Saturday, 5/6/17, Public Square

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  1. Choose your Trumpfuckthesick plan now —

  2. “By Russell Malahowski

    So many seem to think this is something new. It is not. I am 62 years old. I was born with a heart murmur (the same thing that Jimmy Kimmels son has only not nearly so severe). In those 62 years I was bullied because I was weak. I was told “it could be worse”. I even had a nun in 2nd grade tell me and my mother that I was “punishment” for some unknown transgression against God by my parents! Most importantly, in 1970 I was evaluated for surgery to repair the hole. The evaluation was by Easter Seals. You see, they would fund the surgery only if it was immediately life threatening. It was not, but would as time progressed cause more problems. Because of their limited funds Easter Seals could only fund the most critical problems. It then fell to my Fathers health insurance.

    The year I was born, my Dad caught his supervisor embezzling. Dad couldn’t prove it, so his supervisor wasn’t fired. My Dad quit rather than ignore the problem. After 6 months the supervisor was caught and fired. My father was rehired, but his health insurance didn’t become effective until 6 more months had elapsed, as it turns out 3 months after I was born. The insurance company denied the claim 14 years later because of it being a pre-existing condition. Now some 47 years later, the damage has grown. Under Obamacare I am covered. Under Trumpf**kthesickandpoor I lose. As I am sick and fading, I wished to retire early, but cannot do so. I must now work until I am 65, and may well not make it.

    I know this is a long post, but I did so to show that the mistreatment of millions of us is far from a new feature on the American landscape. It goes back to time immemorial. Other countries have decided that sickness is not a character flaw. They realize that the strong should take care of the weak. In America, we continue to be punished.

    I am now tired, sad, and angry. My country turned its back on me, and millions like me, in effect sentencing us to death. The rights and freedoms we supposedly have are denied to far too many to consider this a great nation. I shall pass from this earth in far too few years, having dutifully saved for a meager retirement I will never have. I shall die tired, sick, and in pain. I never committed any crimes, I never hurt anyone, and I did the things I was supposed to do, and have been punished. This is not a great country. And the republicans are not great people. May they all be forever thrown under the bus by future generations. To suffer like me and countless millions of others. And may they forever be held in contempt as being the same as the Nazis they seem to hold in such high regard”.

  3. Those who hide behind religion are the absolute worst in my book because they aren’t even brave enough to research their dogma or own their opinions, but simply use what should be lessons on loving and caring to spread deceit. On faith they tell us. I find their lack of empathy and concern for others striking. Shouldn’t the have enough compassion to want to pay for everyone’s healthcare over funneling billions off to corporations, energy companies, etc. etc. that already have record profits and are being allowed to destroy our planet?

  4. From tomorrow’s N.Y. Times Magazine cover, “The Money Issue”

    “The Online Marketplace That’s a Portal to the Future of Capitalism: Services like Wish — through which American consumers can mainline goods directly from the manufacturing chaos of China — are harbingers of the end of retail as we know it’ …

    John Herrman, a David Carr fellow for the N.Y. Times, writes that ads for the app Wish (“Shopping Made Fun”) appeared in his Facebook and Instagram feeds without explanation or context:

    Items up to 4.4 pounds can be shipped [between the U.S. and China] as ePackets, at extremely low rates with tracking numbers and delivery confirmation. … ePacket’s usage has ballooned in recent years.

    This obscure trade deal has become the quiet conduit for an explosion in a new and underexamined American consumer behavior: buying things directly from their countries of manufacture. (Similar agreements also exist with Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea.)

    Why it matters: “This … presents a problem for the stores and retailers accustomed to serving as importers themselves. Brick-and-mortar retailers are already experiencing a grim 2017 … Cross-border purchases compound the issue: Because of ePacket, and the decades-old international postal agreements that serve as its foundation, lightweight product shipments from China are heavily subsidized by the U.S.P.S.”