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by | March 4, 2017 · 4:14 pm

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  1. Rick Liebst

    Boy that guy is so imploding! I kind of figure it will come to him demanding that the military take action against the American people! He is just about that far gone. Everyday I am running into more of his supporters that are not even trying to defend him. They say just before the end of the third Reich.. Hitler was absolutely insane with outrage.

  2. Thunderchild

    See also Roger Stone twitter meltdown. Got goaded into really foul language and bragging about his back channel communications with Julian Assange and Wikileaks. These people try to put out fires with gasoline…

    Burn baby BURN!

  3. I haven’t read this yet, but I’m saving it here so I can. It was posted by our old friend CF2K on Facebook and I’ve always trusted him to share interesting and important sources.

    Here’s what Chris said when he posted it: “Folks should read this blog post. It was written two months ago and appears to have just been validated today with Sessions’ refusal to listen to Comey.”

  4. Thunderchild

    Ok. Wow.
    That is a worthy and important read.
    Trouble is an America that has embraced tl;dr. In shorthand American internet speak, that is too long; didn’t read. I have to confess, even I have been sucked into this. I only skimmed the article. I advise ALL to devote the time to read it fully, as I will.

  5. Thunderchild

    Gonna try and get out in front of the news here. If this story is out there, it is just getting started, my idea on what is coming is, so far as I know, only my own.
    Remember the widow of that Navy SEAL that littlehands used in his speech last week? So touching, that. The grieving widow, hands clasped in front of her, looking to the sky as she speaks to her lost love as the crowd stood in loving ovation…while the President, newly made IN that CANNED moment basks on looking lovingly at the poor, grief stricken widow…
    Well that Navy SEAL had a father too. And his father refused to meet with the littlehands man or shake his little hand. Tonight he told us why….
    The first, disastrous, shoot from the hip executive order on immigration barred immigrants from Yemen. The order came BEFORE the raid on Yemen in which the Navy SEAL was killed. The fallen SEAL’s father feels that signing an immigration order against Yemen a day or so before a covert raid was not the best idea and may have got his son killed. I think he is more right than he or anyone knows.
    Investigation into the Yemen raid is young. But it is clear something went very wrong. Preliminary findings suggest the Yemenis KNEW the raid was coming. I think they did.
    Imagine you live in Yemen. You have been helping US friendly forces plan an operation against terrorists. You know a raid is coming. But you have been given assurances that your help is appreciated and the US will guarantee your safety….
    …..and then you learn that Yemenis are not welcome in America. Your very life is on the line and the reassurances you were given suddenly evaporate. The US President has betrayed you. How are you gonna save your neck?
    You tell the terrorists the raid is coming. Maybe you even feel betrayed and angry enough that you join the fight against the raid, and who could blame you?
    The military take care of their own. And if what I have presented here is in fact what happened, they will out it. And if nothing of the so much that is already out there has sunk the monster in our White House by then?
    This will.

    • I wonder about that when the first Muslim ban came out of Trump.

      But with Trump’s new and revised Muslim ban – did you notice Iraq was taken off the ban list?

      Hmmm……let’s see…..a couple weeks ago, wasn’t Pence and Gen. Mattis over in Iraq trying to smooth things over and reassure our allies in the Middle East that America stands with them?

      Yeah – that was a news story but it did not get much coverage – IMHO.

      We’re too busy with Trump’s Twitter Tirade Tantrums to be able to learn the facts about the Big Picture.

      I suspect Trump throws out his Twitter Tirade Tantrums with clear intention to muddy the waters – and there maybe two reasons.

      1) Trump does not want people to know what he is really doing behind the scenes.

      2) Trump really does not know what he is doing – and this is more dangerous – IMHO

      Either way – America has it’s biggest challenge yet to fact – Trump as our feckless leader.

      What a joke …but not in a funny way.

      • I’ve been thinking outside the box…

        What if…….Trump is trying to get himself impeached or forced to resign?

        Then Trump could have the bragging rights that he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 election (by Electoral College only) and he could go into his Far Right Winger Network of spewing all those conspiracy theories that Trump and Bannon love so much.

        All of Trump’s minions would still love him – and they would blame the big ol mean Federal Government Establishment for treating their Golden Idol so badly and unfairly.

        But more than that – I suspect Trump would have the outright gall to try to sue America for unlawful termination.

        I would not put anything past this dude named Trump.

        But I think it’s clear that Trump does not really want to be president. He likes the attention and power – but at some point, the job of being president will make his life a living hell.

        I suspect Trump knows – and we all know – that he is not up to the task of being president.

        Tiny Hands = comes up short?

      • I’m very afraid of what 45’s supporters are capable of if his presidency is … messed with. They’re heavily armed, they support a crazy man. Is that because they are equally crazy?

      • I follow a national blog and I’ve noticed just in the past week – there is this underlying tone of an armed revolution if any investigation of Trump goes forward.

        As for these people being just as nuts as Trump is?

        You’re known by the company you keep.