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  1. Bob White

    Exactly correct —– our country’s problems are not “new.” I’m an old man and they have existed every day of my life. That Jesus, I had loving parents; and we were poor. Today, all conservatives would blame us for being that way: both “loving” and “poor,”

    • Rick Liebst

      LOL one day in elementary school I learned something I did not know ! It seems I lived in a Socially/ Economically depressed neighborhood! Oddly i was not aware we were poor? Always had food on the table and a roof over our heads. Got to go to the movies at the drive-in. Had a Black and White TV. a lot of friends to play with, at one time we even lived in PLainview! But never did know I was in a poor family!.

  2. Rick Liebst

    I always get the best images to put up on Facebook here! They so go with the arguments I get into with the neocons on Facebook. Thanks,

    • Rick Liebst

      I have kind of learned me lesson through, try to put something up on My Facebook page that is not political or unthinkingly offensive. At least something to do with this struggle I have been through in the most recent years. I keep writing in the hope that perhaps someday it could help. either someone going through it or a person who knows someone that is. That daily struggle to just remember little things. Gee at times I wish I could just go back to 1998! That was the year I said the first time I was asked if I knew what year it was?

  3. Forty five is a self-absorbed pig who has no respect for anyone.

    • Why do you think this man is Wife #3 – plus the year he married Wife #3, that was the year he was caught on video laughing it up with Billy Bush on how he groped women’s p_______ and how he tried to nail a married woman.

      Let’s not forget – Wife #3 was home and pregnant at the time.

      Wow – Family Values Republican Males – they show us every day how they truly think.

  4. Thunderchild

    Actually, I don’t mind him treating his wife this way.. It speaks volumes as to him and his attitude toward women but also to her. He is a dirty old man who considers women as disposable accessories and she is a gold digging whore who married a man old enough to be her father because he was rich. They deserve each other. He is not about to treat her or any woman or any other PERSON but himself with respect. That is who he is. For her part, she really deserves no respect from him or anyone else. I’ll say it again, she is a whore. Although calling her a whore is an insult to whores. She doesn’t actually have to work for a living beyond being the accessory for an old, egomaniac, pig.

  5. Thunderchild

    So… worst first “lady”.
    Well Melania makes that a tough call..
    Nancy Reagan was not necessarily more intelligent. But she was a highly keen manipulative bitch who converted Ronald Reagan to the Republican side because she wanted money and nice things. A B actress herself, with no real outstanding roles or talent, Nancy turned an essentially good man bad. Nancy is remembered only for the war on drugs in the 80’s. “Just say no!” she said to kids thinking of trying drugs. This while pressing her witless husband further right and giving everyone every reason to do drugs to escape how awful it was.
    Well Melania has no such influence over her already evil husband. I think she has really little voice at all with him. Nancy Reagan was at least a B actress Melania strikes a pose, naked or otherwise. Melania has said that as first lady she wants to address bullying and abuses of social media. And in her defense, she is likely not there when Donald gets up at 4 AM to piss all over Twtitter.. Indsiders report they do not share a bed and spend very little time together.. Her husband is the worst social media bully on this planet and she does not seem aware of this.
    And for worst first lady, the award goes to…
    Melania Trump.
    Nancy Reagan was evil, and turned a good man bad. But I can respect a female villain who stands up for herself in a patriarchal society. Granted, by doing so she damaged America far more than Melania will. But Melania is a nothing. While Nancy Reagan was a negative influence on her husband, she was an influence.
    Worst President in history and worst first “lady” in history. That about sums it up.

    • Rick Liebst

      LOL today on my Facebook page I was assaulted I think it was twice . with that claim about President Obama. “Worst President in history and worst first “lady” in history. “. They get the total blame for the recession of late. So I hit back with my own me-me which is facts. But then it involves the Neocon darling Bush Jr. So of course I am a liberal, commie, socialist dumb-ass! Of course my reply is at least I am not a fascist like the Neocons! Yeah that generally goes over well, Sometimes it is my parent were not married now.

  6. Thunderchild

    Well the right are idiots. I am well known as no great fan of the Obamas. That said, Michelle brought her mother to the White House. Michelle was an immensely popular first lady. I am sure Melania had a mother. Where is SHE? Back in shithole Slovenia? Too, the White House is apparently not good enough for Melania. As a result, American taxpayers are on the hook for million of dollars to maintain her in her damn tower.

    • I don’t think Melania was ever meant to live in the White House – her part of the well-orchestrated plan was 99% done when her boy Donald won.

      Conservatives praise Melania for being such a great mother and not move her son down to Washington DC and to keep him in his New York School.

      But – wait – Ivanka Trump moved her children (3 of them) down to Washing DC – so that makes her an evil mother?

      But – if you look very loosely at that family dynamic – Ivanka Trump takes center stage – right behind her Daddy Donald.

      Even when Melaina is in the group somewhere – who gets the focus? Ivanka…

      What pictures did we see of past presidents walking with their wives and following behind them or holding hands while they’re walking?

      Trump has routinely walked in front of Melania and for them holding hands, I don’t remember anytime I’ve seen that.

      Let’s not forget – the way a man treats his wife (even if your’re on #3) – that is how that particular man feels about women.

      • correction: look very closely…

        I need another cup of coffee this morning. There’s an old song – Mondays always get me down…..remember that one?

        Mondays are not my best and brightest – until I have a chance to sync myself into the new week. .

  7. Rick Liebst

    OMG this is going to sound so egotistical and arrogant ! But I get such a kick out of trump supporters on Facebook! They try to get in a battle of wits with me. But seem to come to war with a shortage of ammo! All I am doing is replying to something they have posted,

    • Rick Liebst

      I even finally tell them about my brain injury I suffered! Then tell them I have trouble remembering what happened five minutes ago. But I am aware of history. Like the rise of Hitler in Germany and how trump and the neocons are using the tactics that trump and his Nazis are using!

    • LOL – come to war with a shortage of ammo – freakin’ hilarious.

      Can I borrow that line?


    Good to see President Obama back in the political scene – and where he has always been the most effective – the young generation.

    I miss President Obama’s calm approach to the presidency. And I miss his family’s genuine display of how families could be and should be.

    • Obama said he failed in not uniting the country.

      Obama did not fail – IMHO. How can anyone make peace with a venomous snake with at least 10 heads all hissing at you?

  9. I have had a thought running through my head for the past few weeks.

    The Democrat Party is in such a chaotic time right now – and we need someone who is already a known name, someone who is stable, calm mannered and who can draw big crowds – and without a political history for Republicans to smear even more.

    What are your thoughts about Tom Hanks?

    It was reported in the past few weeks that Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were on the yacht owned by David Geffen when Barack and Michelle Obama was on vacation. Maybe this is just wishful thinking – but I thought of Tom Hanks getting into politics.

    Hey – Trump has proven one does not have to have any experience in running the country. But Tom has a temperament suitable for the presidency .

    Plus, Tom has not gone off the deep end in tweeting every conspiracy theory spewed by Breitbart and Alex Jones. That fact alone makes Tom Hanks a helluva a better choice than Trump – or Pence