hope you’re right that this administration ruins even that advantage, but I doubt it. We still have a large number of really stupid voters. They don’t even want to know anything yet they to the polls and cast votes out of some sense of duty. I don’t know the numbers and yes it’s still a smaller number than the ones who just don’t bother to vote at all. I do wish the stupid voters would sit out elections too.

  6. Thunderchild

    I meant to say has no advantage at all, and maybe no political future. If the resident demanded loyalty of Comey he likely demanded of it of his entire cabinet and Pence. There was a good demonstration of this today as little hands basked in the sickening, ass kissising praise of Pence and his entire Cabinet. These people are some of the most accomplished crooks and evil doers in our country and yet they seem mere toadies in his presence, puppets genuflecting on his magnificence. They will all, including Pence, likely go down, willingly or unwillingly with him.
    And even as I write this, things are evolving still. A White House rightfully in CHAOS as they learn of plans to FIRE Muller, something they just a few hours disavowed.
    Prediction: The Resident WILL fire Muller. He will do this because everyone except his base is telling him he CAN’T! He will do it to show the world that he can.
    And then folks we are in unexplored territory….
    Senator Schiff on the Judiciary committee has gotten out in front, promising that if Muller is fired he will be rehired as independent counsel.
    The insane are out front as well, encouraging the Resident to fire Muller.
    June 13 2017 is about to become a very significant date in American history. A failed and corrupt administration will begin to fall, or, a dictatorship may begin to rise.