Tuesday, 4/4/17, Public Square

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by | April 3, 2017 · 4:16 pm

3 responses to “Tuesday, 4/4/17, Public Square

  1. Rick

    It Is not happening as much as it once was, my Trump supporting family and friends are waking up. Those who more less voted against the ungodly promoter of killing babes. Are realizing that trump could not care about these children or their faith. They are feeling used, along with their faith. have reposted Independent post to my Facebook. so they can read it.

    • I know I keep harping on these Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives that voted for Trump – but these folks are not true Christians – IMHO (which is why I use the letter K – I don’t blame Jesus Christ for what these folks say and do).

      As a Christian (but leaning towards Deism in the past few years) – I am highly offended by how these so-called Kristians treated Obama and how they hijacked the Republican Party into this current group of people who scream about being so persecuted – but yet have consistently pass laws to discriminate against LGBT – and women – and any other minority group they don’t like that day.

      I am so sick and tired of these so-called Kristians claiming they are followers of Jesus when they applaud and cheer when Trump and Chumps take such delight in taking away health care insurance.

      WWJD ? – probably throw up.