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    Rex Tillerson wants America to divorce our values from our policies?

    If we change our values – then are the same country or is Rex just wanting to make a deal at any costs – so he can get in and grab the oil?

    • Bob White

      Rex Tillerson appears to have all the qualities of a “heathen;” e.g., his “religion or his customs — uncivilized” meaning he is the right guy for the Republicans including our new President. Could the evil Roman Empire have been any worse?

  2. Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station:

    You elect a president who publicly mocks disabled people?
    This is what you get.

    Right here.

    Health Insurance for people with preexisting conditions is a “luxury” according to Donald Trump’s favorite show, Fox and Friends.

    Healthcare for people with preexisting conditions is a luxury.

    Now you think about that.

    You follow that though to the end and what you get is: People who are less than physically or mentally perfect are a luxury.

    And in the context of the healthcare debate, we cannot afford luxuries.

    That is EXACTLY what these rotten sons of bitches are saying.

    That is some Nazi shit, right there.

    That is the same rhetoric and the same thinking used by those who believed in the idea of a Master Race, who believed in EUGENICS.

    And don’t you dare think for one goddamned minute that’s NOT what these people are saying, because it IS.

    And they know it.

    They know it, because they put an exemption into the Republican plan, the so-called American Healthcare Plan, for THEMSELVES.

    That provision, part of the MacArthur Amendment, specifically exempts CONGRESS AND THEIR STAFF from losing the protections of Obamacare.
    See the idea here is to allow STATES to decide if you get to keep protections for preexisting conditions — and all the other popular provisions of Obamacare. Republicans claim you’ll be protected, even if your state decides to opt out.


    And they aren’t willing to risk it because they know that the states are going to let you die. Yes they are. If you think that poor red states, places like Alabama and Louisiana, or red states like Kansas and Florida where the conservative government literally HATES their citizens, if you think those places are going to keep Obamacare protections for YOU, you are certifiably insane.

    Oh you don’t believe me? You think that’s hyperbole?

    Go back up to the top of this post and see the part about where you are a luxury we can’t afford.

    GOP leaders spent all last night fast-tracking the bill WITHOUT posting the text for public review and WITHOUT Congressional Budget Office analysis. Now, why’d they do that?

    The ACA, Obamacare, had 79 House committee hearings and CBO markups. And the bill was public almost from day one with each draft posted for public review.

    This bill has Zero public hearings.

    No public hearings. No closed hearings. No CBO analysis. No text available for public review.

    Trust us, they say.

    Trust us.

    I don’t think so.

    Listen to me, your state will let you die.

    And Congress knows it.

    They are too cowardly to kill you themselves.

    They are too cowardly to face the consequences of their own actions and morally bankrupt ideology.

    So they’re going to throw it to the states.

    And those states are going to let you die.

    Yes, they are. They going to do it for profit. They’re going to do it because they think you are a luxury. They going to do it because they can’t stand the thought of having to pay for some baby with a heart defect or somebody who’s HIV positive or somebody who has cancer or the mentally ill.

    These are the REAL death panels, right here.

    That is some Nazi shit. Literally. Aktion T4, the Nazi program to eliminate defectives. The people they considered “luxuries.” And don’t your forget for one minute that Eugenics began here in the US, the Nazis got the idea from US. When states were allowed to decide, they were perfectly happy to sterilize those they deemed unfit and less than perfect. Luxuries.

    Congress exempted themselves.

    They could have removed the provision from the MacArthur amendment, but they didn’t.

    Because even the goddamned Freedom Caucus won’t vote for the bill without that exemption.

    Now, Paul Ryan and Tom MacArthur, they say they’ll “close that loophole” AFTER the bill passes. In separate legislation.

    AFTER the bill passes.

    Let me ask you something, if these sons of bitches are willing to let you die, if these rotten bastards think that you and yours are luxuries that they can’t afford, if that’s how they think about YOU, then why would you trust them to close that loophole?

    Why would you trust them with your life in the first place?

    You think I’m kidding about Eugenics?

    The House GOP just approved a bill allowing companies to force genetic testing on workers as a provision of providing healthcare.

    • When Sarah Palin talked about those death panels – perhaps she was talking about the Republicans?

      I saw where Paul Ryan and Gang have two health care bills planned for a vote.

      The first one – with the clause that exempts themselves from being subjected to pre-existing conditions.

      The second one – taking that specific clause out of the first bill.

      Why not just take the G-D clause out of the first bill before the vote and save the damn time?

      Jim of Stonekettle Nation has told us why…..

      • But I still have to say – TRump is not the problem.

        The real problem are these White Evangelical Kristians who seem to take such delight in hurting others they deem unworthy.

        WWJD – probably throw up

  3. I just heard the news where Paul Ryan can do his cock strutting dance now because they finally passed their Health Care bill.

    Wow – what a surprise – the House has a bigger majority than the Senate and these morons still had trouble getting that damn health care bill passed?

    But to think – their first attempt at passing their version of health care was deemed unacceptable because not enough Americans were getting kicked off their health insurance.

    What a sad, sad day for a self-proclaiming Christian Nation that was once called America

    WWJD – probably throw up

  4. I just listened to an interview on Public Radio with Evan Osnos -he is a writer for ‘The New Yorker’.

    He wrote an article about how Trump could get fired. He brought up some interesting issues and I learned something today from him – about the 25th amendment.

    See – even old people like me can still learn something new every day.

  5. (From the link):

    Fact 1: Populism is on the rise across the globe, with growing numbers of voters angry at elite indifference to economic stagnation and the suffering of groups of people who feel ignored by an entrenched political establishment.

    Fact 2: In the 2016 election, the GOP nominated and won with a candidate who put this populist message front and center, promising that he would be the voice of these neglected voters and act to make their lives better.

    Fact 3: This same party just passed a bill that is guaranteed to significantly hurt millions of these very voters, depriving some of health insurance altogether, making it more expensive for others to acquire or hold onto insurance, and exposing many more to much greater risk of financial disaster should they get sick or suffer injury.

    • I sincerely doubt there will be any revolt among The Faithful. Breitbart and Fox News won’t report it as bad, but rather be condemnatory of the Senate. As CNN, MSNBC, etc., are part of the “liberal” media, and the MSM is nothing but liars, there will be no broad epiphany about what the bill would have done were it enacted. Rather, we shall see a classic illustration of the “Backfire Effect”.

      I hold little hope for any material change until 2022, the first House election following the 2020 Census. People are just bat-shit stupid, and so long as we award intellectual mediocrity under the guise of “increasing democracy” (the Founders were very well acquainted with their Plato, hence the safeguards against democracy in the Constitution (Electoral College, election of Senate by state legislatures come to mind), Donald Trump will become the norm, rather than an exception.

      I believe I am realistic here. The current miasma has been clearly foreseeable, imho, for at least 45 years. I quit making loud statements about the obviousness I saw in the 1980s; no one gave a damn, and I got tired of being ignored.

      • The backlash against Trump might happen – if the ‘right’ Trump voters get kicked off health care.

        But – I agree with you – there is not much hope.

        UNLESS – Trump starts World War III and those bat-shit stupids are the ones that are expected to go fight and die – yet again.

        Can you imagine any of these Trump voters having to actually sacrifice for Trump’s desired war? I mean the Trump voters who are more well off financially and would never think about doing the actual fighting and dying.

        We’ve already seen Trump’s version of American History – it is totally off the wall NUTZO.

        But I remember my Grandpa and Grandma telling us stories of what it was like living with ration books – and not much prospects for a steady and good paying job.

        The irony is – could you imagine Trump not having his Twitter rants whenever the mood strikes him?

        Hey – if he starts World War III – those luxuries like the Twitter might just go away..

      • I watched KPTS news last night and they were talking to the coal miners in West Virginia where they are now doing mountain top mining.

        They blow up the tops of these mountains and when all the debris falls down the mountain side – it is falling down into the creeks and getting into the water source for their states.

        Well -imagine all the toxic crappola in that water – and a lot of people have already gotten cancer, asthma, lung problems and other diseases.

        So – since Trump’s health care bill wants to deny people health insurance based on pre-existing conditions – then there is a bunch of coal miners who will not be covered.

        But if you deny due to pre existing conditions – why not deny people for their high risk factors?

        Drinking contaminated water from those mountain tops being blown up can’t be a good factor – can it?

        Deny them all….that’s what It will take – just deny all of them every single drop of health insurance.

        Forward these people to the front door of TEleangtelist Pat Robertson or Franklin Graham – I am sure those two would be happy to play the role of Jesus and help these sick people..

        won’t they??

        BTW – while denying health care insurance based on high risk factors – I think we should deny all those NRA-lovin’ gun owners. Don’t want my tax dollars being used to heal them when they get shot by their own damn guns or when they use their guns in hunting or fighting.

  6. Just read where the Senate GOP has vowed major changes to the House Health Care bill.

    Translation: change it back to Obamacare, keep the GOP name and their own Trumpublicans won’t know the difference?

    I am reminded of the news stories about Republicans liking the ACA but hated Obamacare.

    Maybe this is just a sign of the times we are living in?

    If you get the right marketing campaign – you can sell all kinds of crap.

    Republicans hated Obama so much and for so long, they knew they only had to call the ACA by his name and their sheeple will buy their line of B.S. and eat it up like it is Jesus-flavored Cotton Candy

  7. It is among the most basic human truths: Every one of us, some day, will be brought to our knees. By a diagnosis we didn’t expect, a phone call we can’t imagine, or a loss we cannot endure.

    That common humanity inspires our mercy. It fortifies our compassion. It drives us to look out for the sick, the elderly, the poor, and the most vulnerable among us.

    Yesterday’s bill — yesterday’s devastating bill — does the opposite.

    The bill is more than premiums and tax cuts. It is a cold and calculated world view: One that scapegoats the struggling, and sees fault in suffering. One dead set on dividing us based on who we love, where we come from, the direction of our faith and the size of our fortunes.

    We see it in their tax plan, their budget cuts, their immigration policy, their civil rights assaults — and yesterday, in their cruel health care plan.

    We must reject it.

    We must decide, instead, to take care of each other — because, but for the grace of God, we will all one day wake up in need of a little mercy.

    This nation’s character has never been defined by the power we give the already strong — but by the strength we give the weak.

    –Congressman Joe Kennedy III

  8. I hope Nate Silver is proven correct!

    The Health Care Bill Could Be A Job-Killer For GOP Incumbents

  9. If Republicans get their way people with pre existing mental health conditions have access to firearms and not healthcare. ‬

    • Personally – I think high risk factors should be considered – if pre existing conditions can deny you health insurance.

      Anybody with a gun in their house – and especially those with conceal and carry guns – should be denied health insurance.

      That would cause a big stink in the GOP

    • fnord – REpublicans already changed that – remember?

      Wasn’t that one of the fast and furious pieces of paper (Executive Orders) that Trump signed with all smiles and their infamous cock-strutting dance?

  10. The Cook Political Report agrees with Nate Silver.

    House 2018: Rating Changes in 20 Districts

  11. Did you take a look a those pre-existing conditions on the list?

    I don’t see Erectile dysfunction on that list – do you?

    If God made it limp – then he must have had a good reason to do so. That’s my opinion.

    • I bring up the erectile dysfunction issue because it is always covered – and yet birth control is always targeted to get rid of.

      I had a friend that worked in health care claims in a huge call center. She routinely got calls from doctors and hospitals for the coding for penis pumps and penile implants.

      If we have money in our health insurance coverage for those things – then we should have money to help babies born with life-threatening defects or those people given a diagnosis of cancer. Or any life-threatening health condition.

      An issue close to my heart is Insulin-dependent Diabetes. I have two loved ones in my family with this condition.

      Bottom line – if they don’t get their insulin – they die.

      If some old fart doers not get their penis pump or penile implant – they won’t die.