Wednesday, 1/18/16, Public Square



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  1. Juanita Jean is always good and fun, this time she is also exceptional! The quotes she uses are especially perfect.

    (From the link): I’m coming to the conclusion that there’s nothing we’re going to be able to do about it. We can’t save these people from themselves. We have to save the rest of us from themselves, and hopefully the rising tide will lift all boats. If themselves drown, however, it will be by themselves’ own hands.

  2. Hard to believe … it’s been two years since Rox (wicked) died. I hate these dates, these reminders. On the other hand, maybe they slow us down and make us think about what really is important.

    • My husband’s co-worker just died two weeks from lung cancer. She was 44 yrs old. She was diagnosed last summer – after going to numerous doctors because she kept having a bad cough. She was a long-term smoker and most of the doctors kept telling her it was just a normal cough or it was due to her smoking or some kind of virus was going around at that time.

      When she finally got to the one doctor that didn’t just take her co-pay and bill her insurance but he actually ordered a CT scan to see what was going on, that was when the lung cancer was found.

      Well – imagine that. She had been going to the doctors for about a year and kept getting told it was just a routine cough.

      Hell – two weeks before the one doctor finally decided to order the scan – she was told that she had pneumonia but that she could keep on working. She was refused when she asked for a doctor’s note to get excused absence from her job – and she needed to get paid because she was a single mother.

      I keep hearing Republicans talk about how the US has the best health care in the world.

      Oh really – I beg to differ.

      We have the most expensive health care – but when a person has gone to numerous doctors for a year with the same complaint – and she got nothing but the privilege to pay the copays and the doctors got to bill her insurance.

      Who really benefits from our current health care system?

      Obama tried to do better for Americans with the Affordable Care Act. But as we all know, that plan was not perfect because too many people had to change it in order to keep those profits flowing. to all the right people.

      And now we have Republicans threatening to throw out the ACA and someday – later on – will present their plan to replace it.

      Yeah – sure..

      In the meantime – how many more Americans will be in the same boat as my husband’s co-worker that was only 44 years old?

      IIRC – Wicked was also one of those Americans that was grateful to see the ACA for some help – but then what did Sam Brownback do with the Medicaid expansion – he rejected it and refused all that federal money.

      WOW – how many Kansans paid the price for Brownback’s ignorance – or was it just plain arrogance?

      Republicans are back in control and these are scary times.

      But what is the most scary part – these same Republicans claim to be such morally superior Christians.

      WWJD – probably slap the shit out of these Republicans.

  3. In some way I am finding it good that more people are waking up to the threat that Donald trump is. But also sad for others that they are suddenly waking up to the same shock of like having a Doctor telling them of Cancer.We as a people had became so divided that choosing a side can mean betraying your principles. You either have to be totally for something or totally against something. Nothing is black or white! You can not have certain people’s rights protected at the cost of someone else’s rights being violated. The trade off is at best a Faustian deal.

    • Bob White

      These data tell this story to me …….. “One Saint; four Righteous, 3 Criminal.

    • Notice Nixon’s years In power –

      IMHO – Trump is just another Nixon. Is history about to repeat itself?

      The old saying goes something like this – those who don’t learn from history will repeat it.

      Well – Americans don’t seem to learn their lessons – do they?

      • I do have a theory though – this might actually be the best way to finally stab the wooden stake through the heart of the Grand Old Party.

        Since Trump is in the White House now – Republicans cannot run away from what he and his Gang are about to unleash on our country. When Trump falls flat on his face – and we know that is coming at some point in time.

        If Trump continues on the current path he is on – I think something major will happen and that is the best way for Republican Party to be blasted out of power for quite some time. Perhaps even kill the Republican Party once and for all.

        BECAUSE – if Trump had lost the election, then the Republicans would always have that argument of ‘but if Trump had been in office, things would better’.

        This way – they don’t have that luxury – do they? In fact – Republicans control the White House, Senate and House -EVERYTHING that happens will fall right into that laps.

        I am hopeful after watching Sen. Al Franken, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders throughout these Cabinet confirmation hearings.

        These are all intelligent people and they are not about to back down from any Republicans.

        This might just be the best way to finally get rid of the GOP that is controlled by these White Evangelical – Alt Right (KKK) – and Neo Con Republicans once and for all.

        Now the trick is – will our country survive until Trump manages to get himself into more legal trouble than Tricky Dick Nixon did?

        Time will tell.

        Plus – I also have hope in President Obama. He will be just an everyday American citizen this time tomorrow – and he will have much more power in saying things and helping to create a movement that will make Republicans regret they ever won the White House with the likes of Trump.

      • That is something I keep bring up. It was not so long ago that certainly people have not forgotten the Bush Jr. years and the neocons of his administration. Yet here we are about to start another bout with the same neocons! Only this time I do not feel as I did with Bush Jr. George was too trusting and a bit ignorant. I feel that Trump is all to aware of these evil people and welcomes the company! “The art of the deal.”.


    I’ve been seeing this plan to drag down the ratings for Trump’s Inauguration. Thought I would post this link to the snopes website.

    I assume we’ve all had this similar FB message pop up somewhere?

    Besides – we live in Kansas – so whatever we do, it doesn’t really strike fear into any of these Republicans soul less hearts. They get to do whatever they want – and then blame their critics when things fall flat on their face.

    • Well I did mention that on my Facebook page, that any shortcomings of Trump will be blamed on Obama. They are real good about blaming the other administration for the current one’s misdeeds. And likewise, It was Obama fault for the economics of the bush administration. And so forth.

  5. Thunderchild

    I wont be watching, listening, or having anything to do with the inaugural.

    • I am looking to see what Huuuuuuuuuuge the crowds will be – I suspect the news reporting is correct on this.

      But – then again – I tend to believe the news media and I do not think they are all just a bunch of liars – a bit biased based on which corporation owns them – but not just outright liars.