Saturday, 6/10/17, Public Square



by | June 9, 2017 · 5:49 pm

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    • Rick Liebst

      Years ago, I hate to admit how many. My dad wanted to teach me about the evils of gambling. So he taught me how to shoot craps. WELL, it seemed that after about an hour. I had won a good deal of money! I was so happy, he then hit me with a new bet. One the next roll if I won he would give me twice as much money as I had on the table! I jumped at the chance thinking of all the great things I could buy with that much money. Well I crapped out rolled a seven. I swear I have never seen someone so relieved in my life! It had turned out I had won every cent that he and mom had for a week!!

      Sometimes I watch these things and think about the betting everything but it being that if you lose. It will mean that you have lost everything you have worked for. Now of course trump even if he loses the Presidency is not going to lost it all. But his supporters are a different matter. They bet so heavily on this fool. Putting their reputations on the line for trump.

    • Bob White

      No doubt in my mind! But what to I know, after all they are both Republicans.

  1. I know which one would be more easily impeached as a witness.