Tuesday, 4/25/17, Public Square

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by | April 25, 2017 · 10:27 am

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  1. A majority of Republicans (68.7%) surveyed in Trump Country (Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania) think the president exaggerates or intentionally lies — but they don’t care.

    It’s a sign of Trump’s durability with his base, and an intriguing finding of a research project (3,491 likely midterm voters, interviewed by interactive robocall) by the Firehouse Strategies guys — GOP consultants Terry Sullivan, Alex Conant and Will Holley — and the big-data firm 0ptimus.


    • Is it a coincidence that Trump thanked the Evangelical Christians for getting him where he is today?

      If you remember – during the GOP Convention – Trump thanked Evangelical Christians and then when he was inaugurated, Trump again thanked these Evangelical Christians.

      Perhaps that ability to have selective hearing of the truth is a trait that is encouraged by certain Evangelical Christian Preachers and Televangelists?

      I graduated from a Fundamental Baptist College (Evangelical Christian) in Chattanooga TN in the 1975.

      I’ve shared some of my experiences while at that college with you all – but the one thing that was constantly stressed to us was this:

      We were to NEVER study other religions – and especially any world (foreign) religions.

      If you asked too many questions, you were singled out as being a troublemaker.

      Believe me – I know from firsthand experience – I asked too many questions.