Wednesday,1/25/17, Public Square



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  1. LOL, I was informed on Facebook that Trump has more in common with the average working person. That is why so many voted for him! OK, My response : Well my gold plated toilet does go so well with my gold plated sink!”.

    • The only reason Trump wants an investigation into something that does not happen is because he is so childish and thin skinned he just can’t handle the fact (not alternative fact!) that he lost the popular vote!

    • Additionally, Tiffany Trump and Steve Mnuchin (Secretary of the Treasury nominee) are also registered in two states.

      • Oh really?

        Hmmm…so if Trump wants people to be prosecuted for voter fraud, this mean the head of Treasury and his daughter Tiffany will be going bye-bye?

        I have nothing against Tiffany – so she can get a pardon.
        But as for the Treasury dude – LOCK HIM UP

  2. Just read on Internet – Mary Tyler Moore died today. She was 80 yrs. old

    NOW she was a class act. Did so much good with her Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

    That is one of the few charities I will give my money – because I know first hand they are dedicated people.

  3. In deed she is or I guess was, from the Dick Van dike show to the Mary Tyler Moore show. .

    • When she was married to Grant Tinker – they had the MTM Production Company that produced several shows:

      Bob Newhart (the first one where he was the psychologist with wife Suzanne Pleshette)

      Rhoda (Valerie Harper)

      St. Elsewhere

      and some other big name show – I can’t recall it at this moment.

      Mary did an interview in 1995 and was asked if she was the brains in that company – and she said OH NO – that was Grant – he was the business genius in the family. She did say they would talk about things and she would give her opinion.

      I just have to wonder though – her comedic timing was so spot on – that she had to have had a great deal of influence on her husband Grant.

  4. Today I have read news about:

    –Trump is still using an unsecured Android phone

    –Steve Bannon (AND Tiffany Trump) are registered to vote in two different states

    –Trump’s White House is using a private server (the same RNC server the Bush White House used)

    –Trump’s hiring freeze will have a negative impact on veterans (mainly because the Obama Administration had made hiring veterans a priority)

    And, what’s up with all these Executive Orders that spend money? Isn’t the U.S. House still the keeper of the purse? How can Trump sign an Executive Order to build a wall since it’s been proven Mexico is not going to pay for it?

  5. Rick Liebst

    In case I did not already tell you, I have been deleted as a member of one family members Facebook. Because I have been posting negitive things about Donald Trump. My niece and her husband are trump supporters.

  6. Rick Liebst

    At least I did not catch any flack at Church tonight. Which is amazing since many are on my family and friends.

  7. Thunderchild

    Why would you even want to associate with a Trump supporter, family or otherwise?? The Trump supporters that were my family were Bush supporters. I have not spoken to them in 16 years and never plan to. I have former friends that voted Trump. I will not be relating to them again either, ever.
    Helpful and kind person that I have always tried to be, that….man has changed that. I find myself actually looking forward to the next person I find in a jam and want to help and asking them who they voted for. And if they answer Trump, I will wish them well and depart.



    I was thinking about Edward Murrow last night while watching David Muir from ABC (?) interview Trump.

    Muir did push back several times on Trump’s Alternative Facts and with each time, did you notice Trump’s eyes? They were cold and hard looking eyes.

    I’ve never seen Trump look friendly or even happy – unless you count the time he was clapping for himself or mocking that disabled reporter during that rally.

    Franklin Graham infamously stated that Trump is God’s answer to our country’s problems.

    If that is God in their Heaven – why the hell would I want to spend eternity there- and with Trump Chumps

    • I watched the David Muir interview. It was hard. Orange man speaks in the word salad way Palin speaks. I honestly feel like we’re watching the first SPECIAL NEEDS president.

      I noticed most of the time Muir just let the orange man’s answers sit there and speak for themselves. He did push back a few times but it almost seemed he knew there was no need to push back at other times. The answer screamed this man is delusional and didn’t need more clarification.

      I still don’t know where he falls on the ACA. His answers were ALL over the place! Are his strings being pulled? I now think it’s very possible. That doesn’t bring me any comfort, in fact it scares me more.

      • That word salad language is hard to listen to – it hurts my ears.

        I have always thought Trump was just opening his mouth and words just spewed out – even he does not know what is about to fall out.

        Which is why when he is confronted later about what he just said – he has this look of bewilderment as if the person confronting him has two heads.

        NO – the video camera was on and the audio was quite clear – Trump does say these off-the-wall comments.

        Which is why I think Trump had to tell his Chumps that the media are all a bunch of liars. And that his Alternative Facts is what they should be listening to.

        Being shut off from factual news is what a cult leader does – isn’t it?

        I remember when I was in the Evangelical Kristian Church and College – we were told to NEVER study any other world religions. They were all ‘of the Devil’ and our religion was the ONLY thing we needed to study

        Knowledge is power – and what better way to gain knowledge than to ask questions and explore our world and universe?

      • OH – and his damn hand gestures –

        JEEZUS Almighty.

        Every time he gestures with those small hands and then purses his lips with the cold stare he gives people – and then goes into this I am the greatest, I am the Smartest line of B.S. – it just makes me want to vomit.


    Is this why Trump and Chumps want to stomp down on all scientific research and education?

    Can you imagine how many millions/billions will be lost to the good religious folks if there are no God to fight over – and we all came from Mars?

    WOW – mind blowing.

  10. Thunderchild

    Bigger story here.
    I’ll tell it later. But you can look it up.
    That man told David Muir that his speech in front of the intelligence community got a greater standing ovation than Peyton Manning at the last Superbowl…..
    Putting EVERYTHING else you know or I could tell you about that speech aside, it was given to maybe MAYBE 200 people.
    The Superbowl he refers to had an attendance of around 75,000….
    And as I say, there is a larger story here. But for now?
    200 or so people are louder and more supportive than 75,000?????
    This man is not just an egomaniac. He is not just a narcissist. This comment makes him demonstrably delusional to the point of insanity.
    Its comedy GOLD if he wasn’t destroying almost everything in his path in the process.
    And that is in a week.
    By the end of the month, he will decree himself the best President ever. By the end of the NEXT month he will say he is more popular and loved than Jesus Christ. Hell he may well declare himself the second coming.
    In the short term, distance yourself from his supporters. But it wont be long.
    In the meantime, attack him but not by name. Time is coming soon, and I am thinking like 3 weeks soon, that you can point at his supporters and laugh at how truly stupid they were.

    • Getting rid of the orange man with teeny tiny hands does nothing more than put Pence in office. I totally agree the orange man is insane, but I fear Pence more.

      • But even if we got Pence out – that would bring in Paul Ryan.

        Let’s face it – Republicans have the current trifecta on Arrogance and Ignorance

        At least there is one hope – if Pence gets into the White House, I think he will not be able to continue the Trump ‘magic’ of being the Pied Piper all fools follow.

        Pence is a very boring, monotone and self righteous crapper – IMHO

        That does not make for good t.v. and after Trump – their people are going to want their reality t.v. entertainment.