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Trump failings


by | April 27, 2017 · 9:23 am

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    • Bob White

      Just another hit at progressive taxation and enlargement of regressive taxation. Wealth rules today. Public interest and common good is vanished. Community divided and empire established. United changed to On-Your-Own-Kingdom & Inheritance. Meet today’s USA. If you’re not among the 1% your best option is to avoid exile by moving to Canada or England; e.g., language and community.

  1. I don’t know who gets credit for this, but I found it worth sharing.

    Republicans, where are you? Do you condone this just because he says he is a Republican? Grow a pair and rise up the way you would if it had been Hillary doing this crap.

    Imagine this scenario: Hillary Clinton is president. It’s learned that she has deep ties to Putin and the Russian spy agency. She puts utterly unqualified billionaires in cabinet posts. She pursues public policies that benefit her and her billionaire friends. She puts her daughter Chelsea in a position of influence in the West Wing, gives her her own office and allows her to use that position to forward her own business interests. And Chelsea’s husband is her chief adviser. The private business trips taken by Chelsea and her husband are paid for by the taxpayers.

    She refuses to release any tax returns. She blocks access to the visitor logs in the White House. Bill refuses to live in the White House so our tax dollars are spent keeping him safe in Chappaqua. Hillary spends almost every weekend lounging in her own, privately-held resort. Her private resort gets reimbursed for any and all “official” government functions (including security) because she chooses to conduct all her “business” and personal functions there. She and her family live in three White Houses at the same time.

    In an interview, she names the wrong country she bombed while bragging about the chocolate cake she was eating while she ordered said bombing.

    I could go on and on. The point is that the outrage, the outcries, the screaming by Republicans would be heard around the world and impeachment proceedings would already be underway.

    By the way, this is not about political party affiliation. Let’s face it, if Hillary — or any woman or minority candidate — had five children from three partners s/he would never have survived the primary.

    • lulu99

      Trump is not the real problem.

      The real problem are these so-called Evangelical Christians who have defended their boy no matter what – and no questions asked.

      Why? Because they have hated Obama for 8 long years and these folks looked for the biggest bully with the biggest mouth – and Trump certainly is that – isn’t it?

      Religion has become intertwined in our government and this is never good.

      Reagan started this pile of B.S. when he teamed up with Jerry Falwell Sr and his Immorality Boys in 1980 to smear the good name of the true Christian in the White House – Jimmy Carter.

      Don’t you find it rather an odd fact that it was Jerry Falwell Jr that ran to endorse Trump from the very beginning?

      History has a way of repeating itself – and it’s not looking good for a positive outcome.

  2. Thunderchild

    That reality tv star now all but virtually declares war on North Korea….
    A very old and insane egomaniac and a very young and insane egomaniac…in a pissing contest…
    It’s a little hard to blame the North Korean people. They have been subjugated for almost 70 years. America does not have this excuse. Slightly less than half of America VOTED for an egomaniac despot and they still strongly support him. They’ll cheer a North Korean war, and we will win in 2 weeks. But millions will die… And that is if, IF other powers are not drawn in which might well precipitate the nuclear end of the world….

    I’m not sorry because I have been advocating this for years. But the simple fact is it is time to stop trying to relate to Republicans and Trump supporters. They are not simply “Americans who think differently” they are enemies. They cannot be reached or reasoned with. They are prepared to see the entire world destroyed for their cause. And no small number of them think “God” ordains this.

    • 54% of 2016 voters voted for someone else.

      • lulu99

        Actually –

        47% did not vote
        3% voted for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson

        That leaves 50%

        HIllary got 2.9 million MORE votes than Trump.

        So – Trump won with less than 24% of the possible votes.

    • I see NO winning for anyone in a war that involves nations with nuclear power and madmen at the helm.

    • I must sadly admit I can see Trump starting WWIII just to draw attention away from his failures. That’s the man I think he is. It scares me to death.

      • lulu99

        man? More like man child with a tiny brain to match those tiny hands – IMHO

        But a very large EGO

  3. this priceless lead of an interview with Trump in tomorrow’s Financial Times Magazine, by Washington bureau chief Demetri Sevastopulo:

    “Sitting across from Donald Trump in the Oval Office, my eyes are drawn to a little red button on a box that sits on his desk. ‘This isn’t the nuclear button, is it?’ I joke, pointing. ‘No, no, everyone thinks it is,’ Trump says … before leaning over and pressing it to order some Cokes. ‘Everyone does get a little nervous when I press that button.'”

    • lulu99

      Bullies like to ‘toy’ with their perceived adversaries – don’t they?

      I don’t find anything Trump says remotely humorous or clever.

  4. This is interesting! The NYT headlines of the current and former president’s Obama and Bush for the first 100 days.

    (Almost) 100 Days of Page One Headlines About Presidents Trump, Obama and Bush

    • lulu99

      Trump brags about his one legislative accomplishment in getting Gorsuch on to the Supreme Court.

      Hmmm…….but he never says that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had to change the rules to get a simple majority vote to confirm Gorsuch – and not the 60 votes required as before.

      Hell – I could win a lot of battles when I change the rules.

  5. I just now noticed somehow my name got changed on this blog. I went from Indypendent to lulu99

    It’s Friday – it’s rainy and cold – and I just heard the weather forecasting 3-5 inches of snow in Western Kansas.

    This is the frickin’ end of April – and we have 3-5 inches of snow?

    And what did Trump do – sign one of those huge piles of Executive Orders papers to declare climate change a hoax.

    What could possibly go wrong???

  6. Thunderchild

    Into the gloom, I bring you a light…
    Faux news, as it has been, is dying. Or,at the very least, evolving.
    On the heels of the fall of Billo, comes news that a top exec, Bill Shine, is under scrutiny and suit. Bill Shine is the mentor of Sean Hannity and Hannity got Shine his position at Faux news. Hannity has a tweetstorm that the end of Shine means the endof Faux news and even suggests that if Shine goes, he will as well!
    Near its end, Fox “news” is. And not soon enough.
    Props to hannityfor his loyalty to his pal. But if he rage quits, he, like Billo wil find no TV home!

  7. Thunderchild

    And the news gets better!
    I monitor the right. It is important to know what the idiots who vote Republican are hearing from their media masters.
    Many of you may not have heard of Alex Jones. I hadn’t, until recently.
    This whackaloon is as far right as it gets. I mean, this guy denies the Moon landings and says that the massacre at Sandy Hook school was a false flag op to confiscate guns!
    You probably won’t be surprised to know that he is a close confidant of Donald T****.
    Well, the good news is that this whackjob has lost primary custody of his kids. How he ever GOT that in the first place is distressing, but he now share custody with his apparently slightly more, oh, I don’t know SANE? ex wife?

    • Being the sperm donor is not the same as being a father – IMHO

      Trump has even retweeted some of Alex Jones’ crappolo and Trump thanked Jones for all his help in getting elected.

      Well – Trump also thanked the Evangelical Christians for helping him get into the White House.

      But when you take a good look – it is the Wealthy White Evangelical Kristians like Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr and many other so-called Christians who appear to have not missed too many meals.

      There are a lot of Black Evangelical Christians who you will not see kiss Trump’s lily-white butt.

      When I criticize Evangelical Christians – I don’t mean all of them. Just the millionaire ones who HATED OBama for 8 long years and they knowingly spreaded the vicious lie about Obama not being born in Hawaii.

      That was a well-coordinated smear machine and I will NEVER forget what those FAKE Christians (IMHO) did to their president.

      BTW – have you noticed the same Republicans are telling Democrats that we should respect Trump because he is our president?

      I will give Trump the same respect (and treatment) that these Republicans gave to their President Obama.

  8. From Mike Allen at Axios —

    The profitable, influential, seemingly impregnable Fox News is suddenly vulnerable.

    In a massive disruption for right-wing media, Fox talent is on the market, the purge of the old-boy clique may continue, and there’s huge internal paranoia about further lawsuits and revelations.

    On top of that, there are episodic pushes from the next generation of Murdoch leadership for changes in culture and personality.

    So at a time when all of cable is vulnerable as viewer habits change, Fox is caught between the America-first instincts of its base viewers, and the globalist impulses for Rupert Murdoch’s sons.

    A woman to run Fox News? The Hollywood Reporter reports that James and Lachlan Murdoch have quietly put out feelers for a new head of Fox News to replace Bill Shine, the Roger Ailes consigliere.

    “[T]he preference … is that the new leader be female.”

    And competitors are moving to take advantage:

    Mediate reports that “an alternative conservative network is being actively discussed amongst conservative fat cats”: “[S]erious discussions are underway to create an alternative conservative cable network on the belief that the Fox News Network is moving too far to the left. … The potential aim? Putting ‘the old band’ back together.”

    “Sinclair Broadcasting [home of Sharyl Attkisson] expands its footprint,” by Axios’ Shannon Vavra and Sara Fischer: “[N]ew hires and acquisitions around the U.S. come at an optimal time to snatch up conservative audiences; TheBlaze and Fox News just let go of their star anchors, Tomi Lahren and Bill O’Reilly.”

    Why it matters: Reinvigorated conservative media could help Trump as he heads toward midterms and a reelection race, with outlets scrambling to lock in Trump Nation with boosterish coverage.

  9. Stats from the first 99 days, courtesy of Mark Knoller of CBS News (@markknoller) …

    (Backstory: The legendary Knoller started keeping a few logs during the third year of President Clinton. Mark’s meticulous records grew to more and more aspects of presidential activity under Bush 43 and Obama. From the CBS booth in the White House briefing room, Knoller tells me his most often requested data points are presidential vacations, golf outings and news conferences.)

    Speeches and remarks: 145 (Teleprompters used at 28)

    News conferences: 9 (1 solo, 8 with foreign leaders)

    Interviews: 32 (of which Fox has gotten 9)

    Golf: 17 outings

    Meetings with foreign leaders: 17

    Flights on Air Force One: 28

    Flights on Marine One (the white-topped chopper): 30

    Domestic trips: 15

    Foreign trips: 0

    # of states visited: 11 (none west of the Mississippi)

    Trips to Mar-a-Lago: 7 visits (all or part of 25 days)

    Visits to Camp David: 0

    Bills signed into law: 28

    Executive Orders signed: 30

  10. According to the N.Y. Times’ Linda Qiu, “The Times has logged at least one false or misleading claim per day on 91 of his first 99 days … On five days, Mr. Trump went golfing, and on two he made limited public statements.”

  11. Trump’s Gallup approval rating; AP graphic

  12. Trump has yet to make a designation in 84% of 556 key positions requiring Senate confirmation, according to the Political Appointee Tracker of the Partnership for Public Service:

    No nominee: 465
    Awaiting nomination: 26
    Formally nominated: 40
    Confirmed: 25

  13. White House of Grifters

    (from the link): They dress nice and probably smell good and most of them don’t even muss the furniture. Wealth gives them the patina of respectability — the American reflex of deference to the rich. But make no mistake: The Trump family and assorted cronies are using the highest office in the land to stuff their pockets.

    The presidential sleaze involves everything from using public money to promote and enrich Trump properties to pay-to-play schemes that allow companies to buy influence at many levels. At its core is a nepotistic operation that puts family interests ahead of country.

    • But…but…didn’t you read the news story where Trump claimed to have not visited NYC because he does not want to make the taxpayers pay for all his security?

      OH PLEASE……..the taxpayers are already paying for Wife #3 and the kid.

      I suspect there is an entirely different reason Donald has not gone back to NYC in the first 100 days of his presidency.

      Just the pictures of Trump and Wife #3 when he is walking way ahead of her and he does not even give her the same courtesy I would give a total stranger when we both reach the door to Walmart.

      Love is kind – isn’t that what the Bible teaches us?

      And then to be told that Trump is the darling of these White Evangelical Christians – it’s all just to damn much to swallow.

  14. Thunderchild

    Oh there will be. There will be.