Tuesday, 4/18/17, Public Square



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  1. Bob White

    And ….. “therein” ……. is our collective problem as a nation and a society.
    Where is wisdom?

    • Is it a coincidence that Trump also does not seem to know – or respect – our own American history – let alone World History?

      Trump brags that he has millions of followers on his Twitter feed. During one interview, Trump was so obsessed with the number of his Twitter followers that he interrupted the journalist’s questions to ask one of his staff to go find out what was his current number of followers.

      Our country – and the world – are facing some very difficult problems. And it would be nice to know we have a president that has the first clue as to how we arrived at this point in time.

      But – I see Trump has having just one answer – BLOW ’em up…

      After we Blow ’em up – then what???

  2. Rick Liebst

    That seems to be so true, everyday is seems like i encounter someone. That is saying something that takes a complete devoid of logic and reason. Almost as if they had just been dropped on the face of the earth. Never having seen or heard anything about the recent history. Then after a short times they are staring at me like a deer in the headlights.. Or accusing me of being a communist or insane.

  3. This is the first in a series of six (links to the other five at this first one), they’re all worthwhile reading —

    Our Dishonest President

  4. Did anybody here notice the news yesterday about Alex Jones’s custody fight in court started yesterday?

    Alex Jones – the conspiracy theorist from his own website infowars – which Is a Far Right Winger who Trump has publicly admired and Trump has even restated several of Jones’ conspiracy theories as being FACTS.

    What I found very interesting is the fact that Jones’ lawyer used this defense for Alex Jones to not lose custody of his kids – Jones is just a showman – a performance artist. And we are not to take what he says seriously.

    I wonder if Trump knows Jones’ own lawyer says to not take his client seriously?

    IF this was not actually happening in our country right now – I would swear that old show Candid Camera was back in production.

    When are we as a country going to say Enough is Enough?

    • BTW – Republicans claim to be such morally superior Christians. When I heard Alex Jones and/or Trump – two men who claim to be so wealthy and they brag about it all the time –

      I am reminded of that Bible Verse where It says – what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but to lose his soul?

      When Republicans brag that Trump has made more money than all of us and that is the reason they think he is so successful – I ask them about that Bible verse I just mentioned.

      Then the Trump Chumps proudly say that Trump is the only politician that has actually delivered on his promises.

      My reply to that argument is – Hitler was also a politician that delivered on his promises. How did that work out for the world?

      That is when the Trump Chumps will usually get exasperated with me and walk away…..

  5. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/these-photos-show-the-patriots%e2%80%99-white-house-turnout-for-trump-vs-obama/ar-BBA3tan?li=BBnbfcL

    What will the 3 a.m. tweet say this time?

    I assume we’ve all heard the news story about how Trump bragged he sent an armada – a very powerful one – to the North Korean peninsula last week – and even Gen. Mattis said the same story.

    But now we learn that armada – led by the battleship Vinson – was 3,000 miles away and going south at the time Trump he had sent them to North Korea.

    The Chinese and North Korean media are having a field day as to how stupid Trump has made America look.

    Will somebody please wake us up from this nightmare?

  6. Thunderchild

    Bad day for the right. Con icon Billo Reilly has been fired by FOX “news” for various sexual perversions. O’ Reilly has been a con voice for over 20 years, and he abandoned his radio show several years ago to concentrate on his TV show. He will not know what to do with himself now and NO media outlet is gonna touch him. Though probably one of the most center right of con shills, the silencing of his voice (by his own doing) is a victory.
    Bad day also for harpy Ann Coulter. Her scheduled appearance to speak at Berkeley, was cancelled today out of security concerns. She vows to speak anyway. You know, because students at Berkeley are just DYING to hear what she has to say….all 11 of them or so.