Tuesday, 5/9/17, Public Square

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    • Listen to Herbert Marshall – playing Bette Davis’s husband- the rich man who has a conscience.

      Bette Davis is the epitome of what we are witnessing today – the greedy rich just want to get even richer – and they don’t care if people have to die. In some cases – they want people to die.

      There is a growing cancer in our country – but what makes it even worse is that Trump gets his cloak of Godliness from these so-called White Evangelical Christians.

      Trump did not start this cancer – Reagan did back in the 1980’s when he rammed through Trickle Down Economics.

      And can we all remember who Reagan teamed up with to smear the good name of the real Christian in the White House (Carter)?

      Jerry Falwell Sr and his Immorality Boys.

      Is it any coincidence that Jerry Falwell Jr helped Trump in 2016?

      History has way of repeating itself.

      • Just a thought….

        When did all these Evangelical Churches start to build their huge complexes all on tax-free prime real estate and they pay no taxes?

        I graduated from that Fundamental Baptist College in Chattanooga, TN in 1975. There were a few big churches – but nothing like we see today.

        Just take a drive on North 21st street and go east to Andover. Count how many huge Christian Churches there are and notice how they all seem to be on prime real estate.


      • Too man churches are nothing more than tax-free corporations.

    • Here’s another old movie with the story plot of average man vs rich greedy man

      Sad to say – how many Republicans would see Potter as the victim?

      • Where are the George Baileys today? Are they so busy working they don’t have the luxury to look up and speak up?

        Or are they just too beaten down to even try to fight the Potters in our country today?

        When Republicans take such delight in denying health insurance to their fellow Americans with pre existing conditions – just so the wealthiest Americans can get an even bigger tax cut – then is the game over?

        There is a lot of idiocy in the Republican Party – but when these folks deny health insurance coverage for mental health treatment – but yet voted to change the law so that certified mentally ill people could legally buy guns – then what can one say?

        Mentally ill people not getting treatment – sitting around listening to 24/7 hate-filled GOP political rhetoric – what could possibly go wrong?

  1. Life expectancy in the U.S. varies by more than 20 years depending on your county. Axios Science Editor Alison Snyder says researchers found the gap is growing:

    Why it matters: Poverty, education, and unemployment — as well as smoking, lack of exercise and access to quality health care — explained 75% of the difference in life expectancy.

    Best places: Central Colorado counties had the highest life expectancy (87 years) in 2014.

    Worst places: North and South Dakota counties encompassing Native American reservations had the lowest — 66 years.


  2. egislators are either for the wealthiest and against the vulnerable which makes them a Republican or they realize the wealthiest are fine and the vulnerable need help, which puts them in the Democratic Party.

    The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) taxed the wealthy and used that money to give premium assistance to the vulnerable who could finally afford health insurance. The American Health Care Act (Trumpcare) takes away the premium assistance and the newly found insurance from the vulnerable and gives the money back to the wealthy.

    There seems to be little, if any, middle ground.

    The most frustrating part is the fact that NEITHER position does anything to curb the cost of health care. The care itself is still too expensive and the insurance to defray some of the costs is too.

    • It’s about priorities. I’d rather pay for everyone’s healthcare than funnel billions off to corporations, wealthy people, etc. etc. that already have record profits and monetary wealth. People’s health is priority ONE in my book.