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  1. I keep hearing all the commentary about the 2016 Presidential election.
    Because Hillary did that interview, now, we have to hear all this blather and “expert commentary” about her “weak” campaign”, and her “unpopularity”, blah, blah, blah, blah, overandover again.

    This is what the media takes from the election???? Seriously? It’s like a football game … “if only he had gone left when… ”

    What we should be talking about is this: How did the candidate who got the majority vote by such a large margin end up losing the election? This is twice in the past fifteen years, by the way. Gore also got the popular vote. Two times that the will of the majority was not honored.

    Was that strategy? Dirty tricks? How useless is the Electoral College? How can we correct this injustice?

    The discussion among all Americans should be about that. Support Hillary or support Trump, but, seriously, this is something that should concern us all.
    I know Trump supporters suddenly don’t mind that the candidate they support did not have the popular vote, but, when the shoe is on the other foot, and some liberal wins with only about 1/3 of the popular vote, they’ll wish we had done something about this now, when it should be a hot issue.

    • Sad to say – but I suspect Republicans don’t care how they won – they only care that their boy won and shoved it into Obama’s face.

      Let’s not forget – these Republicans are the same ones who knowingly pushed that birtherism lie about Obama for 8 years.

      It’s not just a coincidence that Trump is the King of the Birtherism Movement.

      Fake Christians like Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham are the ones that knowingly made the choice to endorse Trump and even went so far as to defend Trump’s infamous bragging to grope women’s p______ and how to nail a married woman.

      I’ve lived for 6 decades and I don’t remember a time when so many people who claim to be such God-fearing Christians ran to defend a politician with such a disgusting and foul mouth as Trump.

      The ONLY thing that makes sense to me in watching Robertson and Graham is the fact that they HATED Obama so much for 8 long years that they are both now filled with the cancer of HATRED and they don’t care anymore about what used to be -common decency.

      When that Trump video with him and Billy Bush laughing about groping women’s p_____ – I listened to a Southern Baptist Preacher (some leader in some Southern Baptist group) actually say on live television that sometimes God uses a repulsive man to do his good work.

      That explains everything to me…..not to make sense . ..but it explains as to these White Evangelical Christians justification of voting for Trump.

      They called Trump a repulsive man but yet still voted for it.

  2. Bob White

    Boy!! This blog is really hummin’, now. Everything is so good — germane and all. I’m pretty sure that Pres Trump is contributing; maybe the initial post for today! Didn’t he say Jackson was his favorite president because of the way he handled the “Sivel War?”

  3. Thunderchild

    Well who are the “snowflakes” now? Well, that would be the moronic supporters of the worst President in history.
    On Monday, Stephen Colbert quite rightly took on the administration. The chief upset among the T**** faithful seems to be that Colbert suggested that the only thing T***** mouth was useful for was as a holster for Vladmir Putin’s dick.
    And yeah….while, CRUDE, that is simply a fact. Pro tip, right wingers and idiot T**** supporters of any politics don’t like facts. Facts confuse them and conflict with their limited contact with reality.
    More to say, but the Child in Chief can’t quit this. He tweeted about it even today, so I will let him continue to dig before I bury him. Spoiler alert! There is a reason T**** bitched for months that the system was “rigged”. He knew it was, and for him and was getting out in front of it. But the more he tweets, the more he digs the hole….

  4. OH – I learned something last night that was quite interesting – and appropriate.

    The British slang word for fart is ‘Trump’….

    I just about peed my pants when I heard that one. It was Maya Rudolph (or Randolph) as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel show last night – with a guest host I think was Will Arnett?

    Anyway – I did google this fact and she is correct.

    Those Brits certainly are spot on about a lot of things……..IMHO

    Remember Romney was Mitt the Twit (which was a made-up nickname)

    But this time – this is a real slang word and it happens to be Trump.

    What are the odds of this happening?