Thursday, 2/16/17, Public Square



by | February 15, 2017 · 4:03 pm

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  1. So – I guess those two Russians jets that just buzzed our US war ship was just a friendly way to say Happy Valentines Day?

    Oh – and that Russian spy ship that is 30 miles off the Connecticut Coast – which I understand is nothing new – but this time this particular ship is way farther north.

    Hmmm…..I wonder why??

    Mike Flynn did not just mislead – he LIED. But even with that known – what did Trump do? He went on the attack and blamed the US intelligence agencies for intentionally leaking information.

    There is that word again – intentionally – which means, to my understanding – is that Trump wants us to believe that all these US intelligence agencies have conspired to make him look bad?

    Trump – my dear boy – it doesn’t take anybody to make you look bad – you’re doing a helluva job doing that – all by yourself – IMHO


      This is totally unacceptable. I don’t care what they were looking at or talking about using their cell phone lights – the US president should have NOT been there with a foreign leader sitting right next to him – hearing and seeing everything.

      JEEZUS Almighty…..and this is the same Trump that demonizes the US Intelligence Agencies by calling them all liars and losers.

      I’ve said this before – Trump is not the problem.

      The real problem are these folks who continue to support their boy – and many will do so blindly. They don’t care about the facts. They will not believe the facts – because Trump has convinced them that all the mainstream media is out to get him – so they only listen to Trump, Breitbart News, Alex Jones website, Fox News and Hate Talk Radio.

      How much longer can our country go on like this? It’s chaos – and not only the North Korean nutjob is active – the Russians are ramping up their provocations with their two jets and that spy ship up so far north?

      Oh – but don’t worry Trump Chumps – your boy still cares about you and will get those coal mining jobs to come back.

      In the meantime, – you will lose your health care, food stamps, Section 8 housing and anything else you currently free from that evil government you claim to hate so much.

      I will NEVER allow any of these Mega Church Evangelical Kristians to weasel their way out of their consistent support for Trump.

      Trump himself thanked these Evangelical Kristians for getting him into the White House . So – that is where the blame belongs – and will always stay – IMHO

      • When I say Mega Church Evangelical Kristians – I am talking about Par Robertson, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr and their ilk.

        I don’t blame all Evangelical Kristians – but there is something not quite right when so many preachers are multi-millionaires. Jesus was not about how much money he could get.

      • O-U-C-H….

        I’m waiting for Trump to bring up how the media lied about the size of his crowd at his Inauguration.

        Just an observation – Trump is 70 yrs old – correct? I am about to turn 64yrs old and my skin has definitely toughened up over the years.

        Why hasn’t Trump’s skin toughened up – especially if he this great and masterful deal maker?

    • Thanks for the much needed chuckle today.

    • Bob White

      Threats? No, don’t “work-on-them,” get rid of them!

      Good to be back. I love this blog. We’ve been in Key West for a week (no computer); and those people know how to live, as in simplicity within two-miles wide and four-miles long. Keep it simple, avoid all the ‘visitors’ with their money to spend by merely riding your bicycle because there is no parking left. Couple cruise ships unload passengers for a day,then leave mid-afternoon, people gather at the prier at sunset to watch the entertainers, the sailboats and the great sunsets every evening. It’s the Monroe County Seat and far from federal/state government; kinda like the mountains or the deserts in that way. The whole county is ten-thousand islands, the Everglades and the Keys. Read, relax and enjoy..

  2. GSTIR

    Do you ever wonder what Trump’s parents did to him to cause him to turn out as such a flawed person, with seemingly no redeeming qualities?

    • I have! I think they ignored him. He is the textbook example for the person without feelings or concern for others because they never received that from their own families.

    • Have you ever seen the old movie – “The Bad Seed” ?

      That’s my theory…

    • Bob White

      I’m certain that I read, somewhere (I’ve looked for it, again, and cannot find it) that Donald was schooled in private boarding schools and subsequently, in college. Very little, if any, “family.” I see him as significantly psycho and in serious need of professional intervention and help. Just one of many, though.

  3. Thunderchild

    Well, for the most part, rich people mostly ignore their kids. They farm them out to nannies or send them to boarding school, or in the case of little hands, military school. This was most likely the most traumatic time in his life. He seems to have never gotten over it Of course, his family protected him from actual military service. Later, Daddy gave him 25 million dollars and sent him forth. And given that, how could he NOT fail?
    But I don’t think in his limited mind that he ever met his fathers expectations. Hence his need to piss the family name all over the planet.
    Of course, his dad is long dead. But still we see him looking in vain for love. He is doing a rally this weekend. What elected President has EVER done that? He can’t get past the fact that he lost the popular vote. He needs reassurance from a few thousand idiots. He continually screams “Unfair!” at anyone who denounces or even questions him.
    In short, we have a very broken person, broken since childhood who was given the resources in early adulthood to COMMAND love and respect on pains of firing or destroying anyone who did not feed the broken ego.
    I truly wish the press would collectively IGNORE him, in such capacity as they can. I love protests, and I do hope they continue. But that wont work as he will be told all protesters are paid and all polls are against him YUG!E unfairly!
    The media made this monster, by paying him attention. They can break him by ignoring him.

    • I agree 100%

      The media does owe the Americans the coverage of what Trump says and does or what Executive Order he signs – but then only point the camera right on Trump – let him finish his thing – and then turn the camera off.

      Don’t go into any discussion – just talk about anything else – but NEVER bring up Trump’s name.

      That – I believe – is Trump’s Achilles heel. He cannot stand to be out of the spotlight and media attention. He obsesses over it and needs it just as much as the rest of us need oxygen to live.

    • Does anyone else remember all the complaints from republicans about President Obama being a camera hog? I can’t remember how they phrased it, but I remember hearing them bitch he was always on television.

      • I also remember Republicans demonizing President Obama for his call to reach out to all foreign leaders and sit down to start a dialogue – remember?

        But isn’t it interesting that now we have Trump and these same Republicans using the argument that America needs to embrace Communist Russian Leader so we can partner with them?

        It must be a requirement for all Republicans to be two-faced?

  4. Thunderchild

    PLEASE media! Do not cover his rally that will be totally controlled to shout sieg heil to little hands. And failing that PLEASE do not watch it.
    We will have to see the worst of this monster and the ignorant cretins who elected him before we are rid of them. He and they need a big fat dose of ignore but villify.