Thursday, 3/23/17, Public Square

trump gets big money


by | March 22, 2017 · 9:08 pm

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  1. Rick

    well I will try this again, it seem that between my computer giving me fit and the Keyboard doing it. I have al trouble getting here and posting. But sadly you are not as much fun for me as the trump Nazis are! I can only seem to have an intelligent conversation here. . Facebook? well em fish in that barrels to easy to hit.

  2. The Republican Dog caught up to the car it’s been chasing since 2009, and, just as predicted, has no clue what to do now.

    Ryan delays health care bill vote due to lack of GOP support

    Read more here:

    • Bob White

      Republicans are cruel to the poor because they refuse to view and see themselves as what they really are; selfish, and nasty about it! They really do not care about “the other,” only themselves. Historically, that has been symptomatic of “empire,” and that is what Republicans have become. Empires have always had their impoverished supporters, both intellectually and financially.

  3. Thunderchild

    The secret service budget is stretched to the breaking point protecting the evil “first” family. They had to ask for a budget increase to accommodate it. OMB tuned them down.
    Cheetohs kids, who say they have no conflict of interest, are afforded secret service protection as they fly about the world, hunting, amusing themselves and tending to their corporate empire. A CLEAR conflict of interest with respect to the Secret Service being required to protect them in the conduct of the family business.
    Melania and Baron also must be afforded protection, including protection of ALL of T**** tower. So Baron can finish school. While his father’s budget calls for elimination of after school programs and meals on wheels…

    • Don’t you find it interesting that Ivanka moved to Washington DC and she has kids – so I guess they had to change schools.

      But yet Melania and Barron don’t have to move to Washington DC?

      Doesn’t the Bible talk about how it’s the wife’s obligation and duty to follow her husband wherever he goes?

      so – why aren’t these Bible Thumpin’ Evangelical Kristians asking why Melania is not living with her husband – and with their son – as a good Kristian woman should do?

      Personally, I don’t think Melania will ever move to the White House. Her mission is complete….perhaps waiting for the next assignment?

  4. So – while Trump is continuing to spread his lies about Obama wire tapping his phones at Trump Tower – Trump and Chumps are quietly passing legislation to make it legal for all Americans’ privacy on the Internet to be an open book – and the government can monitor and track us at all times?