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  1. The cartoon above is exactly what will bring down Trump the fastest – IMHO

    I’ve heard so many political commentators and former government advisers all say the same thing – Trump’s temperament is the problem.

    That temperament problem is basically the man child screaming at everybody because he thinks he is not given the respect he demands.

    Respect is earned.

    More than one of these commentators have said that the biggest thing Trump hates is be laughed at and be embarrassed.

    Which is why Trump will NEVER apologize.

  2. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/video/white-house-defends-detaining-five-year-old-boy/vi-AAmrSjI?ocid=spartandhp

    I wonder if the Alt Right – Alternative Facts universe even understands how ridiculous they look and how they are making America out to be such ass holes?

  3. Rick Liebst

    I guess no one has ever said that battling for right is easy. Or without cost, thinking of how many were killed in world war two, both sides suffered death and destruction. In the end goal of defeating a mad man, such is life i guess. I am saddened at the fall out from the fighting of the good battle. Afraid that I do not say enough and wonder exactly how much more I could do? BTW, Don McLean right now, “Vincent ” Ahh I love my soul music!

  4. Rick Liebst

    Eventually, Trump will be taking a stand against the faith community over something that they say. His ego will not let him be silent when being talked about. He will have to say something that is damming of Christians. About their faith and it will not be stopped by his handlers in time. National news will carry it and soon the Religious right will be up in arms! Than all that will be left to support him will be the Nazis.

  5. Thunderchild

    So, it’s Neil Gorsuch. Who must NOT be confirmed. I know the dems have very little they can do to stop it. But they must do their best to try. Long story this one.
    That last name has been bugging me for WEEKS now, ever since I first heard it…The kind of thing that nags at you and you don’t know why…but it didn’t nag enough for me to look…
    This changed when he became the nominee…
    Search term “Gorsuch” + “Government”
    Oh NOW I remember and the memories are NOT good ones. They go back the foundation of my own political beliefs.
    I used to be a Republican you know, or at least I THOUGHT I was. I could not vote for Reagan in 1980, I would have. I was so thrilled when he won!
    Enter Anne Gorsuch, Neil’s mother by the way, and Reagan’s first pick to head EPA. Anne Gorsuch set out to dismantle the EPA. In charge of the effort to remove lead from gasoline, she actively fought to end that effort and keep lead in gasoline. She colluded with a Petroleum company and gave them the ok to continue to sell gas containing lead, since she planned to do away with the lead down effort anyway. She was decidedly WRONG in this. Lead in gasoline was ,a horrible pollutant, and despite HER efforts, would be completely removed from gasoline by 1985. Also, a great deal of money tied up in the Superfund, a government effort to clean up after industrial waste, went missing! When Congress asked for the Departments records, Anne Gorsuch refused and became the first Government Department head in history to be in contempt of Congress.
    Of course, I don’t remember all that. I looked it up. But what I remember as an idealistic young man who THOUGHT he was a Republican was why was the head of Department working so against that Departments JOB?? This must be some horrible mistake! I mean, this is like making a atheist the Pope! And there was also James Watt at Interior, seemingly on the SAME mission as doing the opposite of his job. But I didn’t blame the Republicans, or Reagan, I thought surely these people must be rogue individuals, appointed by mistake and increasingly manipulated and played by the growing power that was corporate America in the 80’s. I would go on to cast my very first vote in 1984 for Ronald Reagan. I regret that to this day. I would never vote Republican again. For I had learned the truth: Republicans only interest in Government is DESTROYING Government in the pursuit of protecting the powerful and their right to exploit the people and the planet.
    Neil Gorsuch is two years younger than me. At about the same time I was having my political founding, he was having his. HIS political founding was the Democrats and Progressives “unfairly” persecuted and drove his mother from office. I’m fairly sure a mothers son could never see her for the monster and criminal that she was. While I was deciding that Republicans were dishonest hypocrites and exploiters who were working against Government doing its job, HE was deciding that Democrats are mean and unfair and will not let Government do it’s job of dismantling Government.
    I know this man. This man is me, only from another direction. Only I am not a nominee for the Supreme Court.
    This man has a vendetta against Democrats and everything we believe in. As much as I hate him and everything he believes in, I am SURE he hates me and everything I believe in.
    Have at him and from EVERY direction. Remember that his seat SHOULD have been appointed by Obama.

    • Your last sentetnce is what should be brought up time and time again.

      Judge Merrick Garland is a well-qualified judge and even Republicans overwhelmingly voted for him when he was made federal judge.

      But – Republicans put party politics before their duty to their country and follow the Constitution and at least had given Garland a hearing. It’s been 10 months – since Republicans took their partisan hacking stance.

      So now when Mitch McConnell is trying to justify their partisan politics in saying to compare Garland and Gorsuch nominations is like comparing apples to oranges. WTF?

      McConnell’s justification for his partisan politics for the past 10 months? Because when Garland was nominated, we were in the last year of the presidency.

      Pray tell – where in the Constitution does it say Supreme Court Justices can only be confirmed in the first year of a new presidency?

      Putting aside all the partisan politics – the fact that McConnell can stand there and say this is mind boggling – to say the least.

      And I would hope all Americans and Republicans would feel the same way – but apparently they don’t.

    • Here’s what Robert Reich says on the topic:

      “Don’t fall into the trap of debating Gorsuch’s credentials or his ideology. That normalizes the Trump presidency.

      Instead, insist that no vote be made on Gorsuch until Trump’s legitimacy as a president is established. Which means the Senate intelligence committee and F.B.I. must first conclude that Russian operatives were not responsible for Trump’s electoral victory, Trump must reveal his taxes, and he must put his assets into a blind trust.

      Mitch McConnell wouldn’t even permit a vote on Obama’s pick, Merrick Garland, on the ground that Obama’s term would end in 10 months. Here, we have a president whose term itself may not be legitimate.
      A Supreme Court pick is the most important nomination a president can make, affecting how the Constitution and laws are interpreted, and potentially affecting generations to come. There should be no cloud over the legitimacy of the president who makes such a pick.

      Senate Democrats (and responsible Senate Republicans) have two tools: They can filibuster, and not produce the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster (which means, of no Republicans break ranks, they’d need 8 Democrats to join them). Or, if Senate Republicans use the “nuclear” option and alter the Senate rules requiring cloture and allow Trump’s pick to proceed with 51 votes, Democrats should vote against consent orders to proceed with the nomination.

      What do you think?”