Wednesday, 4/12/17, Public Square

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by | April 11, 2017 · 9:40 pm

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  1. If Trump and Chumps want to take us back to the good ol’ days – okay, let’s go.

    1) Eisenhower was last Republican president to balance the budget.
    2) Eisenhower supported the rights of workers to unionize.
    3) Eisenhower warned us against feeding the Military Industrial Complex
    Beast too much and give it unchecked power.
    4) Check out those income tax rates under Eisenhower.
    5) Eisenhower got the Interstate highway system built
    6) Doctors made house calls and prices did not come with an IOU to offer
    your first born as payment to be seen by the doctor.
    7) Preachers were in their modest churches and did not tell their followers
    who to vote for in the elections.
    8) Guns were in most households – but we had Americans with common
    sense and respect for the gun to not walk through their local Walmart
    with an assault rifle strapped around their fat beer gut.
    9) Schools taught factual subjects like American and World History, Government/Civics, Math and Science.

    10) Prayer was not mandatory in school – but Pledge of Allegiance was
    said every morning. Praying was usually done (quietly and voluntarily)
    by students right before the teacher passed out the test papers.

    11) People had common courtesy, common decency and common sense.

    Hey – if Trump and Chumps are talking about going back to those good ol’ days – I wonder what these folks will do when reality hits them in their face that the good ol’ days were good for a reason – the majority of Americans gave a fat rat’s ass about their neighbor, their town, their state and their country.

    BTW – the average family could survive and thrive on one parent working and making a family wage.

    Of course, back then, we all had modest houses, one car and we bought American goods that were built to last. None of these cheap foreign-made crappola we see today that breaks the minute you get it home.

    Consumerism and Corporatization is the culprit – IMHO. And with those two things – it is any wonder our political parties are so divided?

    Even with all these good ol’ days – the country was filled with racial inequality and gender inequality but I don’t remember all this fighting over religion. Maybe my little part of the world was not touched by that particular vice?

  2. Rick

    BWT unbelievable, several days I have not been able to get on the net with the computer. Though that maybe cox was having trouble again or perhaps the bill was not paid? Well I am sure this only happens to me, cable wire had off!

    • We have Cox also and I’ve noticed when the wind is blowing or rain is coming in – our internet connection comes and goes.

      I even called them one day last week about it and I was told – yes, we are having difficulties and they have had them for quite a while.

      And yet…my bill increased for my Awesome and Best level of service.

      Big eye roll

      • Rick Liebst

        For the most part I think Joyce would like to get rid of it. She does not use the computer to get on Facebook. And her cell phone does have the net. The Grandsons and I are the only ones who get on the net with the Computer. But I can not see us going away from the cable. Satellite T.V. is not possible with all the trees around the house.

  3. Bob White

    Shout-out from Florida; Boy I was really excited to see the “local” democrats in your (Wichita) national House District almost elect a progressive Democrat as your representative. Sad, of course, that Ks did not get the national backing and help needed. My understanding of the results is that all, i.e., “every-single-one,” of the rural counties in your district voted Republican. Those farmers/ranchers just love their current tax advantage, don’t they! Think about it; milk, beef, pork, corn, wheat, etc., are not good for your health —- or your political chances.

    • Yes, Bob, only Sedgwick County (Wichita and surrounding bedroom communities) voted FOR James Thompson. He says he will run in 2018 and that’s exciting.

      • Bob White

        Good for you, and Sedgwick Co. I have a daughter/son-in-law who live in Derby. She (Dana Riley) is very active in Dem. politics primarily due to Bernie. If you, through your involvement, hear or meet her, please encourage her. I’m very proud of her values.