Saturday, 4/8/17, Public Square

obama's fault


by | April 7, 2017 · 5:22 pm

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  2. Thunderchild

    I wasn’t going to vote, I felt it was hopeless in this district. But I did vote today.

    We can but hope. And I do see encouraging signs. I have seen 3 Estes signs and 5 Thompson signs. What might be more important is Thompson seems to have done a heavy youtube ad buy. Every vid I try to look at tonight comes with a Thompson ad.
    Brownback is hugely unpopular, maybe things can happen…

    • I will vote – regardless – of the outlook. If I don’t vote, then I don’t have a good reason to complain – do I?

      Seriously – I was raised in a family that took voting as their duty to the country. Maybe we have a lot of Americans who really don’t understand the responsibility and the gift we have to vote.

      • BTW – did you watch their debate?

        I caught the last bit of it. Ron Estes looked and sounded very unsure, low energy or NO energy?

        Thompson presented himself – and his ideas – much better.

        The Libertarian guy – Rockford (sp?) seemed rather quiet – but most times the two major parties – Democrat and Republican – is where the most action happens.

        But damn…Estes looked like he would lose a contest for the most boring to a bump on the log.

  3. The issue is, as always in a 4th District election, how the candidates do outside Wichita. I can tell you from personal observation that there are few Thompson signs in Newton and Wellington, e.g., with a plethora of Estes signs. The residents of said counties know Ron Estes; they don’t know James Thompson. Traditionally, for a Democrat to win, s/he must carry Wichita by a sufficient margin to offset the margins of Republicans in the rest of the district. A tricky proposition, to say the least.

    • The t.v. ads I’ve seen about Estes is nothing but proclaiming he is Pro Life and James Thompson want to eat babies alive.

      Perhaps this is why there are so many signs for Estes in the rural parts of Kansas?

      Wichita’s population has more diverse people – with emphasis on college educated, professional workers.

      It all depends on who gets out to vote and how much Trump has disappointed some Trump voters?

      • Indy, reviewing comments on Thompson public posts on FB, I am disheartened at the vitriol and venom projected. While anyone from anywhere can comment on a public post, checking profiles from ten randomly selected commenters revealed nine were from Wichita proper, with the tenth not determined due to the privacy settings. Not determinative, but indicative of a deep-seated dislike of anyone not having (R) after their name. All nine appeared to be under the age of 40, BTW, from data available.

  4. Thunderchild

    We can but hope. I have always known that Wichita, and Kansas at large is for the most part, well, stupid. For Wichita in particular, this seems a departure from almost all other urban centers. If Thompson loses, we will know that as bad as Brownback and the reality tv president are, Kansans are simply by and large prepared to double down on stupid. They have proved this to me time and again. Can Kansans actually LEARN? I fear I am not optimistic….

  5. Thunderchild

    That would be NOPE, Kansans cannot learn. Or, more to the point, they won’t learn. The 4th district sends the reality tv show resident another stooge. I dared to hope. I forgot I live in a State without hope.