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  1. Did I miss the epidemic of transgender Americans causing a big problem in the public restrooms?

    Seems like this is a big fight over a non-existent problem.

    If these folks were truly concerned about kids being molested by some man in a dress going into the women’s bathroom – then why aren’t these same folks concerned about the priests that molested young boys – the priests wear robes (a dress?)

    And the Catholic Church was found guilty in the courts of knowingly looking the other way when their priests molested young boys for decades. And there are reports that the Church has STILL not done much to correct the problem.

    So – when I hear these Kristian Konservative Republicans use the argument about safety for our kids – I have to wonder if they are sincere.

    If they are sincere – then why are these same folks not going after the Catholic Church?

  2. Thunderchild

    Transgenders are a tiny, tiny, minority that are generating an awful lot of heat and light. I wasn’t terribly sympathetic for their cause.
    Then I found out an online friend was trans. This young woman born into a male body “came out” in our online group. She had always identified herself to us as female, but revealed that she was trans. Our group was open and accepting of this, her family was decidedly NOT. The acceptance and understanding we showed her produced a night to day change in this young person. Her confidence grew tremendously! It was really quite an amazing thing to be a part of. And it made me think.
    I cannot BEGIN to understand how it must feel to live as one of these folks. Feeling that your very physical body is wrong and having that reinforced at every turn every day by all societal convention. Yeah, they are a tiny minority, but how they must suffer so. And ya know what?
    I got problems of my own, I’m male and not trans. But I do have digestive…issues. Sometimes, I need a bathroom and I need it right now. I’ve been in a women’s restroom a few times, when the male restroom was occupied. I didn’t do it out of social rebellion or anything. I just needed to go. So, I know that the fundamental issue comes down to ONE thing.
    men and women pee differently
    I wish I knew how to write that in smaller letters, to emphasize just how insignificant it really is. Women need stalls, men most of the time, do not.
    And once I got down to that, I compared it to my experiences through life, and just how this tiny issue has so much bigger implications.
    When I was in high school, we had two girls bathrooms and two boys bathrooms. But one of the girls rooms was kept always locked as there was no staff available to make sure the girls weren’t sneaking a smoke. Honorable enough intention, but the result was that in a 5 minute passing period, many girls had to run from one end of the school to the other just to pee, and then somehow still make it to class. From the time I was little at ballgames and movies and other crowded venues, I could always relieve myself easily, while I watched women and girls wait in long lines.
    Again, why?
    Yeah, we are conditioned from a very young age, girls bathroom, boys bathroom. But given the larger implications, this isn’t just a transgender issue. This is a gender issue. A plumbing issue.
    Guys need two sets of bathroom plumbing to make their life easier, women only need one. But its the women who wait in line? All societal reinforced convention aside that is not only unfair, it is stupid.
    What’s the big concern? Male perverts will hang out in the womens restroom! Uh yeah, if your kid is of an age vulnerable to a pervert and you are not In the restroom WITH them, then the problem is yours.
    As a male, if a woman wants to walk past me on her way to a probably empty stall? I don’t care. Let me walk past the stall on the way to the urinal. And for minority trans folks? I cannot imagine your suffering. I sure do not want to add to it.
    Change so fundamental takes time. We will still need two sets of restrooms for a while. But maybe they will become “I need to go!” and “I need to go but I have issues with who goes where”

    • It is insignificant! Republicans latch onto to the craziest things to be all worked up over! Makes them appear stupid!

      • When Reagan teamed up with Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys in 1980 to smear the good name of Jimmy Carter – that is when the Republican Party started down this crazy hill they call Social Issues

        These folks are the same ones who promote policies for the corporations to get all power and taxpayer money – while spewing their hatred when Obama dared to take care of all Americans.

        Money is the God most of these Republicans worship (IMHO) – but yet they will sit and proudly talk about how they’re so concerned about the poor, the hungry, the sick and the homeless.

        Actions speak louder than empty words. When voting for health care to be taken away from millions of people and then taking away health insurance for women’s health and maternity coverage – one really can’t say they are so concerned about people – can they?

        Too many churches today are nothing more than Corporate Country Clubs who are smearing Jesus’s good name.

      • Rick

        In some cases I fear t is not just appearances. At times it is almost as if they do not seem to have enough drama in their life’s so that either must search out some. Or actually create it to make them feel as if that are important in life. I have family and friend that do that for me. Plus a couple of hobbies that fill in the time when I can find it.

  3. Rick

    I have yet to be so curious as to look under a stall wall. To see If the person in the stall next to me is a woman or a man. Perhaps I am just odd? Strange me, that I am just not that curious.

    • Rick

      It could be that actually I am too busy trying to figure out the meaning of life to be wondering about it.

    • I’m just as odd – I’ve never had the urge to look at anybody else while in the bathroom.

      I’m there to take care of business and get out as fast as I can – and in the old days – I had to figure out how to wash my hands and keep them clean without having to touch the faucets again.

      With the most recent technology of hands-free faucets and electric hand dryers – that problem is solved.

      Now for that door knob on the way out…….

      • Use a paper towel on the knob, etc., then throw it away after getting the door open, blocking it open with your body. 🙂

      • That works great – unless you’re in a bathroom with no paper towel dispenser.

        There are a few in this town – everything is electric and automated – even the faucets – which is a great FEATURE.

    • BTW – These anti- LGBT bathroom bills are worded that people are to use the bathroom according to the sex on their birth certificate.

      Am I the only person that does not carry around my birth certificate with me at all times?

      And who in the Hell is going to be asking me to show my birth certificate as proof – and who the hell gave that person the legal right to demand to see my birth certificate.

      Let’s thinks back in history – having to show your papers sounds a lot like Nazi Germany – doesn’t it?