Friday, 1/20/16, Public Square



by | January 20, 2017 · 9:57 am

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  1. GSTIR

    Dark Times have officially begun.

  2. Guess what, guess what?? OMG! I’m so excited! As of now, our newly fine nation no longer has gangs or drug crimes and some other crappy things. Why? Because Donald Trump said so. “It stops here and it stops right now.”

    Who knew it would be so easy?

    [eye roll]

  3. Well if you have not already read on my Facebook page, I am now blocked by a relative. For posting about trump, yes they voted for him because of how evil Hillary is. But I sure hopes that they read one of my latest. They have a daughter who was born with medical problems. That require them to go to the city for treatment and doctor’s visits. I had been warned to stop posting political things on my face book page and about trump. It is the price I guess I have to pay.

  4. Track Trump will keep tabs on the President’s first 100 days
    The new site provides a dashboard for presidential accountability.

  5. Thunderchild

    What an HONOR! I just got blocked from tweeting ….that old pervert.
    Best I have felt in two months.
    It is a depressing time. The next few years will be HELL. We will see a hundred years of progress erased in a hundred days ….or less.
    But there is hope.
    Putin’s puppet had the lowest inaugural turnout in 40 years. He had the lowest ratings for television for his inaugural in 40 years. All of course, he denies and his circlejerk followers assure him in.
    He wants unity. His sick ego demands love. He aint getting it. He is the most unloved President elect in history. All this and the attention span and maturity of a very small child.
    He can be made to quit, or act out in ways that will get him removed from office. And yeah, that gets us Pence. But Pence has no charisma. He can never win a national election, particularly after the dramatic overstep we are about to see and suffer through.
    Don’t use his name. Not even negatively. Do what the media should have done a year ago and ignore him, alluding to him in only what he does. Show him a nation that cannot be united by his bullying, and he will fold.

  6. Is it just me – or did anyone else notice Trump’s demeanor on Friday?

    the moment the t.v. cameras showed him walking down the aisle to go through the doors to the platform to be sworn in – his face scowled, he wasn’t his usual flamboyant self. He appeared to be glaring at everyone.

    And then his speech – I never noticed his incessant heavy breathing while I watched it on t.v. – but later when I listened to the same speech on Public Radio – I noticed something.

    It was that same heavy breathing and nose thing that Trump did during the second debate. There was speculation on the blogs that Trump had been medicated so he would be more focused and not flamboyant or combative.

    I wonder…..Trump just sat there and looked around with this blank stare. But then – what have been the TWEETS from Trump since Friday?

    He has become combative again and hurling out personal insult – and calling the media liars – again.

    But what was their sin this time? They dared to show live pictures of the crowd size at his Inauguration and even gave stats for the subway ridership that day.

    It was reported that on Saturday, Trump went down to the CIA (the same people he has called LIARS) and bragged about the size of his crowd. Then Trump’s press secretary went after the media for trying to say the media was out make Trump an illegitimate president.


    I wonder what is really going on? I’ve worked in healthcare for many years and I’ve seen a few things.