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  1. Rick Liebst

    I both enjoy these cartoons and they also make the emotions come out. That logic, and sadly it is not an exaggeration I have hear that kind of argument. It is like the one about the growth of firearms ownership. ” How can anyone survive unless we can kill each other”.

    • Yes, Rick, kinda hard to reason with that kind of argument. I run into more and more of this kind of stupidity daily. Seems since Trump was elected it’s a badge of honor to be this stupid.

      • Rick Liebst

        Omg yes! It is like a badge of real honor for trump supporters. Even after their arguments or statements get so many hole in them. They are still proud to be proud of them! Nothing that actually defends or explains the logic or reasons for it. Just name calling and telling me how stupid I am and how I should just move to the soviet Union!

    • Bob White

      Back from our Kansas ‘tune-up!’ Forgot all that I love about KS (family, friends, nature) by being so focused on all that is wrong and sad. One name sums-up all that is wrong; “Republicans.” That’s what’s wrong in Florida, too; and basically all across the U.S. Today’s blog-post got it right.

  2. This is a terrifying article. I do believe it accurately describes what is happening today. —

    I Was Trained for the Culture Wars in Home School, Awaiting Someone Like Mike Pence as a Messiah

    • I saw the beginning of this when I graduated from that Fundamental Baptist College in Chattanooga, TN. I graduated in 1975 and a lot of those same college students, professors and college staff members have gone on to being political operatives.

      I’ve shared some things about my experiences at that college – and everything in that article is true – as I saw it firsthand.

      But the scary part is – that was back in 1975 – this is now 2017.

      These Fundamental Evangelicals are even more powerful and more scary – and I lay a lot of that blame at the feet of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

      Who the hell did Reagan team up with to smear the good name of Jimmy Carter (the ‘real’ Christian) in the White House? It was Jerry Falwell.

      And who ran to endorse Trump from the very start? Jerry Falwell JR.

      There is a sinister plot going on – IMHO. I don’t know if it is just a people-oriented sinister plot or if Satan himself has been working with these so-called Evangelical Kristians?

      Whatever the cause – these folks are downright scary.

      The Bible talks about the false prophets in the end times – perhaps the false prophets are these Trump Evangelical Kristians?

      OR – maybe they are just plain Power-Hungry and Nutjobs – but they are clever enough to know how to grab the power and the MONEY.

      On second thought – it’s not Satan’s handiwork. Throughout World History, there have been groups just like these Trump Evangelical Kristians. And the world survived – and some years were even good years.

      I prefer to think this is just another challenge our country is facing. I’ve met and talked with a lot of different people of all races, religious and non-religious, different economic status and education levels.

      While we have all disagreed on a few peripheral issues – the main issues are the ones we agree on – the right of every American to be treated with respect and dignity.

      And – as I have learned – there are a lot of people who are sick and tired of these TRump Evangelical Kristians thinking they can tell everybody else how to live and what God to worship. There’s been the majority that are Christians and they are offended by what is going on with Trump and Pence..

      But we’ve all agreed – there are more of us in the left-center, center and right-center than the Far Right – but we are not making the loudest noises.

      We’ve also agreed that the Far Right has made it billion-dollar business to be just as hateful and outrageous telling of lies – and any threat to their obscene profits will be met with such fury.

      Self-righteous fury ….

      The one biggest fear I heard from everyone was that a tragedy like 9/11 might happen again. And this time – they’re no sure the country will be able to survive.

      Not under the current President’s lack of empathy, compassion or even caring about All Americans.

      We have a reality t.v. celebrity in the White House – and sad to say, Trump appears to think that leading America is just a big fat joke.

  3. Bob White

    I was raised a Christian, baptised-by-immersion, know my Bible, study and learn from today’s theology and accept 1 John 4:8 as true and accurate: “God is love,” (a “verb”), not a “being” (noun): And, yes, “each-to-his-own.” We, the USA, have “freedom-of-religion” and many do see it differently, hence the significance of our “freedom;” however, we also have “freedom from religion.” In my eighty-two years, I’ve witnessed virtually no Christians who follow either Jesus (Christianity), the teachings of the Bible, or any other named religion while occupied during their life-time endeavoring to “win-against-all-others” while very busy destroying Mother Earth. Most have no idea what Jesus said or taught. Most believe he was “born-of-a-virgin on Christmas Day and raised from the dead.” All wrong. Just ask your Pastor. She/He might tell you the truth. If not, read different stuff.

    • But that’s the problem Bob – not all preachers in these churches are preaching the ‘rea’ Jesus.

      Espeicially these huge Mega Churches – they seem to have given Jesus a makeover job.

      Jesus is a Vulture Venture Capitalist with a gold necklace with a gawdy-looking Gold-Blinged Dollar Sign. And not only that – Jesus has a military assault rifle and lots of ammo strapped across his fat beer gut – while wearing a Chinese-made t-shirt resembling an American Flag.

      And to replace that thorn of crowns the real Jesus had to wear – Jesus is now sporting a bright red ball cap with the words ‘Make America Great Again’.

      And let’s not also forget – Trump’s core supporters are the White Evangelical Kriistians – they tend to be the ones with building theses huge Mega Complexes and then calling themselves a church simply because they know how to market the name of Jesus. That does not necessarily mean these folks follow the teachings of the real Jesus.

      Ever notice when Trump gets into trouble with his ratings – who does he run back to and puts on a pep rally? Yeah, you guessed it.

      • Oh – and Jesus no longer gives a fat rat’s ass about healing the sick – not unless they have a valid health insurance card and/or the cold hard cash to pay for his services – up front.

        Oh – and no damn refunds.

      • Bob White

        Right! However, in my opinion such is not limited to the “mega churches” since I attend several smaller churches of various denominations and they are very much alike, e.g., creeds, hymns, prayers, etc., all mostly alike, communion and offering, pulpit, choir, robes, and “business-as-usual” (expected): then off to sports, lying, cheating and stealing as usual. The poor, sick, and unfortunate — “its their own fault…..not my responsibility.” They have all heard of the Good Samaritan and never understood the message.

    • I was surfing through quotes by different people and came across this picture.

      Hmmm…look at that slogan Reagan used in 1980.

      Reagan teamed up with Jerry Fawlell SR in 1980

      Trump teamed up with Jerry Falwell JR in 2016.

      Reagan sold Iranians all those war arms in 1983 (?)

      Trump sold Saudis $1150 billion in war arms just this past week.

      Let’s not forget – all but one of those 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia.

      What could possibly go wrong?

      Is history about to repeat itself?

      Trump is 100% proof of at least one thing – those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

      OH – forgot – Reagan started Trickle Down Economics
      Trump put Trickle Down Economics on steroids.

      What could possibly go wrong?

      • Rick Liebst

        Of course it all seems to come back to me repeating it over and over. “Thous who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. “.

  4. The cartoon graphic reminds me of another way to describe Trumpublicans –

    The wife beater husband screams at the wife that he has to beat her for her own good. He is only showing his love and concern by knocking her teeth out or giving her one or both black eyes.

    Yeah – sure. Big eye roll.

    When I ask myself why so many Trumplicans continue to support Trump – I am reminded of why so many abused women stay with their abuser husband/boyfriend.

    I’ve never been in that situation – but I do know women who have been. And it’s true – some women never see the truth and some will see it eventually but not before they have been beaten to a pulp – more than once