Monday, 1/23/17, Public Square



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  1. Here is me at the Woman’s March in Wichita two days ago. An amazing experience! Around 3 – 3,500 marchers in our little city alone. I heard over 4 million marchers in the 600+ cities where marches were held. As one sign read, “I WOULD HATE TO BE THE GUY THAT PISSED OFF ALL THESE WOMEN.” 🙂

    I didn’t carry this sign, my friend Mary Caruso did. She has rentals and one tenant is a very nice gay man who is now my friend too since we all marched together Saturday. He made some amazing signs, including this one, and passed them out to Mary and her friends.

  2. fnord – check your email for a good laugh.

    • Indy sent me this picture. She wanted to share it here and ask everyone if that is Sam Brownback behind. What do you think? She looks like Sammy.

      • The caption that came with the picture I received was:

        This guy asked Conway for a picture with her but she had no idea he was holding that sign.

        But – hey – that sign is also pointing at the man I think is Sam Brownback.
        And doesn’t that sign fit him perfectly..

        What are the chances of this guy having his picture taken and Sam Brownback walks up in the middle of the pic – and with that sign no less.

  3. To Christy on Facebook, who doesn’t need the Women’s March

    In response to the millions of women who marched yesterday, there’s a Facebook rebuttal going around by a woman named Christy. Apparently, there are quite a few women who agree with her.

    The summary: Christy doesn’t need this march. Why do any women need this march? This is America, I have everything I need, and if you don’t, it’s your own fault, and marching won’t fix that for you.

    Here is my response to Christy, and by association, all the women who agreed with her:

    View at

    • The Obamas live that Family Values Christian life that these Evangelical Kristians can only preach down to others about.

      BTW – if Trump had been a Muslim treating his wife this way – what do you think these same Evangelical Kristians would say about that?

      • As I’ve shared before – I graduated from an Evangelical Baptist College in the mid 1970’s. A lot of those students are probably the same ones in the Trump Republican Tribe that truly feel they have God’s answer to prayer in Trump being president.

        Let me tell you something that I do remember about these folks – these so-called Christians do things that make Satan blush with shame – or envy?

  4. Today an old friend from high school — an intelligent, kind, loving, CHRISTIAN woman — said, “Yep don’t understand what this march was about anyway but it was a woman’s March not a ladies March.”

    It wasn’t directed exclusively at me, but since I was one of those marchers I know it included me. I capitalized the word ‘Christian’ because 99% of this woman’s posts are about God, Prayer…

    Here is what I posted back:

    I marched in the Wichita Women’s March with 3 – 3,500 marchers (a good turn out for our little town). It was an inspiring motivating march by people who care deeply about our country, equality and civil rights for all.

    We marched in support of not just equality for ALL humans, which means the LGBTQ community, every race, culture, faith — the entire alphabet soup that is America, but also supporting Medicare, Social Security, our environment, science, peace vs war, public education, the ACA to be improved, not destroyed, equal pay for equal work, a justice system that isn’t for sale, an economic plan that doesn’t take from the poor and give to the wealthy (see Brownback’s experiment for Kansas which Trump says he will use at the national level) — there were almost as many different reasons as people.

    I am both a woman and a lady. The over 4 million marchers in the 600+ cities that held marches were peaceful, kind, inspiring ladies, gentlemen, families, children of all ages, races, faiths, cultures who are also Americans who want their voices heard.

    No response. I think upcoming reunions may not be the place I want to be.

    • True ladies would not allow a grown man to brag about groping women’s p______, seducing a married woman while furniture shopping and downing Tic Tacs for the chance he might be attracted to beautiful and have to go in for the kiss – whether or not was asked for.

      Yeah – if that is what ‘true’ ladies stand for – then count me out.

  5. I swear it is a plot! Try as I might it is so hard to get here! The only place of sanity in the world at times.

  6. Thunderchild

    I told you. As bad as we could all imagine it would be we will end up wishing it was that good.tI had no idea the occupant of the White House had such power. Why oh why did Obama not use these?ering youg
    We learn now that scientists at NASA, scientists with the EPA learned professionals at Dept. of Interior, these and many more have been SILENCED by that man and his evil minions. Unless and until all Government departments can be guaranteed to speak to ONE agenda, that of the monster and his minions, they will not be allowed to speak at all. Gag orders are out. There are to be no press releases, no participation in social media, NOTHING from anyone until their loyalty can be assured and anything they dare to communicate vetted to the agenda of ….that no good god damned sonofabitch! And I fully understand the chance I take posting this. Because this….MONSTER, and his ring of minions won’t stop with making Government speak with one voice and act one agenda. No next they will come after any citizenry that dissent or resist. Courageous Government employees are already resisting this TYRANNY. We as citizens must be willing and ready to resist as well. This is the only way to ultimately stop this unthinkable bully.
    Hey Donald? Come get me. Prison or even death is better than letting you win. I spit on you and everything you and your followers believe in. It is better the country fall than it be bent to your evil will. RESISTANCE!