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trump lies


by | March 28, 2017 · 4:12 pm

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  1. Sad to say – these Trump minions really don’t care if their boy lies. They simply justify it by cherry-picking their favorite Bible verse.

    I’ve said this countless times – Trump is NOT the problem.

    The problem are the Trump minions who eat up every word Trump spews or Tweets because Kristians like Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham endorsed Trump – thereby – giving Trump the false cover of being such a Godly and Christian man.

    It takes a lot of cherry-picking justification to make a man who bragged about groping women’s p______ into being the Messiah sent by God to save America.

    • Bob White

      I agree; “The problem(s) are the Trump minions, et al ——.” How can that be changed? I don’t think “force” (whatever that means) is the right answer. Off-the-top, I’d say that change would require a “process;” probably, voluntary, incentive-ized and a-long-term follow-up designed by social-psychologists. Of course, such process could be implemented in schools; as a matter of fact, I think it is taught in Kindergarten, today; but there’s just no long-term follow-up and re-enforcement. No public support. On the other hand, our schools are filled with debate and competition. Maybe, we’re at fault, not just them?

      • One thing that needs to be done – and I don’t know how to accomplish this – is when anybody gives an Alternative Fact – then POINT it out and make it clear – that is not a FACT.

        I don’t remember a time when so many outright lies, gossip and innuendos are now viewed as credible news.

        And if confronted – Kellyanne Conway will simply throw out her ‘Alternative Facts’ crappola.

        Of course, all the late-night comedians and SNL will have their funny skits and funny jokes about Kellyanne Conway and her Alternative Facts – but the problem is still there.

        I know a lot of folks who have sat in front of Fox News and listened to Bretibart and Alex Jones and believe every word they spew.

        What happened to the truth and facts???

        I suspect this is the same reason Republicans want to kill public education. We can’t have kids taught to be free thinkers – can we?

  2. Have you seen the latest from Trump?

    He wants to slash $1.2 B from National Institute of Health.

    so – yesterday he proudly signs an executive order to get rid of all environmental regulations – and now he is slashing $1.2B from our country’s leading health research…..

    So – when the air and water are so both polluted – there will be nothing in the doctor’s bag to help us?

    WOW…..just another day in the life of a typical Republican who is more concerned about his next weekend golf trip to his Florida mansion – which has been estimated to cost $3 million each time.

    WOW – and so-called Kristians like Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham still believe Trump is God’s answer to help America?

    In what Universe is that even possible???

    • Sad to say – the fictional Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies had more common sense than Jeff Sessions.

      My mother calls Sessions the guy that looks like the Keebler Cookie Elf – but he is mean.

      That about sums up my feelings of this dude also..

    • Bob White

      same generation, same values, same origin, same height, same I.Q. —- only difference might be that women tend to be both gracious and smart.

  3. Rick

    Ah I end up going around Murphy’s barn to get here! Two different browsers and then follow the link from a post! well How is ya? I still have not learn everyone that is now blocking my Facebook posts because of Politics. Slowly though some are realizing that I was right about trump. I knew as soon as he did something that went against their religious beliefs. Then he attack those same beliefs. It would bring them around.
    The back window in y truck is now replaced so I am once again happy as that swine in the excrement. I do have so odd feeling at times where the pacemaker is? Not as much uncomfortable as it is perhaps it is giving me a little “Bump”. So to speak, It has quit being alarming at least for now. I was rushing to the B.P. cup every time in the beginning. Anyway, Glad I managed to get here once again, no grandsons for now and no one to run to the ends of the earth at the moment. Gee if I had know how much work this was going to be to be disabled. And had a heart attack that almost killed me. I might have had some second thoughts! Keep the faith and keep up the good fight, well I know that last part is redundant!

    • Glad to see you pop back up here in the PPP corral. We’re all still hanging out here – trying to figure out what the Hell Trump and Chumps are going to do next.

      • Rick Liebst

        Well I keep predicting he will invade the Sudetenland! But then that could be because I consider him a Hitler want to be. That is what his hero did first off. But unless there is oil there, I doubt that the Koch Brothers would approve of that!.