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    In light of the allegation against Flynn talking to the Russians about the sanctions a month before Donald was sworn in as president. Flynn initially denied the reports, Pence defended Flynn and now it appears Flynn’s story has changed. Hmmm…perhaps because there are transcripts of conversation(s) between Flynn and the Russians?

    And the current investigation into the Russians interfering in the 2016 election, wouldn’t Trump’s tax returns reveal a lot of information as to his business interests and possible conflicts.

    Hey – let this 1924 law be used – at least we will know what is factual and what is not.’

    But – the Trump Chumps will continue to believe the Alternative Facts. But then again -they are only the 24% that got Trump into the White House by the Electoral College process.

    Hillary won the Popular Vote by more than 2.9 million. That fact is still caught in Trump’s throat – IMHO.

    He cannot stand the fact that he did not win the Popular Vote.

  2. In all seriousness – I’ve had this feeling for quite some time.

    The incivility is so intense – but when facts are now seen as a choice as to which side you’re on – then something is very, very wrong. And Trump’s insistence that all the mainstream media are just a bunch of liars.

    And then factor in Trump’s penchant for demeaning and demoralizing every single government agency – even the Judiciary and Legislative Branches of Government.

    Our country is already filled with too many guns with easy access to a lot more guns.

    When will the fever pitch be broken and real bloodshed will be happening?

    BTW – did I miss the day when President Trump came out and spoke to the entire nation – as a collective group – and asked us to try to unite?

    OH – that must have been the day when Trump got out on national media and expressed his condolences for the lives lost in those violent stores tearing through the Southern States these past two weeks.

    Yeah – that must have been the one day that Trump was trying to be the president of all America – and not just the CEO of let’s Make America White Again.

    • I saw a picture of a pack of cigarettes on the left and a hand gun on the right. The caption said, “Soon, on many college campuses across the country, the thing on the left will be banned because they are dangerous, they can kill you, and it creates a health hazard for other people. Meanwhile the thing on the right will be allowed.”

      I jut there looking at those pictures and realized that when it’s put like that it is next to unbelievable. Yet, it’s a fact. Facts are so far out there, they’re unbelievable.

  3. GSTIR

    Trumpopothy- When one cares so little they will vote for anyone, or anything.
    Sound familiar?

    • Especially when fueled with the past 8 years of 24/7 Hatred of Obama and HIllary.

      The Trump supporters that got him into the White House through the Electoral College process and he did not win the Popular Vote are the same 24% of White Evangelical Kristians.

      These are the folks that Reagan teamed up with in 1980 to smear the good name of Jimmy Carter.

      Is it more than a coincidence that Jerry Falwell SR teamed up with Reagan in 1980 and Falwell’s son – Jerry Falwell JR teamed up with Trump in 2016?

      When these so-called Christians defended Trump on that 2005 video tape of bragging he can grope women’s p_____ just because he could and how to nail a married a woman while furniture shopping – that gave Trump this false appearance that he is Jesus approved.

      I’ve heard these White Evangelical Kristians actually claim that Trump is sent by God to bring our country back to greatness.

      IF Trump is God’s answer to prayer – then the war is over. The last one to leave this country, remember to turn off the lights.

  4. Thunderchild

    PLEASE! Don’t use that name. You can make clear without using the name the….thing you are addressing. That …..thing does not care what context his name is used in, he just wants to SEE it. That is why he pisses it all over the world on everything he uses other people to build. He has a sick addiction to attention, positive, negative it does not matter. Don’t give it to him.

  5. Rick Liebst

    I guess all we can do is keep speaking out and to bring to the table facts and reality. At least that is what I am trying to do. Yes when facts are being looked at as alternative reality. It can be more like arguing with the wall but still you know you have to! Setting quiet is the same as accepting it right?

    • Civil asset forfeiture, as currently practiced, is an abomination. My short take on this is that in order for a forfeiture to proceed, there must be a conviction of a felony, with a clear showing that the assets were either used in the commission of the crime or were the fruits of the crime or acquired with the proceeds of the fruits of the crime.

      The current rationale is, bluntly, one of these assets seem to belong to a suspect; surely, the suspect will use them again whether or not there is a conviction for the underlying crime; and, oh, by the way, our budgets are tight and we really need the money from the sale of the forfeited assets to obtain new cars, body cameras, or other “crime fighting” tools. Yes, there must be a court order before the forfeiture occurs, but I’ve seen the forfeiture hearing be set at a time the owner is incarcerated, and not able to afford an attorney. Since a forfeiture proceeding is a civil action, there is no right to appointed counsel. The “due process” hearing is a freaking joke under those facts.

      Maybe more than you wanted, maybe not really answering the question, but those are a short version of my thoughts.

      • Thanks for your input. I knew assets could be taken and sold if the criminals are convicted – such as drug dealers .

        But IIRC from this article – some places in the country these assets are forfeited even when found not guilty.

        Wouldn’t that be unconstitutional?

      • No, although it should be. Without drowning you with all the jurisprudential mumbo jumbo, the fact the laws provide a hearing is a critical component of the current status of these laws.

  6. Thunderchild

    President diaper baby has accepted the resignation of former General Flynn as NSA!
    The man child has no loyalty to anyone but himself. And now there is blood in the water. Now we can bring everyone around him down. He will throw anyone under the bus to protect himself..


    In all this chaos of Trump and his Gang – I’ve been thinking about Edward R. Murrow.

    My questions:

    1) is there a 2017 version of Edward R. Murrow in our media today?

    2) Will he/she be able to rise above the Trump’s demonization of all mainstream media are a bunch of liars?

    3) Is the average American even interested in learning the truth – or are we too conditioned to only believe what we want to believe – aka live in the world of Alternative Facts?

    I’ve been watching David Muir and it struck me that he looks a bit like Murrow. But I think Jake Tapper on CNN is more of the essence of Murrow.

    But in this day of Corporate-owned media – isn’t everything about just what is making the most profit today?

    Our country is facing some real problems (but this is always true – no matter who is in the White House). Will it take a World War III to wake up the world? Or will the coming war be a Civil War right here within our own borders?

  8. fnord – how are your kids and grandkids doing in Boston with this weather?

    I know those folks are used to this type of winter weather – but it sure looks miserable on the t.v. news coverage when I am safe and warm here in Kansas.

    6176 – where are you kids now living? Are they up there where this winter storm has hit?

    I didn’t mean to leave you out of my concern – but I’m not sure where your kids and grandkids live.

    • Those Boston kids — the adult aged and the young ones — love snow. They drive hours away from Boston to ski if they have to, so they’re happy. I’ve never snow skied and at my age won’t try. But they say the gear keeps them warm and toasty. They do cross country skiing in Boston whenever it snows. The boys are four and five now and both know all about getting on and off a lift safely, skiing down big hills, stopping… Of course, parents are always close, but it’s amazing what they’ve learned in such short time. đŸ™‚

  9. Thunderchild

    Leaks say Flynn resigns.
    This morning little hands tweets about leaks and what to do about them.
    Later it is announced (first) that a resignation was accepted.
    Still later it is announced that Flynn was fired.
    Now Dems call Flynn to own up and the cons are all to happy to sign up too…
    But there is strong evidence that crotch grabber knew what Flynn did weeks ago. Why not fire him then? Only when Pence got dragged into it too did it become important for Flynn to go.
    My take: What Flynn did goes to both the Vice President and the man who lives in the White House. Otherwise why would cons want Flynn looked into? They want him as a shiny object to distract.
    My hope? Flynn will not like being made the fall guy and may talk.
    The connections between this administration and Russia are deep and wide and Flynn was a big part of that. Maybe they mean to use him to try and make it go away?
    And I’m thinking it isn’t gonna work. This administration leaks like a sieve. They are incompetent at dealing in politics. More is coming. In the meantime, anyone working in the administration now know that they will be happily tossed under the bus to protect the boss. This does not encourage loyalty. It also makes normally professional people edgy, making it more likely they will make more mistakes.

    • It’s been widely reported the Trump White House is full of leaks and this is not exactly a happy place to work.

      But – I guess it’s all Golden if you’re one of Trump’s special people on the top.

      Joe Scarborough said on his MSNBC morning show with Mika that Kellyanne Conway is a free agent and she goes out and says whatever she spews….then Kellyanne runs to Trump for cover – which he provides for her – and this is causing many in the Trump Team to resent Kellyanne because they have to spend half their time ‘cleaning up her messes’.

      I am not a big fan of Joe Scarborough – but I do agree with him on this point – he said Trump’s White House has NO STRUCTURE. This creates chaos and it will not end well

      But….But…didn’t Trump tell all of us how GREAT and AWESOME he is and that he can do EVERYTHING so much better than anybody ever could do?

      NOW is the time for this genius boy Trump to jump in there and show exactly what he is made of….

      Or maybe that’s the problem? He IS showing us what he is made of and this is the best it’s going to get???

      • BTW – I wonder what Pence will do from this point on?

        If he is smart – he would resign and tell the Americans the truth. But, then again, Pence is one of those White Evangelical Kristians that have invested a lot of money into Trump – so they don’t want to lose their perceived political power?

        Another person we have not heard much about – until this morning’s news – is Mike Pompeo – the new CIA Director.

        I wonder what he is really thinking about all this going on?

        Will he step up to do the right thing – even if it means history repeats itself like the Nixon resignation in disgrace?

      • Pence (and his backers) is patiently awaiting the resignation. This group, as a whole, understands patience, beginning to lay the foundation for their current political success about 50 years ago. What’s another few months? /sarcasm

      • 6176 – interesting thought…

        Are Pence’s backers the same Evangelical Kristians in the flavor of Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr and other Mega Church Multi-Millionaires?

        Or is Pence surrounded by fellow elected officials and politicians – that are not so tight-white-panties twisted about these social issues?

        IMHO – I would respect Pence more if he just up and told Trump back to straight to his face that Trump is WRONG.

        But I guess that will never happen?

        BTW – is Pence connected to the Koch Brothers in any way?

  10. Remember the old Rocky and Bullwinkle Cartoons?

    Boris and Natasha = Donald and Melania Trump?

    Nobody has mentioned Melania’s role in this Russian tale. I’ve seen blog comments where her family are card-carrying Communists and her own bio has had things deleted – such as her studying to be an architect – as she has bragged about. But those are just some blog comments – which may or maybe not be true.

    But isn’t it rather strange that we DON”T hear much about Melania since her Donald won the White House through the Electoral College door.

    And shouldn’t Melania’s past – including her family – be a factor in this current investigation into possible Russian connections?