Monday, 6/5/17, Public Square



by | June 5, 2017 · 8:43 am

3 responses to “Monday, 6/5/17, Public Square

  1. Sometimes we must laugh to keep from crying. This gave me a great laugh.

    • I do believe our Creator (in whatever form you believe that to be ) did give humans the greatest gift of all – the ability to laugh.

      Laughter has been said to be the best medicine. And I can attest to that. While going through my cancer journey – the first time I really laughed made me feel human again. It was like a fresh rain that poured down my face – and I could once again feel some hope.

      Laughter is a gift from our Creator – and it’s such a wonderful gift to give anybody and everybody.

      It doesn’t cost us a thing to share a laugh but we get so much more in return – don’t we?

  2. This bears repeating – yet again.

    I miss our President Obama. He was always very caring, compassionate, empathetic and yet he was as strong with a velvet glove.

    Republicans do their cock-strutting dance as to how brave and macho their boy Donald Trump is and how he is going to get rid of all the bad Islamists and bring world peace.

    Mighty winds come from empty caves – that is what I think of when I listen to Donald Trump.