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  1. This stupid plan passed its first hurdle in the middle of the night.

    House GOP advances Trumpcare at 4:30 in the morning
    Just two days after the legislation was unveiled.

  2. The American workforce is shrinking, except for immigrants, Axios’ Chris Matthews writes from New York:

    The native-born U.S. workforce is began to shrink last year, and the entire projected growth between today and 2035 will be driven by immigration, according to a new analysis by the Pew Research Center.

    Why it matters: To get a sense of how an economy with a shrinking workforce performs, look no further than Japan. The size of its workforce peaked in 1998, and it has suffered through six different recessions since, compared to the United States’ two. Not only is it harder to produce more wealth with fewer people, but the incentive for corporations to invest is reduced when they know they’ll have fewer potential customers tomorrow than they have today.

    • The irony is – these White Republicans were the ones that pushed the idea that everybody had to have a career and make as much money as possible.

      Oh – the Republicans preached about how they are so Family Values and the Party of God and Jesus that loves families and the sanctity of marriage.

      But those are just empty words – IMHO

      Trump is their type of guy – he is all about how much money can he make and if that means he has to step on people to get that money – then Jesus will approve of that…

      Mega Evangelical Christians are those folks who seem to worship at the Golden Idol of MONEY – but yet preaches hellfire and damnation to the LGBT and those women who want equal pay for equal work.

      WOW –

  3. For some uninsured, GOP penalty higher than Obamacare

    Axios’ Caitlin Owens isolates a key provision of the Trumpcare plan:

    A key part of the GOP health care plan is repealing Obamacare’s much-hated individual mandate, which requires people to pay a fine if they’re uninsured for longer than three months over the course of a year.

    The GOP plan replaces it with a continuous coverage provision, which charges a 30 percent premium penalty for a year if an enrollee goes longer than 63 days without coverage.

    Winners and losers: Generally, low-income, older people and people who are uninsured for a short period of time will pay bigger penalties under the GOP health plan. The penalty would be lower for young people, some wealthier people and the long-term uninsured.

  4. “Purple America Has All But Disappeared”

    Counties are increasingly super red or super blue, with less and less in between,” by David Wasserman of Cook Political Report, on FiveThirtyEight:

    “Of the nation’s 3,113 counties (or county equivalents), just 303 were decided by single-digit margins — less than 10 percent. In contrast, 1,096 counties fit that description in 1992.”

  5. 2020 coalition for Rs

    Tom Edsall on, “Trump’s Political Stew: The president’s electoral coalition has been 50 years in the making. It may prove to be enduring”:

    “Trump’s impact on voting patterns was not to increase the [GOP] share of the white vote … Both Trump and Mitt Romney carried whites by the same 20-point margin. The big shift Trump wrought was to change the type of whites who voted Republican. … [N]on-college whites [were] the majority, 55.1 percent, with college -educated whites becoming the minority at 44.9 percent.”

    “Trump has oriented the party toward heightened anger, intensified racial resentment, animosity to immigrants and opposition to trade. This is an exceptionally volatile mix. Trump is fanning rather than quelling the flames — everything he has done so far has been to raise, not lower, the heat. The next question is whether the Republican Party will be able to continue to exploit this mix or whether it will boil over in ways that cannot be predicted.”

    2020 coalition for Ds

    The Atlantic’s Ron Brownstein, “Can Millennials Save the Democratic Party? The 2020 election is projected to mark the first time in more than 40 years that baby boomers aren’t the largest generation of eligible voters”:

    “[T]here’s no guarantee Democrats can reap big benefits from Millennial mistrust of Trump. … [T]urnout among Millennials remained mediocre in 2016 — and, based on historic patterns, could decline more substantially in the 2018 midterm election than among older voters.

    “[W]hile Trump faces grim numbers among Millennials overall, he has displayed strength among them with the same groups that responded to him most in older generations: evangelical, non-urban, and blue-collar whites.”

    “But the large minority presence in the Millennial generation … means those blue-collar whites seem destined to shrink as a share of the future electorate.”

    • But what will happen when these coal miners, steel workers and other manufacturing workers do not get their jobs back – as Trump promised?

      They have already lost their jobs.
      They will lose their Obamacare.
      They will lose their Medicaid/food stamps welfare payments and Section 8 housing subsidies.

      Will that be the final straw for Republicans?

      Will there be an armed revolution – as has been threatened by Republicans since 2010?

      The midterm 2018 elections are coming very soon…..that will tell a lot – IMHO

  6. Thunderchild

    Republicans blame the poor for being poor. If they were honest, they would say “the poor will always be with us, until we let them die and decrease the surplus population”
    In other “news” the guy tiny hands put in charge of regulations (I don’t know his name. But he is another of the growing group of billionaires in this administration) says there is no conflict of interest that he now has the power to overturn regulations that will make him richer…
    It is like there is a death of hope. Every DAY we rise to find the world a darker place. The corruption and criminality become simply almost too much to keep up with…
    But it works both ways, that. Right wing radio masters know this. SO they are instructing their robotic followers ” Hey! It didn’t end with the election! You have got to get out and support our President! You have to be loud and proud for him every day!”
    And in that same vein, we must be loud and proud in our DISSENT and resistance to ….him and THEM, every day. I grant you, supporters of tiny hands can be hard to find. During the campaign, I saw only one of his hats and only 4 yard signs.

    It’s like…..they were and remain ashamed? But when you do find them? laugh at them. Their “glorious leader” is a clown.

  7. Thunderchild

    Carl Icahn is his name. He will be an advisor and so does not have to be approved. This thug is 80 years old, a billionaire, corporate raider and is BRAGGING that he plans to make money in his advice to the President.
    RESIST! Never stop fighting this worst administration in history!

  8. The next generation of Kennedys is getting started?

  9. Thunderchild

    Hooray for the arrival of Daylight savings time! More light and more outside time. It should go year round. It would do a lot toward getting young folks outdoors and away from their gadgets. Which brings me to…
    In other news, the weird fringe that elected tiny hands is celebrating a “victory” tonight. Apparently someone had flown a flag at a non disclosed location. The flag read “we will not be divided”. Housebound millennials, with nothing much else to do, somehow managed to track the location down. And one of their slightly more outdoorsy members managed to take that flag down and replace it with a hat for tiny hands and a “Pepe” frog. For the uninitiated “Pepe” is a cartoon characterization frog that during tiny hands campaign served as a rallying point for racists, bigots, and other haters. Because, you know, hating is FUN!
    I really don’t see this as a victory. I think “we will not be divided” is a stupid message anyway. We already are divided under the most divisive man in history. Liberal that I am but con that I was, I am THRILLED to be divided from bigots, racists, exploiters, the greedy, and generally stupid people.
    Tiny hands and his minions are gonna do, and are already doing their worst to ruin America. Let them do the best they can with that in a DIVIDED America. For if the Russian puppet can deal with a United America, he will be even more successful in carrying out the plans of his master, Vladmir Putin.