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  1. Bob White

    Conceptual basis for any GOP Health Care Plan; “we have ours and all of you pay for that, thanks; and for the rest of you the limits are only — “if you ever need it you are not covered by our plan, so you don’t have it and, otherwise, you don’t really need it.” And, by-the-way, we need a raise in pay for our services to this nation.

    • I truly believe our nation will be judged by how we treat the most vulnerable.

      Perhaps we are seeing the results of that thinking now?

      Think about it – When Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Change Accord – he put us into the same group of Syria and Nicaragua

      So – Trump won the race to the bottom of the cesspool?

      If this is Trump’s idea of winning – we are doomed.

  2. Trump could have not pulled out completely from the Paris Climate Change Accord – and simply lowered our goals.

    But he did not choose to do that – did he? He chose to burn down the entire world rather than to give an inch.

    I wonder how much of Trump’s decision was influenced by the fact that President Obama was the main one that got all these countries to sign on to the Accord.

    And we all remember that Thursday when Obama and Merkel held an event in Berlin in the morning and the huge crowd was there cheering and applauding.

    Then later that same Thursday – Merkel flew to the NATO or G-7 summit meeting and told Trump where to shove it.

    Trump seems to hate Angela Merkel – – what if Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris Accord is not just because his White Evangelical Kristians told him to do it – BUT there was a personal reason also involved?

    Trump hates Obama and Merkel loves Obama.

    What better way for a Drama Queen Teenage Girl seeking revenge than to tear down their enemy’s friendship?

    How sad – a 70-yr-old man who has the mindset of a teenage girl drama queen – and he TWEETS like one also.

    • Let’s not forget – when Angela Merkel was in the White House visiting Trump – the infamous diss of Merkel’s extended handshake?

      Trump tried to say he did not hear her when she held her hand out to shake his.

      that does not fly with me because Trump was the Host at the meeting and he should have been the one extending his hand out FIRST.

      But that would require real leadership – and that is very, very short supply when it comes to Trump

  3. The strongest national defense for America:

    1) High-paying American jobs that allows one parent in the household to make enough money so the other parent can stay at home with the kids. No for-profit corporate day care needed then – huh? Families can finally get back to being a family – which means stronger family ties. If both parents want to work – then that is their choice. But no taxpayer subsidies for day care.

    2) We all need clean air to breathe and non-polluted water to drink. Let’s not throw out environmental protections based simply on the Republican’s mantra that – regulations cost jobs. Let’s get back to the basics. If you cut down alot of trees and develop land for golf courses, then you replace those trees somewhere else. It’s called CONSERVATION.

    3) Access to affordable health care for every American. Let’s go back to the good old days when doctors were doctors – they were not millionaires living behind their corporate gold-blinged gated communities. Doctors were not the wealthiest person in town – and they generally gladly accepted payment in the form chickens, ham, corn, potatoes, onions – anything that could be grown on a farm.

    4) Churches stop being for-profit businesses and stop mixing religion and politics. Again – in the good old days – the preacher man was poorer than the doctor. The preacher man had to rely on the kindness of his church members for their home cooked meals. No preacher man was ever a wealthy person living up on some damn hill looking down their noses at the rest of the town.

    5) Bankers need to stop all their gouging for that elusive extra shiny penny. GREED has been a cancer in our beloved America for way too long. It’s time to cut this cancer out and start to heal our country.

    6) Patriotism – the real kind – not the kind where somebody wears a Chinese-made t-shirt with the American Flag on it and waving a Chinese-Made American Flag while strapping an assault rifle across their fat beer gut and doing the cock strut dance through their local Walmart.

    7) Public Education needs to get back to teaching the basics – Writing, Arithmetic and Science – but every child should be taught American and World History – the facts – not the rewritten nonsense we hear coming out of some of these so-called Patriots’ mouths. And for God’s sake – stop with the mandating prayer in school. No amount of reciting a ‘certain’ prayer is going to make America any stronger.

    7) Last – but not least – finally learn to clean up your own backyard before you start on your neighbors.

    Until our country is willing and abe to do any of these things – that is the day America will be GREATER.

    America has ALWAYS been Great. All these problems I have listed above did not start when the black man won the White House in 2008 and 2012 – and both times he won the Popular Vote and Electoral College.

    Which you might want to ask yourselves – why did Trump not manage to win the Popular Vote? It means his agenda is not what the majority wants. And if Trump and his fellow Patriots were wise, they would learn from that election result and adjust their agenda accordingly.

    Amierica has always been about a democracy that requires compromse. But the basics I have listed above should be things all Americans want.

    • I just posted this on another blog I follow. Whenever Trump sends out his ridiculous Tweets – I just want to scream. Especially when he criticized the London Mayor. Now why do I suspect Trump would have never criticized this Mayor unless he was a Muslim?

      National Security and Defense is not just about who has the biggest military – it goes deeper than that – IMHO

      My mind keeps going back to the old saying –

      a chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

      Americans are hurting now and they have been hurting for decades. This is not just something the black man in the White House caused during his 8 years in office.

      This goes way back – Reagan started the economic downward spiral when he gave us Trickle Down Economics.

      But I think it started even before then – I think when President Ford pardoned Nixon for all his illegal crap – that was the start of this idea that if you’re rich enough or powerful enough, you don’t get punished.

      How many times have we seen this play out since Nixon?

      And then to know that Trump and his minions are applauding and cheering to know that America has joined the likes of Syria and Nicaragua being the only 3 countries not in the Paris Climate Change Accord.

  4. Rick Liebst

    I do not find any great pleasure in being right about rump. There were just too many people I know and care about that had put a great deal of faith in him. But now they are waking up to the mistake. Itt is hurting them deeply to have been made a fool of.

    • Bob White

      Yes, me too, I hope they are waking-up. But that is not the case, here, in Florida: not at all. Sad part, Florida is “not” ruby-red like Kansas. More registered D’s than R’s, statewide. Simply, Florida is GOP corrupt. Can’t due justice to the corruption and ignorance from top to bottom. And the “media” in this state is a huge part of it. I expect such from the Chamber of Commerce, corporate business and the retired billionaires: but, “the public?”

      • At some point – the Chamber of Commerce and Corporate Business will have to come to the same conclusion – Trump is toxic and needs to go.

        After all – when their profits are threatened – even the Bigly Trump is not indispensable.