Wednesday, 5/10/17, Public Square



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  1. Rick Liebst

    I wonder if this will be the think that finally breaks the support ? It seems everyday now something else is breaking the news that should take the dictator down. But at least I am not encountering as many people willing to defend him.

  2. Thunderchild

    Oh it is ON now!
    Associates of former FBI Director Comey say Comey and little hands did indeed have dinner back in January. A dinner during which Comey was asked twice for a pledge of his loyalty, which Comey told him he could not make. That folks, is at least attempted obstruction of Justice. Granted, it’s gonna be word against word here. But with this and everything else he has done, I fully believe if Dems had the Senate impeachment proceeding would already be under way. And the BEST part of all of this is, every time the sonofabitch does something and SEEMS to get away with it he just out does himself further! Better still, Pence has been such a good little toady he may get sucked in as complicit once this whole shitty administration gets called to account and begins to collapse!
    But that gets us President Paul Ryan. We may have to carry this sorry bunch past the 2018 midterms before we knock it all down….

    • Did you see Trump’s tweet this morning that included a threat to Comey about the White House having tapes?

      DAMN – another throwback to the Nixon days – tapes, really???

      BTW – did you just about laugh when we saw Henry Kissinger sitting there in the White House with Trump on Wednesday – the day after Trump fired Comey AND Trump entertained the two Russians – and refused the US media access to that White House meeting – but the Russian media was the one that circulated those photo ops?

      Trump looked like such a lapdog with those two Russians – didn’t he?

    • Need control of the House first.

      Your point is well-made. My fear is instead of 2018, it will be 2022.


    Since I don’t watch much local t.v. news coverage and we don’t get the newspaper – I missed this tidbit of newss.

    When the Hell did Terry Fox become an expert in Exorcism?
    Go into his church’s website – it also says Terry Fox is an ex law enforcement officer.

    And law enforcement has recommended his exorcism skills?


    • BTW – is Terry Fox also a medical doctor that can diagnose and treat mental illness?

      • IMHO, Terry Fox is a con man who will play all and every one of the possibilities available to him for maximum personal gain. Exploitation of the terminally ignorant is his specialty.

      • Sad to say – Terry Fox is not the only con man in this business.

        Did you see today’s news where Trump spoke at Liberty University ? When Trump gets in really deep trouble – he always runs back to the White Evangelical Christians. That should explain a lot about Terry Fox – huh?

  4. Wouldn’t you think that all phone conversations of both the U.S. President and the F.B.I. Director would be captured and saved? Those are two high-powered government officials so at least that’s what I think would happen.

    • I agree – every conversation and meeting in that White House should be up for public knowledge.

      I’ve heard this tidbit of news several times – on different media. The Trump White House has never made the White House sign-in log available to the media or to the public.


      That White House does not belong to Trump and Gang. They are only temporary tenants.

  5. Thunderchild

    Comey has not been heard from directly, only his associates. I tend to believe they are representing him to the best of their honest ability. They mention no phone call.
    Little hands refers to two phone calls. Of course that….creature…is acquainted with the truth only as he understands it and only in the last 45 seconds. I would not take his word that night is dark and day is light. He says he had dinner with Comey at Comey;s request, which is a proven lie.
    There may in fact be no phone call. But if there ARE “tapes” I have the greatest confidence that Comey knows more about that than …..the creature. The delusional creature who has lived for a very long time in a reality of his own making is alienating, insulting, and demanding oaths of servile fealty and dishonesty from people FAR more intellectual and principled than he..
    The good news? I cannot imagine this administration, as it stands can last more than a year. For the nation and the world to shape itself to the delusional and constantly changing vision of someone who is almost demonstrably insane is simply not possible.
    The bad news? The…creature clearly does not deal well with disappointment, or even limited introduction to reality. An ego this big and so intent on its own aggrandizement might well prefer to burn the world before being brought low.

    • Trump seems to not give a damn – unless there is money to be made by him or his kids.

      And why wouldn’t he want to burn the world – his attention span is that of a gnat – IMHO

      And he tends to fly off the handle and do stupid stuff – like fire Comey – when he gets mad.

      This is NOT what the US needs at this time as our leader.

      JEEZUS Almighty – can you imagine what the rest of the world is really saying – not their public statements – but what foreign leaders are really saying about Trump?”

      Perhaps this is why France voted for the centrist and South Korea voted for the Liberal Democrat.

      when Brexit happened – there was not an immediate change in their government – a lot of talk, but no big changes – yet.

      When Trump happened – there have been a lot of changes (bad -IMHO) and things are not going well.

      If there is a silver lining to Trump winning – the rest of the world is watching and electing to go with the more centrist or center left?

  6. Thunderchild

    Comey invited to testify in closed door meetings of Intelligence Committee, declines. He wants a public hearing. Good for him.
    Though I had come to hate James Comey and blame him for the election of the monster because of his relentless pursuit of Hillary Clinton, I begin to see a truly good but conflicted man….
    Hillary Clinton is no doubt guilty of multiple felonies. The reason the right hates Comey so much is he spent 13 minutes setting up to prosecute her,

    and then didn’t.
    I think this is because Comey saw Hillary’s email situation as illegal, yes, but not malicious. We live in a transitional age between the written and the digital. OLD law has yet to keep up with new technology. In this case, I think he charitably, (and wisely) saw ignorance of the law as an excuse. He didn’t help the monster, as I once thought. He was just trying to do his job.
    An aside here, if the monster is held to the same law not keeping up with
    technology, HE will be in jail before she is. By correcting his elementary school spelling errors in his TWEETS, he is just as subject to prosecution and prison. And that is just the start of his legal issues…
    There is a key difference here. And I hope most of America is intelligent enough to see it.
    For Comey to investigate and report as to Hillary Clinton so close to an election was wrong, illegal wrong even. But THAT investigation was not stepped on. He was not fired. Justice, though in a gray area, was allowed to proceed. And it may well have turned an election. I now believe Comey never wanted that and also believe him when he says the thought of it makes him sick.
    Imagine a man, now hated by pretty much everyone for just trying to do his job. Imagine that man, so tortured by what he has done now demanded to take a loyalty oath to the monster on pain of losing his job, his reputation, and his relevance. And he refuses to give up his convictions.
    True heroes are people in the bad places at the wrong times who try to work for the good. James Comey is a hero. We need to hear what he has to say.