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by | March 13, 2017 · 9:20 pm

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  1. Thunderchild

    Health care savings accounts. Ahh yes. the right wings answer to the ACA. And you know what? It wouldn’t have ever worked for the poor. Republican plans never do. But it MIGHT have allowed the right an out for those with no access to health care.
    If Ronald Reagan had put it in place.
    Health care savings accounts and the tax protections for them are a recent idea of the right and much shilled the last several years on talk radio. It’s really kind of a perfect idea, if you are a right winger. It allows the cynical right an escape defense when presented with millions with no health care. “Hey! We made it available! If people choose to spend their money on other things and have no health care, it is on them, not us!” We already see them playing to this strategy with Trump care. Some con or other was griping that “hey? people can choose an Iphone or health care. If they neglect their own health, well, doom on them!”
    Yeah, sorry cons. You came up with the idea 25 years too late and you are trying to make it law 30+ years too late.
    The ACA, or Obamacare, if you like WAS badly flawed and a sop to the insurance companies. But it was in place, insuring the uninsured, and, for the most part, working according to projected expectations.
    Trumpcare, and yes, it does need to be called that, was scored by the CBO today. It projects 18 million Americans will lose health care within a year. It projects that in 10 years, an American making about $26,000 will pay about half of their income to belong to this plan!
    My take? Trumpcare was made up on the fly, and on short notice. As recently as 2 weeks ago, even Republicans were looking for the in place plan to repeal and replace the ACA. They couldn’t find it. Because in large part, it did not exist.
    Ah but then the Donald made his delusional tweets about being wiretapped. I can imagine the call going out to Paul Ryan a day or so after. ‘We need a big story! We gotta kill Obamacare NOW!!”
    The rest will be short lived history. Far righties in the House and Senate will never vote for this thing. It doesn’t leave people dying in the streets likae they really want. It may pass the House but it is dead on arrival at the Senate.

    • The replacement that would actually improve on the ACA is single-payer. Medicare for ALL would be perfect. Medicare is in place, works well, nothing else will ever make the ACA better for Americans. Fact is, Republicans aren’t looking for anything that will be better for Americans, they’re looking at throwing most Americans under the bus so they can free up more federal money to give to the wealthy.

  2. The 50,000 Americans who die every year because of inadequate health insurance? Fuck em. They would be alive if they were from any other developed country. The only reason they are dead is because they were Americans, and Republicans choose to let them die.

    • Look at the pictures above and tell me what is the common factor between Ryan and Trump?

      They are both worshipped and cheered on by the so-called Christian Conservatives in the Republican Party.

      I prefer my nickname for these folks – Kompassionate Kristian Konservative Republicans., That KKK just seems to fit with this group -..

  3. Rick Liebst

    Too often I encounter others who seem to believe that the rest of the people have the same situation as they do. As if they are the norm and that if someone else is not. Then that is a chosen choice on their part, so it is their fault. Often I would call it the “Middle class syndrome”. That assume that everyone else is middle class. No better off and no worse, you make the decision to do this or that. Meanwhile those who are not as well off . have not gotten that luxury.

  4. Thunderchild

    I like to think I have something of an understanding of the con mind. Usually, I can get a general sense of direction in what they are trying to do, or in this case Undo.

    I got nothing.
    This is a BAD bill in every and I mean EVERY way. Usually, you can find some sort of upshot at least for Republicans in what they are doing. This bill doesn’t even have that. It’s divisive to the party, dismissive of their unlikely base and especially chetooh voters. It has no chance of success and will only result in prolonged and useless party infighting. Now I said earlier why THAT is. I think this was thrown together very quickly with very little thought

  5. Thunderchild

    Breaking: Rachel Maddow claims to have 2005 tax returns for cheetoh! Wish I had cable. Her show is on in less than half an hour as I post.

  6. Rick Liebst

    The simplistic solution, if you have that money to saving into a health care savings account. Just use it to pay the medical bill! The alternative to the GOP alternative. See i can play the stupidity game too!

    • But how can you pay the medical bill when they are inflated to the point it is ridiculous?

      There is no common sense rationale to why health care providers bill thousands to the insurance company – knowing they have already negotiated their contract price – which is way, way less than the amount of their claim.

      All these damn games Americans have to do to just get health care is ridiculous – and this is nothing new. This has been going for decades.

      I’ve worked the health care system – it runs on GREED.

      Doctors used to be doctors – now they are nothing more than corporate employees mandated to get their quota of so many ‘dollars’ – and to hell with what is best for the patients.

      If Trump and Republicans really want to take us back to the good old day – okay, let’s go.

      Doctors will make house calls and preachers will be lucky if they get a home cooked meal from one of their church members.

      Back in the good old days – doctors and preachers were professions that were not seen as the way to become millionaires.

  7. Thunderchild

    Uh-oh! Immigration order blocked again.
    “Repeal and replace” of ACA is SUCH a disaster that they are already trying to use it to take out Paul Ryan.
    But all day the right is crowing that Rachel Maddow is a “clown”, “a fool”, the new Geraldo (re: Al Capone vaults). Uh yeah, folks, Maddow is a Rhodes scholar. And if what she presented is a “nothingburger”, why did the White House get out in front of it before her report even AIRED?? They’re scared, and they should be.
    Those tweets that he was wiretapped? Yeah, his source is something he read, or heard, or, well it’s true, and you will see believe me!