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  1. I still think the republicans in the end will rename ObamaCare to something more republican friendly, say TrumpCare, then say it is a replacement and all their constituents will fall all over themselves loving the new republican health care law. It might take a while to get to this end, but nothing short of MEDICARE FOR ALL will do as much for so many as the ACA has done. Absolutely nothing the republicans have talked about will bring down heal care costs. No one is even looking at health care costs. If they attempt any of the plans we’ve read they want to use they will be signing their own death warrants.

    • They talk a big talk, but they know whatever changes they make they will own.

    • Rick Liebst

      LOL you have seen this movie before it sounds like! Some are remembering the rough start of the Affordable care act. And yes at first because of the insurance companies gigging the customers. The price went through the roof. It about cause us to hit the floor at first when we saw the cost increase. But thankfully Joyce’s company started kicking in more toward the employees health insurance.

    • Rick Liebst

      I believe you may have read their mind! It would go with the pattern of late. No integrity what so ever, trump is not an original thinking he has hired people to think for him. The G.O.P has gotten where they simply just claim good ideas.

  2. Rick Liebst

    I have to agree, now that many are seeing the good in the health care. Plus the insurance companies have suffer enough outrage from the customers. To get rid of it would be a waste and a political disaster. So Yes they will put a coat of paint on it .. Then name it something that will claim totally their brand.

  3. Rick Liebst

    ( I have added to it some more, this is as of yet still the rough draft: )
    Since I would feel them a lot more, I had to learn not to be so freaked out by shortcomings and the lacking I was feeling. Though a natural thing in this situation, it was either I had not accepted it. Or had not yet developed the right skills and knowledge to deal with them. A lot of this was having to be done on the fly. Again in a therapy session it was more what I was feeling setting there.

    Not what had happen since the last one, the world could have exploded and unless it was at that moment I would not think to address it! Those feeling were coming and going quite quickly, so much so that it hardly gave me enough time to adjust. So either I would have to be fixated on what had happened. Or soldier on to the next occurrence, one problem was that when I did have the time. It may have been so much later. That I might have found something else to be thinking about. Face it, the minutes tick off and turn to hours that are gone. Time does not stop simply because you are not ready for it to change.

  4. Rick Liebst

    Oh man listening to Simon and Garfunkel, right now it ” Homeward bound ” . This one means something to me, I started singing it while setting in an airport after my discharge from the Navy. I was so glad and I admit a bit
    relieved to be going home!

  5. Rick Liebst

    About now I have the feeling that the emperor is feeling the draft of having no clothes. Trump is I am sure use to simply setting and expecting others to handle these things. Only to notify him of the profit and God help them any lost. But suddenly he is the total figurehead of the mess, he I am sure will be throwing all kinds of blame around. Of course as I noticed this morning the main target will be President Obama. One even blamed him for something that happened yesterday? It was Obama’s fault that a UDT/Seal was killed. But no guilt for trump or any of his cabinet. LOL once in the Jail, an inmate was caught doing something wrong. His response, “sure blame the Black guy!”.

  6. This is from Jammer. Remember him?

    2009. Republicans: We’ll have a plan that will replace Obamacare and be cheaper and better.
    2010. Republicans: We’ll have a plan that will replace Obamacare and be cheaper and better.
    2011. Republicans: We’ll have a plan that will replace Obamacare and be cheaper and better.
    2012. Republicans: We’ll have a plan that will replace Obamacare and be cheaper and better.
    2013. Republicans: We’ll have a plan that will replace Obamacare and be cheaper and better.
    2014. Republicans: We’ll have a plan that will replace Obamacare and be cheaper and better.
    2015. Republicans: We’ll have a plan that will replace Obamacare and be cheaper and better.
    2016. Republicans: We’ll have a plan that will replace Obamacare and be cheaper and better.
    2017. Republicans: we’re working on it.

    All those years before they knew President Obama would veto their repeal and there would be NO consequences. Their constituency was proud of them each of the 60 or so times they wasted time and money getting nowhere.

  7. So – what did you think of Trump’s speech?

    The headlines are full of praise for Trump’s ‘softer tone’ .

    What I saw was a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde performance last night. The Dr. side was the dominant side but when Trump goes on his next Twitter Rant – that is when we’ll find out exactly if he really cares about helping Americans or this is just another reality t.v. episode.

    I suspect Trump was agitated to think the Democrats were not standing up and applauding his greatness. Several times during the speech, he gestured towards the Democrats and made some cutting remark. But that is to be expected from a Kompassionate Kristian Konservative Republican. These folks do love to preach down to others they deem ‘unworthy’.

    • AT least not a single Democrat yelled out ‘YOU LIE’ to Trump during the speech – like the Republican Joe Wilson did to President Obama – remember?

      And then to hear these Republicans now say that Democrats were so rude last night?

      Republicans truly are a peculiar bunch.

      • Rick Liebst

        Short memory I agree, they are amoral in their memory and stand aghast when the same treatment is received.

    • I watched it. The nicest thing I can say is that he proved he can read what someone else wrote for him.

      I thought this assessment from a far right-wing news site was interesting —

      (From the link): “Conservatives awoke this morning with a nagging question in their minds: Just how is Trump planning to pay for all of this?

      Many on Capitol Hill have been wondering the same thing for some time now. If you’ve been taking notes, the president has promised (among other things) to build a border wall, institute a massive $1 trillion infrastructure program, replace Obamacare subsidies with a new tax credit, create a new child care subsidy, rebuild the military, and deliver large tax cuts across the board.”


      • Thunderchild

        Also the means to deport millions of illegals ( which I support but is expensive) and “American footprints on distant worlds” which I also support but is SUPER expensive.
        In short, pie in the sky from a guy who made his fortune getting other people to build things and then not paying them fairly or at all, for it. I wish someone would ask him “Why do you not direct your family to bring all of your business interests back to America?”
        I honestly think that little hands thinks himself some sort of Messiah. If the country will just believe in him an LOVE him and reach into themselves for dreams he helps to crush on a daily basis, why everything is gonna be GREAT!

  8. Thunderchild

    “In that moment, he became President”.
    I have been dealing with this slobber from both the right and the left all day. “He was so Presidential!” “I was so moved!” “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!” Etc, ad nauseam.
    I didn’t watch the speech. I understand the poor, bereaved widow was reduced to tears, standing and looking to the sky to talk to her dead husband. It’s really a new kind of awful but not unexpected to see this cretin use a grieving widow as a prop. And that is just exactly what she was. And I don’t have to see it. I could hear it. The showman in chief himself KEPT the standing ovation going. But it wasn’t for the fallen soldier or his reduced to a political prop wife. This was proved less than 30 seconds after this “SO MOVING” bit of canned distraction when he joked JOKED, that ” I know Ryan is looking down now and is very happy, because he just set a record.” Let me translate. “I think I just set a record for ovation.”
    Now let’s further break this “Presidential” moment further down.
    The investigation into the death of this veteran has not even begun, and that investigation may well reveal that little hands shot from the hip, against the advice of the previous administration and the intelligence community he has shown time and again he disrespects. Why not get out in front of that with a sappy, canned, fake moment that he artificially extended?
    I’m hearing how he was a new man. No he wasn’t. He blamed the death on the plans of the previous administration, carried out by HIS generals, who he lofted as “the greatest in decades!” before blaming them when he said, “they lost Ryan”.
    “A great speech!” “One for the ages!” Well he managed his “I can tell you” and “believe me” better, but that is only because they made him stick to the teleprompter. I really hope the polish on this turd does not last.

    • I do wish these Trump-lovin’ Bible Thumpers would read that Bible before they use it as their weapon of choice to spew hatred …

      Satan himself can say the most beautiful prayers and sing the most beautiful hymns – when he has to and he is trying to lull his victims into this zombie-like feeling that Satan is the only one that truly cares about them.

      That is how I viewed the entire Trump speech – just an act of looking like a nice guy.

      I’ve heard today that the Trump we saw on Tuesday night was due to Ivanka’s influence on her father – trying to get him to be more presidential and softer-toned in his rhetoric.

      If it takes a grown daughter with kids of her own to keep that Daddy on a short leash – then we’re all in trouble.

      Just wait for the Twitter Tirade that is due to come shortly – especially now that Jeff Sessions’ butt is on the hot seat for lying to Congress about his communication with Russians.

      Stay tuned…..and PASS the POPCORN

  9. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/video/senator-demands-to-see-secret-obamacare-bill/vi-AAnJ64m?ocid=spartandhp

    Sen. Rand Paul – never been a fan of his – but today I give him KUDOS for trying to make Republicans come out and face the scrutiny of the media spotlight.

    Rand Paul – who would have thought I would be happy to see him do anything??