Sunday, 1/29/17, Public Square



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  1. The fraud was not allowing people to vote! There was no in-person voter fraud and that’s been proven over and over. But, Kobach, Trump and others who disenfranchise voters are committing voter fraud!

    When a man lies about things like the numbers of people attending his inauguration (which we all can see is a lie), who can believe him on other statements? Remember this was the tactic used on the people of Oceania — doublespeak that led them to question their own eyes.

    • Just the fact that Trump continues to whine about how the media lied about the size of his crowd should be a very big Red Flag.

      Trump the Twitter Twit is nothing more than a man child who is obsessed over how popular he is – which I think speaks to why this same man child believes that if he is the biggest bully in the world , then people will fear him and then the people will love him?

      In the twisted and deranged world of Alternative Facts – maybe that logic makes sense to them?

  2. U. S. Senators on Muslim Ban (yellow is silent and that’s where you’ll find both Moran and Roberts):

  3. GSTIR

    How does “Don the Con” know that these mythical millions of ineligible voters didn’t vote for him?

    Instead of being in the White House, he should be in a psychiatrist’s office.

    • Can’t you just picture Trump in there telling the psychiatrist that he knows more about psychiatry than all the psychiatrists in the world.

      Bloviated ego needs to be stroked 24/7 and then he’s not even happy when he does win the coveted prize.

      But I suspect what is really gnawing at Trump’s ego is that Hillary – a woman – beat him in the popular vote.

      And that Womens March the day after his Inauguration must have struck a very sensitive nerve in Trump –

    • Bob White

      I agree; Trump is clearly mentally sicko. Imagine him in a counselling session. I’m no expert but it is my opinion that his developmental-years, e.g., school-age though college-age, were a mess; away from his parents in private schools, no age-appropriate friends, pass/fail curriculum and teachers, financially privileged, etc., abnormal at the least, would appear to create just such a persona. Yes, he’s socially/emotionally and mentally ill; but so are the rest of us: some of us are criminals and some of us are presidents.

  4. GSTIR

    This link is from CNN regarding changing the Security Council. It really shows our amateur President hard at it!! Exactly what “it” is , is the scary part.

  5. Rick Liebst

    Well it is still a question if my posting things about trump to my Facebook page does any good. I mean if here it would be preaching to the organist. I was hoping that posting about trump on my Facebook would get at least my family to think. Instead they are ignoring me. Oh well, better to be shouting that the damn is breaking to an empty town. Then to ignore the cracks and have the flood come without warning.

  6. Thunderchild

    I LIKE what I see…

    No not what is coming out of the Russian puppet in the White House. That scares the hell out of me.
    No, what I like is that the protests GO ON! and on and ON!
    You take all of this with a grain of salt of course. But I read reports leaked from insiders that the lackluster inauguration turnout, followed IMMEDIATELY by the world wide protest that was the womens march had ….that man absolutely volcanic. He can’t stay away from TV or media but he can’t LIVE with what he sees!

    • I think you’re right.

      Trump is nothing more than a reality t.v. celebrity who is obsessed with his ratings and how popular he is.

      We’ve seen this from Trump throughout the entire campaign. Remember the GOP primary? Trump was always obsessing about how he draws the huge crowds – and everybody else are just losers.

      When Trump attacks the media – what is the first thing from his mouth? He accuses them of having poor ratings.

      The small crowd at his party was one thing – but when a bunch of women put him down – OH HELL NO.

      The problem with the women that marched – they are not women who think Trump is ever so clever when he bragged about groping women’s p______.

      That will forever be in the mind of every American that has a common decency moral compass.

    • Rick Liebst

      Eventually it all has to be recognized, beyond just MSNBC. We have to keep speaking out no matter the cost. When that day comes that Fox News finally states that trump and the neocons are a failure. Then the message will have been read like a billboard on the side of a major highway.

  7. Rick Liebst

    Since it is raining here, I need to be hanging out clothes on the line. While washing the dishes that are already clean and in the cabinet. Then I think I can finally get around to ahhh.. Gee it seems I have ran out of alternative reality!

  8. As I’ve been watching Trump sitting there and smirking while signing Executive Orders – my mind went back to an old skit on The Carol Burnett Show.

    Hopefully the link will POP – but if it doesn’t – can I ask fnord to help me – again? Thanks

    Tim Conway looks just like Donald Trump in this skit. And what I was thinking of – this skit made Hitler and Nazis look like the buffoons they really are.

    I wonder how long will it be until true Americans stand up and say OH HELL NO – we are not being led by this buffoon.

    My only prayer is – will it be in time to save America – and the rest of the world before Trump and his NeoCons/Evangelical Kristians start their much-desired Holy War?

    BTW – this skit was absolutely hilarious. This is what needs to be done to Trump and his Chumps – show them to be the biggest bullies and buffoons they are.

    • When Harvey Korman delivered that line – the #1 guy – that is what made me think of Trump.

      The way Tim Conway did his heel-clicking and that damn salute stance – that is so much like Trump.



    Now factor in this – Trump put Steven Bannon – the Alt Right genius from Breitbart in to a permanent seat on the National Security Council and two departments heads are no longer permanent members but are on as-needed-basis?

    what could possibly go wrong?

    Trump and Bannon =

    Trump is Tim Conway’s character

    Bannon is Harvey Korman’s character.

    This would be funny if it wasn’t real facts (and not those Alternative Facts) that Trump is the president of the USA.

    • I look for Obama to start a grass roots movement. And then watch the Trump Chumps all scream and cry about how former presidents should NEVER criticize the current president.

      The ONLY time Trump Chumps pull out that respecting the office of president is when their own boy is the target of so many protests.

      It is clearly getting under Trump’s thin skin – IMHO

      • Rick Liebst

        It sure seem it is, he does not have the cool of President Obama either. OMG I would be so angry at the unthinking crap being said that was just making the GOP look dumber then the Democrats ever could make them. But here they were doing a better job of tearing the Republican party down then the DNC could!


    This issue is extremely personal to me. My son and his daughter are both Type I Diabetics – and the costs associated with all their health care needs is way too much. The last thing they need are even more Greedy Big Pharma

  11. Thunderchild

    Well, I saw THIS one coming. Tiny hands has FIRED the interim AG. This is a person he ASKED to remain until he forces Jeff Sessions on us. Oh but she dared to differ from the not so great dictator. She refused to defend his anti Muslim policy from lawsuits and so out goes her. I hope the new interim AG refuses to defend him too. This….man….and I use that loosely, needs a great big dose of “fuck you! I won’t do it!” He also needs reminded every second of every hour of every DAY that he LOST the election and that he is HATED by far more people than support him!

  12. Thunderchild

    It will only get worse, far worse until the bully is stood up to.
    Steve Bannon means to dismantle MANY departments of Government. The reason for doing this is obvious. When you eliminate the bureaucracy, power is concentrated at the top with less and less interference.
    This is what an ascendant DICTATOR does. He conserves the true power to himself while preaching that he is returning control to local jurisdictions. The benefit here is win/win, the dictator does what he wants but reserves the right to blame any suffering of the people on the failings of others, and ultimately, on the people themselves.
    .and we don’t have much time. He has control of the Senate, and will shortly have control of the Courts.

  13. Thunderchild

    ….there will be more bloodletting tomorrow, or maybe overnight.
    A petition circulates at the State Department. More than 100 have signed. Apparently this is a time honored tradition at State. I forget just now what it is called…
    You can be sure that every single signator of that petition will be purged within the next few days.
    And tomorrow little hands wants all the networks for his Supreme Court nominee announcement. They all most likely will cover it. I wish they would boycott and deny him the audience. Most likely, they won’t.
    So WE must boycott it. Do not watch TV during his very first prime time appearance. Let him see the ratings CRATER the first time he speaks prime time. He will pre-empt whatever you are trying to watch anyway. So tune out.
    Then little hands can spend the next couple of weeks trying to explain THAT away.

    • The best way to get to Trump is to push his bloviated ego button.

      Trump is nothing more than a publicity seeker, a reality t.v. celebrity and he would rather get bad press than no press.

      How many times did Trump whine and complain during the GOP primary and general campaign that the mainstream media was unfair to him – or did not give him as much coverage as Hillary?

      Which is why Trump told his Chumps to never trust the media because they are all liars.

      And now we’re told about their Alternative Facts – whatever the hell that is supposed to mean? I just call it – LIES

      The only hope is the fact that Trump won the White House through Electoral College with only 24% of the vote. He lost the popular vote.

      46% did not vote
      4% voted for Stein or Johnson

      That leaves 50%

      2.9 million more voted for Hillary than Trump

      Which means – Trump won with 24% of the registered votes. This not a mandate. This is not a landslide.

      What that 24% represents are these White Evangelical Kristians like Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr and others.

      And this has always been about the percentage of these Kristians in the GOP – which is why they could NEVER leave the GOP due to their small number.

      So they had to go out and find the biggest bully with the biggest mouth to stick it to Obama and Hillary. These Kristians are the folks who hate the government so much – but yet they want everything they do continue to be tax free.

      These Kristians need to read their Bible before they thump it the next time. The entire reason Mary and Joseph was in Bethlehem the night Jesus was born because they had to travel back to their homeland to PAY their TAXES.