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  1. Jim Wright, Stonekettle Stations says:

    The House was supposed to vote on the AHCA yesterday. They didn’t, because Speaker of the House Paul Ryan couldn’t muster enough votes to ensure it would pass.

    Since no Democrat is likely to vote for this thing, it’s up to Republicans.
    Republican have a majority, they could pass it and I won’t be surprised at all if they do. But unfortunately for Ryan, a number of Republicans have openly said they will vote against the bill — or abstain.

    Now, some of those Republicans will vote against the bill because it will likely take away coverage from millions of their constituents. Not that they actually give a shit about their constituents’ access to health care, but they fear a backlash come reelection time.

    But the majority of those Republicans who have vowed to vote down the bill are members of the Freedom Caucus. And the Freedom Caucus doesn’t think the AHCA goes nearly far enough in fucking over the middle class and the poor.


    Yes, I hear you sighing. Dammit, Jim, now I can’t share this, because you used profanity.

    I’m not really sorry about that. If ever there was a situation where profanity is not only indicated, but preferred, it’s this one.

    There’s really no polite way to put it: That’s exactly — exactly — what the Freedom Caucus is mad about, that the bill doesn’t fuck over enough Americans. The Freedom Caucus is literally demanding a full repeal of the ACA and a return to unregulated insurance companies — the very situation which necessitated healthcare reform in the first place.

    This isn’t about jobs.

    This isn’t about money — not YOURS anyway.

    This isn’t about the economy.

    This isn’t about abortion or doctors or doing what’s right.

    This isn’t about health care.

    This isn’t even about sticking it to Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

    And this for goddamned sure isn’t about “Freedom” because freedom for Americans is the very last thing the Freedom Caucus wants.

    This is about a bunch of self-serving politicians who are the lapdogs of the Insurance Industry — or any big business with deep pockets. The Freedom Caucus doesn’t represent any citizen, not you, not me, not even the most rabid tri-corner hat liberal-hating gun-humpin’ Tea Party conservative. The Freedom Caucus represents MONEY and money only. They literally do NOT give a shit about health care, not yours, not mine, not even theirs. ALL they care about is that the checks from Wall Street are deposited on time into their accounts. These people would not only sell their own mothers down the river for a dollar, they already HAVE.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Appealing to their better nature won’t work, because they literally do not have one.

    Supposedly, in a closed door session last night with desperate Republicans, Trump issued an ultimatum: They either vote on the AHCA today, or be stuck with Obamacare for good.

    It’s circus of errors.

    That’s some classic Trump, right there. I can only imagine the desperate wheeling and dealing and oral gratification going on behind the scenes in the House this morning. And no matter which way this goes, we, you and me and our fellow Americans, we lose. That’s the ONE thing you can bet on with this bunch.

    But like any of Trump’s ultimatums, Caveat Emptor, and I suspect if the AHCA doesn’t pass today, it’ll pass tomorrow or the next. In some form or another. Republicans aren’t going to let this go, no matter what Trump says — the Insurance Industry and their lobbyists won’t let it die.

    They’ll let you and me die, but not this.

    It’ll be damned interesting indeed to see how this shakes out today and frankly watching that little shit-stain Ryan squirm like a weasel pressed between a couple of hot rocks is the one bright spot in this entire shitshow. If he blows a blood vessel right through his little Eddie Munster haircut and drops dead at the Speaker’s podium, I’ll give him the same sympathy — and the same hand gesture — he’s giving the rest of us.

    Buckle up, fellow travelers, and hang on.

    • But…But….Paul Ryan even said his GOP health care plan was an act of mercy.

      He actually said that with a straight face…

      NOW that takes a person with ice water flowing their veins. At least Eddie Munster was a lovable little werewolf. Paul Ryan has hitched his wagon to the wrong reality t.v. star’s ass…

      • Rick Liebst

        ” For ever act of mercy, it means that someone else has to suffer in some fashion.”. There is a flow and balance to things, it is not always that fair though. Somewhere it must catch up to balance you may hope. Perhaps in the concept of a heaven.

  2. On a serious note – while we’re waiting to see what Trump and Chumps attempt to do to the right of all Americans health insurance – let me take this moment to remember our beloved friend Wicked.

    We all remember how Wicked was one of those Americans that did not have the luxury of being able to get health insurance like Paul Ryan, Trump or even me. My husband and I are very lucky that his employer provides BCBS health insurance – even when we do have to pay a premium – it is at least a benefit that we can get.

    Wicked did not have that luxury. She worked for herself as a writer and she was one of those Americans that did not fit into the Republicans’ version of a fellow American deserving of health care. Wicked was not all that political. And she certainly was not one of the GOP donors that lined the politician’s pockets – so that they never have to worry about their health care.

    Even with Obamacare passing – the fact that Sam Brownback refused to expand Medicaid – Pastor Sam in his all glory proudly rejected Obamacare and called it all kinds of names.

    Well – what happened to Wicked? Who knows if she would have been able to win her battle against cancer IF she had been able to simply go to the doctor long before it got to the point where it was harder to fight.

    I don’t know how Republicans can live with themselves knowing there are good hardworking Americans that will not be able to go to the doctor.

    How can anybody live with themselves – but especially those folks who claim to be such Godly Christians…..that still boggles my mind.

    Bottom line – if Republican truly want to make America GREAT(er) – then let’s start by helping all Americans to be the healthiest they can be.

    Or – Is that too much to expect?

  3. The bill has been pulled. Paul Ryan said, “Doing BIG things is hard.” Yep! It was equally hard when Nancy Pelosi successfully led the Democratic Party to pass Obamacare all alone without any Republican support! But they didn’t just try and fail, they did BIG things!

    Don’t forget Trump already took away the mandate. Young people who aren’t facing any penalty are not going to buy what they’re sure they don’t need. Aren’t they invincible? They won’t be offsetting the cost of care for those who are sicker. Insurance premiums will have to go up. It is now Trumpcare, it became Trumpcare the instant Trump changed it!

    • You’ve heard Male Republicans using the argument why should they have to pay for maternity coverage – or our own Kansas Senator Pat Roberts when he made that flippant remark about how he did not want to lose that mammogram coverage.

      I don’t want to pay for Viagra or penis pumps for these men on the same health insurance plan that I pay premiums into the pot.

      Let’s take this argument further – I don’t want to pay for the damn wars Republicans start – but have I been given the option to Just Say NO?



        fnord – Nancy Pelosi runs circles around Trump, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell – without breaking a sweat – and she accomplishes so much more.

        There are two kinds of people:

        1) Workhorses
        2) Show horses

        Workhorses get the job done – with no fanfare or parades – and no credit given

        Show horses do a lot of prancing and cock-strutting dances in their many parades – but show horses do know how to take the credit for the accomplishments of the work horses.

        I’ve seen this same scenario play out so many times – it make me sick.

        Trump is reality t.v. celebrity – and a former WWF wrestling promoter – enough said about the cock strutting ?

  4. Here’s what President Obama said yesterday on the 7th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.

    “When I took office, millions of Americans were locked out of our health care system. So, just as leaders in both parties had tried to do since the days of Teddy Roosevelt, we took up the cause of health reform. It was a long battle, carried out in Congressional hearings and in the public square for more than a year. But ultimately, after a century of talk, decades of trying, and a year of bipartisan debate, our generation was the one that succeeded. We finally declared that in America, health care is not a privilege for a few, but a right for everybody.

    The result was the Affordable Care Act, which I signed into law seven years ago today. Thanks to this law, more than twenty million Americans have gained the security and peace of mind of health insurance. Thanks to this law, more than ninety percent of Americans are insured – the highest rate in our history. Thanks to this law, the days when women could be charged more than men and Americans with pre-existing conditions could be denied coverage altogether are relics of the past. Seniors have bigger discounts on their prescription drugs. Young people can stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26 years old. And Americans who already had insurance received an upgrade as well – from free preventive care, like mammograms and vaccines, to improvements in the quality of care in hospitals that has averted nearly 100,000 deaths so far.

    All of that is thanks to the Affordable Care Act. And all the while, since the law passed, the pace of health care inflation has slowed dramatically. Prices are still rising, just as they have every year for decades – but under this law, they’ve been rising at the slowest rate in fifty years. Families who get coverage through their employer are paying, on average, thousands of dollars less per year than if costs kept rising as fast as they were before the law. And reality continues to discredit the false claim that this law is in a “death spiral,” because while it’s true that some premiums have risen, the vast majority of Marketplace enrollees have experienced no average premium hike at all. And so long as the law is properly administered, this market will remain stable. Likewise, this law is no “job-killer,” because America’s businesses went on a record-breaking streak of job growth in the seven years since I signed it.

    So the reality is clear: America is stronger because of the Affordable Care Act. There will always be work to do to reduce costs, stabilize markets, improve quality, and help the millions of Americans who remain uninsured in states that have so far refused to expand Medicaid. I’ve always said we should build on this law, just as Americans of both parties worked to improve Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid over the years. So if Republicans are serious about lowering costs while expanding coverage to those who need it, and if they’re prepared to work with Democrats and objective evaluators in finding solutions that accomplish those goals – that’s something we all should welcome. But we should start from the baseline that any changes will make our health care system better, not worse for hardworking Americans. That should always be our priority.

    The Affordable Care Act is law only because millions of Americans mobilized, and organized, and decided that this fight was about more than health care – it was about the character of our country. It was about whether the wealthiest nation on Earth would make sure that neither illness nor twist of fate would rob us of everything we’ve worked so hard to build. It was about whether we look out for one another, as neighbors, and fellow citizens, who care about each other’s success. This fight is still about all that today. And Americans who love their country still have the power to change it.”

  5. Thunderchild

    .and T**** care only failed because it was not draconian enough.
    Or so we are told. No vote = no cards on the table. No vote is the cowards way out of loss. Did moderates who SUPPORT the ACA beat this or help to beat it? We won’t know. No vote does that.
    And now the cons find themselves in a REALLY sticky spot. They have repeal, sorta, but not replace. ACA remains in place. They can’t let it fail without electoral results.

  6. Gotta share what made me laugh and feel happy.

    First, more than a week ago I heard an interview of Paul Ryan that included talk of the Wisconsin team in the NCAA men’s basketball tourney. Ryan said he was a big fan of Wisconsin and his bracket had them going all the way to Final Four.

    Now the fun part: Ryan lost his ‘Repeal and Replace’ scheme on the exact same day his Wisconsin team lost. It just wasn’t a good day for Paul Ryan and that made me happy!

    Petty, aren’t I? I figure that man has caused a great deal of real pain and misery for a bunch of people and the thought that he himself might be at least feeling down makes me happy. He deserves to not feel happy!

    • Now you sound like me – have I been a bad influence on you?

      Seriously – when Pat Roberts said that flippant remark about the lack of mammogram coverage in their disaster health care plan – that just made my blood boil.

      But that was on top of the widely reported news of so many Republican males who did not want to pay for maternity coverage because they don’t need it….

      I wondered – is this just a White Male Republican thing to deny women their basic healthcare – or is it a combination of the Republican Party claiming to be God’s Party because so many also claim to be Christians.

      What is the driving force behind their insistence to tear down women at every opportunity?

      In my way of thinking – why wouldn’t our leaders want every American as healthy as they can be? Wouldn’t that make us stronger?

      There’s an old saying – the chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

      Our country has a lot of problem that are making our fellow Americans sick – drugs (both legal and illegal), pollution, the high stress of the way we live – always PUSH-PUSH-PUSH….with no regard for how our actions affect others.

      Trump exemplifies that attitude of so many people today – make as much money as you can and don’t give a damn about the consequences – because, after all, they’re just losers.

      But Evangelical Kristian Republicans take it even further – they actually preach that God and Jesus wants their followers to be wealthy – and by any means necessary. Even if you have to make money off the misery of others – that’s okay because God and Jesus approves.

      This is what is wrong with our churches today – IMHO. And I think that started back in 1980 when Reagan teamed up with Jerry Falwell Sr. to smear the goon name of Jimmy Carter.

  7. Thunderchild

    I wish I had known in advance. There was a pro T**** march today in Wichita. I’d have been there with my hand lettered “not my President!” sign. But, there were only like 75 white, old people there anyway. Also, they have to whore out their event as also supporting veterans, the military, and cops.

  8. Thunderchild

    Tiny hands made nice with Paul Ryan during the whole health care fight. This was something I did not expect. I fully expected the resident to stay distant from a doomed plan so he could use that failure to pitch Ryan under the bus. Maybe his hangers on told him this loss would attach itself to him? As it has.
    But, I think I am right in the end. Hours ago, the twitter resident did an ad for Jeanine Pirro, FOX news. “Watch her show!” For her part, the vile, skank of a witch, teased all day that she would vindicate that cheetoh and his family were wiretapped!
    By the way? DON’T watch Jeanine Pirro, EVER. For you own sanity and peace of mind. She is like some sick fusion of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, KellyanneConway and a rabid wolverine.
    Not surprisingly, no new revelations as to surveillance were revealed, at least not newsworthy ones. No, she opened her show calling for the end of Paul Ryan!

  9. Here’s what Republicans have already done to harm the ACA. It won’t stop here!

    How Republicans quietly sabotaged Obamacare long before Trump came into office