Monday, 3/27/17, Public Square

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  1. From Axios —

    Planned Parenthood is Trump’s next emergency
    The fight to defund Planned Parenthood could shut down the government in less than a month. It’s getting hardly any media attention but it’s the most immediate emergency confronting the Trump Administration, which is reeling after its Obamacare fiasco.

    What you need to know:

    The current continuing resolution to fund the government expires on April 28.
    The conservative House Freedom Caucus — the group Trump blamed on Twitter this morning for killing his Obamacare replacement bill — will almost certainly make defunding the women’s health group and country’s biggest abortion provider a non-negotiable condition for it to support the government funding bill.

    That’s a big problem. There’s no way a bill that defunds Planned Parenthood gets 60 votes in the Senate.

    Ryan faces a potentially diabolical situation. He wants to defund Planned Parenthood but he’s not going to let the government shut down on his watch. His two bad options:

    Defund Planned Parenthood but do so knowing the bill won’t make it through the Senate. Where that game ends: a government shutdown.

    Leave out the provision to defund Planned Parenthood. That’s also politically awful. He’d lose lots of Republican votes and would need to pass the funding bill with Democrats’ support. That’s the kind of thing John Boehner was forced to do during the dying days of his speakership.

    Watch what Mike Pence does here. When the VP served in the House he led the conservatives’ charge to defund Planned Parenthood. Unlike the President, he’s authentically steeped in the social conservative movement and views it as a matter of unwavering principal.

    Trump’s argument: The Freedom Caucus squibbed its historic opportunity to defund Planned Parenthood (for one year) through the Obamacare replacement bill. It’ll be interesting to see how social conservative leaders respond to that talking point, given groups like Penny Nance’s Concerned Women for America backed the bill. Nance tells me she won’t let Trump or Republicans “move on” from their promise.

    • What needs to be defunded is the tax-free status of these Corporate Mega Evangelical Kristian Churches and these televangelists who have a beg-a-thon weekly to separate money from their sheeple.

      Last week I did not change the t.v. channels soon enough and I actually heard Pat Robertson spew some more of his idiotic pearls of wisdom….

      Of course, I had to send him another email through his 700 Club website. I always send my thoughts and comments to him by marking them as ‘needing salvation for myself or a loved one’.

      That is ALWAYS the red flag where these CONS will pick up on – because they figure they have hit the mother lode with a potential new ‘sheeple’ – to join their FLEECED (and I do mean Fleeced as in CONNED) flock.

    • Rick Liebst

      They will keep stepping on toes until finally it is their feet being crunched. Pushing in either direction always ends up being only to the limits of personal acceptance. Women will not become second class citizens again. Trump and the Neocons will being pushing the limits until it comes rushing back like a tidal wave over them. Rough time ahead until then though.

  2. Thunderchild

    Well, the right wants Paul Ryan GONE. But, interestingly enough, tiny just took a nasty swipe at the hard right. Ryan and tiny express that they are ok! It’s all good! Yeah, I am doubting that. Tiny did a twitter ad for Jeanine Pirro ( because he LIKES HER!) and Pirro calls for Ryan’s ouster?
    Fun and games on the right! It’s delicious!
    Ditch Ryan, then what? “Wanted lapdog for the most unpopular President in history. Duties include taking responsibility for an idiot and willingness to jump under a bus. Apply today!”
    I shouldn’t joke. Women’s rights are very much in peril. But the bloody nose they just got is gonna make the right tread careful for a bit I think. Keep in mind, they pulled their health plan rather than let it go to vote. These are nervous, selfish people who do not play well with others. They think inwardly and only about themselves and their agenda. More important for womens rights is how this loss affects their willingness to support Gorsuch.

    • I don’t think the Far Right will tread careful for a bit. These are folks who – IMHO – need to be fitted with a new red hat marked DUM = Proud to be Stupid

  3. Thunderchild

    Ok we need to do our homework here. The special election for our local representative has apparently changed the polling places for about 35,000 people, I think including me. The difficulty seems to be centered on people who have to vote at a church, as I have to. Something to do with Easter I guess.

    • But we don’t vote on Sunday – so why would it matter to these damn churches?

      • Rick Liebst

        It might have to do with some issue that is being voted on? If it goes against the doctrine. They would not want it done at church.

      • Thunderchild

        It’s not the churches themselves. It is the date chosen for the special election. It falls within holy week and the churches are busier than normal. So the churches are not to blame. Was the choice of date just a mistake or was it calculated, who can say?

    • This special election is to fill Pompeo’s seat – correct?

      Again – election day is on Tuesday – even if it is Holy Week – why would one day – early in the week – be such a problem for churches?

      After all – Trump signed his Executive Order for all preachers to be able to tell their sheeple who to vote for….so why wouldn’t they all want to take this golden opportunity to really tell everybody who to vote for – and possibly even go into the voting booth when the voters and mark the ballot themselves?

      I just don’t get this problem with churches and their Holy Week thing..

  4. Thunderchild

    I’m trying to learn the details. Only heard part of a radio story that about 35,000 people who have their polling place as a church are affected.

  5. Once again, I called the elections office and requested a mail in ballot. It came in today’s mail and it will be on the mailbox for pickup tomorrow. Easy peasy.

  6. A government shut down on Day 100 of 45’s presidency? 🙂

    From Axios —

    A top Republican with close ties to the White House tells me that after the GOP failure on healthcare, a government shutdown — looming when a continuing resolution runs out April 28 — is “more likely than not. … Wall Street is not expecting a shutdown and the markets are unprepared.”

    And Chris Krueger of Cowen Washington Research Group today will warn financial clients: “Hello April 29 government shutdown.”

    That’s Day 100 of the Trump presidency, by the way.

    A senior GOP aide disputed the bearish forecasts: “The White House and Republicans on the Hill cannot/won’t risk a shutdown. Given the last week — it’s out of the question.”

    Reality check: While the GOP may have the will, party strategists don’t see the way: The bleak House GOP math remains, with no sign it’ll change. And the GOP can’t count on the twin hail Marys floated over the weekend: enlisting moderate Dems (as we reported yesterday), or the Congressional Black Caucus (as Jonathan Swan revealed in his Sunday-night newsletter, Sneak Peek).

    The message CEOs took from Friday’s fiasco, according to an executive at a money-center bank: “Holy crap! We may be facing the same crap on a shutdown threat, and on the debt ceiling. Holy crap! We may not get tax reform, or a repatriation bill, or infrastructure spend, or substantial changes to regulations.”

    Be smart: Job 1 for Republicans, who technically control the government, is to convince investors and voters that they have some path to getting things done. But first (Russert homage!), they’ll have to convince themselves.

  7. Thunderchild

    Not able to learn much about the identity of these affected polling places. I did learn that my own polling place is not affected as it is an early polling location. Anyone with concerns should probably use an early vote location. The old courthouse downtown is already open for voting. Several other locations begin early polling April 6.

  8. Thunderchild

    “Fearless girl” has won the right to continue staring down the Wall Street bull through Feb. 2018! I bet she gets to stay forever. People love her.

    • Great news! Makes my heart smile!

      • Thunderchild

        Mine too. My Mom absolutely LOVES “Fearless Girl”. And while I have some sympathy for the artist of the Bull (it was meant to show American determination and spirit in the wake of the 1987 stock market crash, and that’s noble enough) that event was a LONG time ago. He s.hould be happy that his bull, already iconic, is iconic again and in a new and current way. American determination and spirit are a fine thing. But there have been MORE than a few times in history when it has been like a bull in a china shop.
        Those who commissioned “Fearless Girl” wanted to see more women on corporate boards and in positions of leadership. And that is a GREAT message. But particularly in our current climate, I take my own message.
        The bull is unleashed, animalistic, capitalism. The little girl is someone standing up saying, “now just you wait a minute! Yeah rich people may make a lot of money, but stuff is gonna get broken and people are gonna get hurt! STOP! THINK! And I am not getting out of your way!”
        FInal thought? We’d have a better world if “Fearless girl” was placed in a public square a few thousand years ago.

  9. Thunderchild

    This move is not new. Right wing ranter Mark Levin has pushed a Convention of the States for several years now. As Republicans currently hold majorities in a majority of States, this is a genuine cause for concern. Such a convention has the potential to allow the cons to do all SORTS of tinkering with the Constitution. Their first target would be to return election of Senators to State Governors and Legislatures. This would guarantee them a Senate majority for the forseeable future.
    But this might be a case of they better be careful what they wish for. They might get it. Our side has some ideas about improving the Constitution too. And their side currently holds the most unpopular President and Congress in history.