Sunday, 3/19/17, Public Square



by | March 18, 2017 · 8:23 pm

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  1. There are now elected officials asking for Trump to apologize to the British for his FALSE claim they spied on Trump to help Obama.

    Who believes Trump will apologize?

    Today’s hearing of FBI Director James Comey and NSI Mike Rogers should be interesting.

    But – where in the hell is CIA Director – Mike Pompeo – in all this Trump/Russia investigation?

    Is Mike intentionally hanging back out of the picture – or is Mike not even aware that Russia Gate is a real question that needs to be resolved…..if Trump is to have any credibility throughout the remainder of his administration.

    Perhaps Pompeo is just playing the game for as long as he can – to get those big bucks??

    • The CIA has no legal authority to be involved at this point. This is squarely the FBI’s responsibility. NSA is just there, as it has skin in the game, but the authority for the investigation is solely vested in the FBI. As such, Pompeo’s absence is appropriate. If he was present, then large questions as to why should arise and be asked loudly and frequently.

      • But does CIA have a stake in any of the data gathering from all this Russia Gate?

      • No. To the extent it involves foreign government in international situations, the CIA and not the FBI needs to be involved. If it involves the U.S. citizens actions with foreign governments, then it’s for the FBI; the CIA is prohibited from dealing with U.S. citizens and their actions.

        This was a part of the reforms in the domestic intelligence area adopted after 9/11. Yes, there was to be more sharing of information, but the reforms strengthened and more clearly delineated the areas of responsibility and prohibitions of actions for each separate agency. Clearly, given this, Mr. Pompeo should not leave his office in Langley to provide testimony in the cited matter.

  2. Rick Liebst

    It is the biggest drawback to being a megalomaniac. They are not capable of admitting when they are wrong. No matter what happens, no matter how much proof there is that it is the case. Or even the results and consequences to themselves. Until now if anyone with in his organization pointed out he was wrong. well it was simply a matter of him ordering them fired! What is he going to do, fire the American people? The entire Congress and Senate? It is getting where even Fox is calling him out, “Your fired!, Fox news!”.

  3. This is the Republican Party

  4. Thunderchild

    My report from the far right. You know? Because ya never know what President tiny hands is gonna regard as a credible source next?
    Oh yeah, there is surveillance. There is MASSIVE surveillance and it goes back to 2004! And it wasn’t just the chetooh and his entire family. Oh no, the surveillance was on every one from them to right wingers like Michael Savage and loony toon Alex Jones. But it didn’t end there! Clarence Thomas! Clint Eastwood! The list goes on!
    2004….who was President then? Oh yeah, it was Bush. Now, I don’t have a great deal of trouble imagining that Dick Cheney ordered wiretapping and other surveillance on well, anyone.
    But keep in mind, we are talking real nut case tinfoil hat folks that claim to be breaking this. These are folks who claim the Moon landing was faked and that the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary was a faked event designed to deny gun rights.
    But our Russian agent of a President has latched onto this sort of stuff before….

    • My DIL summed it this way – the Trump voters are those folks who truly don’t want to have to think for themselves.

      They would rather be told what to think – which is why so many of these Trump voters are the ones that flock to the Mega Evangelical Corporate Churches.

      Where else can you go and be entertained by a rock music concert and get to dress up to be with all your friends who all think like you do?

      No confrontation – no need to think for yourself and no reason to even QUESTION the preacher behind that podium.

      And in some churches – you might even get away with not paying much in to the collection plate – unless that church uses their automatic tithing system – which is them putting your weekly ‘pledge’ amount on your credit card and/or you pay cash when their written bill arrives.

      Seriously – I’ve been told by a lot of people that this is how churches now operate.

      I remember the good old days when people went to church, listened to the sermon and then put their money into the collection plate as it was passed around the crowd.

      Hell – now it appears your church donation is treated like another automatic debit coming out of your checking account.

      My – how times have changed.