Saturday, 4/29/17, Public Square

100 DAYS

100 days


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  1. 1. The Putin connection
    2. Alt-right supporters: Richard Spencer, Pepe, David Duke
    3. Stephen Bannon/Jared Kushner death match
    4. Missiles to Syria
    5. Trump supporters
    6. James Comey nixes the Obama wiretap story
    7. Muslim refugees in limbo
    8. Devin Nunes’s midnight ride
    9. The Kim escalation and missile launch
    10. Judges lighting up Stephen Bannon’s ban
    11. Jeff Sessions bones up on geography
    12. Sergey Kislyak’s vodka party
    13. Carter Page and Paul Manafort, Russian recruits; Chistopher Steele, MI6
    14. Michael Flynn falling out
    15. Golf trips: at least 14 and counting
    16. Bashar al-Assad gaslighting
    17. Nikki Haley, Rex Tillerson and vanishing diplomats
    18. Blackout cake
    19. Protests and town halls
    20. Paul Ryan, President Trump and Reince Priebus handle Trumpcare
    21. Neil Gorsuch delivered
    22. ICE troops on the march
    23. New face of the White House
    24. Missiles on Wheels
    25. Don Trump Jr.’s Russian investors
    26. Ivanka Trump’s Chinese operations
    27. Famous tweets
    28. The swamp: Gary Cohn, Wilbur Ross, Anthony Scaramucci, Betsy DeVos, Steven Mnuchin, Jay Clayton, Dina Powell
    29. Kellyanne Conway hawks stuff
    30. Eric Trump’s deals
    31. Sean Spicer feels the burn
    32. Taking out the enemy

  2. From Mike Allen at Axios —

    the first 100 days have been a wild reality show, full of bombast and intrigue. But, if you separate hot rhetoric from lukewarm action, your worst nightmares did not materialize.

    America First, it turns out, looks a lot like a conventional conservativism. This could easily be the first 100 days of a President Mike Pence:

    Conventional conservative Surepme Court pick.

    Conventional conservative health-care bill.

    Conventional conservative tax-reform ideals.

    Conventional conservative reg reforms.

    Conventional conservative approach to NATO, China, Syria, Iran, Israel and defense spending.

    Conventional conservative picks for Defense, State, Homeland Security and even the NSC, after Michael Flynn was booted.

    Maybe the people who should be most hacked off about the first 100 days are those who wanted radical change and got conventional results.

  3. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein performed a rare duet last night as they presented awards at the White House Corresondents’ Association Dinner. Each place setting had a “First Amendment” pin. People instantly pinned them to their tuxes and gowns.

    From the Watergate duo’s remarks before presenting the awards:


    “Shortly after Richard Nixon resigned the presidency, Bob and I were asked a long question about reporting. We answered with a short phrase that we’ve used many times since to describe our reporting on Watergate and its purpose and methodology. We called it: ‘The best obtainable version of the truth.'”

    “Richard Nixon tried to make the conduct of the press the issue in Watergate instead of the conduct of the President and his men. We tried to avoid the noise and let the reporting speak.”

    “Almost inevitably, unreasonable government secrecy is the enemy — and usually the giveaway about what the real story might be. [Applause] And when lying is combined with secrecy, there is usually a pretty good roadmap in front of us. Yes, follow the money. But follow also the lies.”

    “I know of no important story that I’ve worked on in more than half a century of reporting that ended up where I thought it would go when I started on it.”
    “Almost all of our sources in Watergate were people who had, at one time or another, been committed to Richard Nixon and his presidency.”
    “Incremental reporting is essential. We wrote more than 200 stories in Watergate.”


    Carl “obtained a list of people who worked at Nixon’s reelection campaign committee, not surprisingly, from a former girlfriend. [Laughter] He’s finally embarrassed.”

    “No one would talk. Carl said, ‘Here’s what we have to do,’ launching a system of going to the homes of people, knocking on doors when we had no appointment.”

    “[I]n 2017, the impatience and speed of the Internet — and our own rush — can disable and undermine the most important tool of journalism … that luxury of time to inquire, to pursue, to find the real agents of genuine news, witnesses, participants, documents, to dive into the cab.”

    “Like politicians and presidents, sometimes, perhaps too frequently, we make mistakes and go too far. When that happens, we should own up to it. But the effort today to get this best obtainable version of the truth is largely made in good faith. Mr. President, the media is not fake news.” [Applause]

    “The indispensable centrality of fact-based reporting is careful, scrupulous listening and an open mind. President Nixon once said, ‘The problem with journalists is that they look in the mirror when they should be looking out the window.’ That is certainly one thing that Nixon said that Carl and I agree with.”

    “Whatever the climate, whether the media is revered or reviled, we should and must persist, and I believe we will. We also need to face the reality that polling numbers show that most Americans disapprove of and distrust the media. This is no time for self-satisfaction or smugness.”

    C-SPAN video.

    • Woodward and Bernstein used the source ‘Deep Throat’ to bring down Nixon.

      Perhaps the source name for Trump should be ‘Tiny Hands’?

      My fear is that a lot of Americans’ won’t give a fat rat’s ass about Trump telling lies and getting caught up in his own illegal massive ego-stroking.

      Trump is still calling the Media Liars and Losers.

      But….the time will come when Trump will NEED that same media to sell his decision to go to war with whatever country – or two – or three – he wants to use to look like he is the bad ass.,

      I suspect Trump and his Gang refused to attend that dinner last night because that is what bullies do – they run their mouths out of the danger of being hit back – and then they run to hide behind their mommy’s skirt.