Sunday, 4/9/17, Public Square

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by | April 8, 2017 · 4:10 pm

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  1. Trump has now given his core supporters what they have wanted for a long, long time – their much-desired Holy War in the Middle East. So, time will tell what happens there.

    The Billion Dollar Question should be – Saudi Arabia and Israel both praised Trump for bombing Syria – why didn’t either of these two countries do it themselves? Both have been active in the Syrian Civil War.

    Once again – the USA is the pit bull attack dog?

    BUT – I also think Trump ordered this missile strike on Syria as a calling card for the North Korean Nutjob – which is why Trump did his missile strike while he was at Mar-a-Lago with the Chinese President. A rather subtle message?

    What’s the surprise here? Republicans have always shown their love for war. They especially love the PROFITS from war.

    But let’s see how many Trump voters actually put their own lily-white butts on the front line in the combat zone. I think every Trump voter should be mandated to volunteer to be fresh meat for the front line. I don’t care how old they are – they can at least block the bullets.

    Trump has bragged he is the Bigly and Braggadocious one – so, now what happens?

  2. This is interesting! It’s an analysis of who tweets to Trump. Things like:

    –only 19 percent of Trump’s followers are women

    –about 28 percent of his total following (7.5 million people) aren’t people at all, but bots.

    The Seven Types of People Who Tweet at Trump

  3. Thunderchild

    Yeah, I gotta agree with the cartoon….
    That base did not look destroyed to me. It looked deserted. No burned out vehicles, no burning fuel bunkers, and what? 2 casualties I heard? All I see sare empty burned out aircraft revetments.
    60 Tomahawks fired, 59 “hit” their targets. Well that is about a 98% success rate.
    But they hit….what? I see no wrecked aircraft or aircraft support systems. Only 2 casualties suggests a minimum of personell. The aircraft revetments were not destroyed, merely scorched.
    So yeah, the resident needed a target to hit, he ok’d it with his Russian master, and the Russians gave him a deserted base to hit.
    Cost: 100 million dollars in Tomahawk missiles.
    Effect: None.

    • Trump’s Syria STUNT, saved no children, delivered no message, relieved no threat — and some media FELL for it. It also taught tRUMP how to generate applause.

  4. (From the link): The Congressional Review Act, a 21-year-old law that created a fast track for wiping out “midnight rules” finalized late in a presidential administration, had been used only once before this year. But Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress have already deployed it 11 times to strike down Obama-era regulations. In fact, those 11 CRA resolutions are the only substantive bills Trump has signed so far; it’s quite possible that the CRA will produce the entire legislative legacy of his first 100 days. And just about all the resolutions Trump has approved—as well as two others that await his signature—represent victories for traditional Republican lobbying interests like the NRA, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and fossil-fuel industries, muscled through Congress on strict party-line votes. None of them evoke the drain-the-swamp anti-establishment populism that Trump rode to the presidency, which may help explain why he’s been so uncharacteristically quiet about them.

    Trump’s Secret Weapon Against Obama’s Legacy

    • I heard a political pundit on Public Radio yesterday stating her assessment of Trump.

      Trump is out to do the exact opposite of what Obama did – regardless of any facts or need to undo Obama’s accomplishments.

      Trump is all about Trump – and that means he will do whatever he wants, t whom he wants and to hell with what is morally right – IMHO

      This is what Alpha Males do – they know one thing – it’s all about them.

      As I’ve said many times – Trump is not the problem. Trump’s core supporters are the problem and will continue to be the problem until they wake up from their Partisan Political Party.

  5. My husband and I have been watching a great documentary on President Woodrow Wilson and the run up to World War I.

    It is on our local PBS channel 8 (on my free T.V. box) – so I am not sure what channel on your satellite t.v.

    Wilson was against taking America into World War I in the beginning – but as time progressed, Wilson took us into the war and then all hell breaks loose back in the good ol’ USA.

    But from the beginning of all this – it was the WOMEN in America that stood up to President Wilson and were totally against going to war.

    The Food Administration government agency was given the task to encourage Americans to conserve food and to even do without certain foods due to the war effort. At first it was voluntary – but then it became a ‘patriotic’ issue and Americans were turning on their fellow Americans by turning them into the authorities by accusing them of not following the Food Rules.

    Then Wilson put in the Sedition Act. This was to stop Americans from talking against the war and even against any government personnel.

    But – at the same time – the Women Suffragettes were in full blown action. And these women were tough fighters. How many Americans would be willing to go to prison for their beliefs – like these women did?

    Hell – can you imagine asking the average American today to give up their super-sized portions of fast food – or the daily Grande cup of latte, cappuccino, espresso or any other of their favorite foods or drinks.

    When Trump gleefully brags about how the US will take out North Korea on our won if China does not step in – I always have to ask myself. Will the Trump voters be the first to sign up to do the actual fighting and dying this time?

    Will these Trump voters even be willing to have our food rationed here in America to help the war effort?

    And in today’s world of social media – are these Trump supporters even willing to give up their access to social media – because I remember the old saying ‘loose lips, sinks ships’ – which means keep your mouth shut.

    From what I’ve seen in the past few decades – the average American is not conditioned to give up anything – we have been trained and encouraged to do one thing very, very well – we are CONSUMERS.

    We manufacture very little in America – we are all about BUYING-BUYING-BUYING – and we don’t care if we already have something, we’ll buy another one to throw into our already-crammed-full closets.

    Just spend one day watching our television – the number of marketing ads for products we don’t really need – or those products that were sold 10 or 20 years ago is now brought back as a New Product with a New Name.

    NO – it’s the same old product – but this time, they have doubled the price.

    Americans are gullible.