Monday, 1/16/16, Public Square



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  1. Be sure and read the full text of this Scottish Newspaper’s description of the Inauguration. Hilarious. Also frightening. Also SAD!

  2. This 1958 western predicted Trump and his wall —

    • Hillary Clinton has always been one of the ‘workhorses’. We all know what that means – these are the folks who quietly go about the tedious – and sometimes boring – daily work of getting things accomplished. Most times – these folks do not get credit for their hard work.

      Trump is a show horse – too busy prancing around while holding the shiny object so nobody will notice they are not really doing anything of importance and they wouldn’t know how to do it if asked.

      Show horses oftentimes gets the credit for the work done by work horses.

      BUT – what would happen to our country if all the work horses suddenly stopped working?

      NOTHING would get done…

      Perhaps that is what needs to happen to Trump – the work horses just stop working and he will fall flat on his face – probably sooner than he already is destined to fall – IMHO

  3. Trump has really thrown shit in the fan this weekend with his Twitter Rants – with John Lewis.

    But more than that – Trump has insulted our NATO allies and his Trump Chumps are applauding him.


    I know Republicans hate facts and education – but seriously? Who does not know the history behind the creation of NATO and why Russians have always been against NATO.

    Trump does not respect anything but the Almighty Dollar.

    This will not end well.

    BTW –

    • BTW –

      Can you imagine the outrage if this was Obama demonizing the 17 US Intelligence Agencies and continuing to defend the ex-KGB and Communist Leader Putin?

      But not to just defend Putin – but to insult our NATO allies?

      All Holy Hell would have broken loose – and from these same damn Republicans.

      I’ve talked about this cancer within the Republican Party for the past few years. And I still believe this cancer is so deep rooted within their party. Cancer comes from pure HATE and these Republicans have fed this HATRED for the past 8 years.

      And the result of all that hatred is TRUMP.

      Trump Is not the real problem – it’s his supporters.

      But I still have faith in President Obama. Something he said in his farewell speech last week has stuck with me.

      It was when he was talking about his mother told him -reality has a way of catching up with you.

      Then a couple days later, the news hit about how Obama and Trump were both briefed about the Russian hacking. And that one media outlet – Buzzfeed – went ahead and published some details from the dossier .

      There was something in Obama’s eyes when he said – reality has a way of catching up with you – that makes me suspect and I know that he knows more than we know. But I suspect Obama is just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

      And doesn’t the truth always find a way to come out??

      If there is proof of Trump and Putin working together during his campaign – wouldn’t that be grounds for impeachment?

  4. Hot damn, hey posted so I am not just reading! Too late I am afraid but slowly I have others are seeing what I was telling them about trump. In a relatively short time too! Like as it was pointed out he has not actually taken office yet!

  5. LOL listening to “Homeward bound “, I song this song when setting alone in my room at recovery.

  6. Thunderchild

    Stop using his name. He LOVES hearing or seeing his name in any context. That is why he pisses it on buildings all over the world. I would not be surprised if he pisses it on the White House, all over DC and on Air Force One. The best resistance is him knowing who the resistance is fighting WITHOUT naming him.
    Do not watch the inaugural. Do not buy anything on inauguration day.
    This is a deeply broken childhood bully who never got over it. He has lived his whole life being able to fire or otherwise dispatch anyone who disagreed with him. THIS is how he intends to rule. And I do mean RULE.
    But he is not a King, even if he thinks he is. And he has no mandate, even though he thinks he does. He must be fed a steady diet of dissent and protest even as we know it will make him act out. And he will act out. I expect myself to be among thousands of Americans who are in labor camps within a few years. But as long as we do not attach his name to this tyrant in the battle to come, his assured tyranny will come at the cost or revealing the paranoid egomaniac he is. He will oppress and persecute people he even thinks are opposing him, whether we name him or not.

    • I also intend to never let these White Evangelical Kristians like Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr and others off the hook either.

      These are the so-called ‘religious’ men who defended Trump when that infamous 2005 video came out where Trump bragged about groping women’s p______. and went into details on how to nail a married woman while furniture shopping.

      Trump is not the real problem – he is what happens when we allow self-righteous Money Changer Church People (which is why I call them Kristians and not Christians) to give the false appearance that Trump is God’s answer to America’s prayer.

      Hell – I never prayed for Trump – and I don’t want to know the God that thinks Trump is what this country needs.


      • BTW – let’s not substitute the word genitals for p_____.

        Trump used the p word and if it’s good enough for the President – then it’s good enough for me.

        I am a soon-to-be 64 yr old woman and have never used that p_____. So, when I say it out loud – people tend to take notice.

  7. Thunderchild

    Yeah don’t be like that. This is what…that “man’s” supporters WANT. They want an abandonment of courtesy and kindness (which they call political correctness) They WANT crude and rude and mean and nasty. And I am all FOR giving it TO them. But not to the extent of descending to their juvenile level of speech. That “man” defended it as “locker room talk” while he himself was never likely ever inside a locker room as a youth. Do men in rich white country club “locker rooms” talk that way? Probably. I wouldn’t know. In any case, we need not descend to that man and his supporters rhetoric to fight them. Because if we do that, we help him and them make it acceptable.
    And we can have no idea how bad it will be. That man is gonna be ….the next occupant of the white house. And I predict it will not be long at all before anything he SAYS is regarded as “Presidential” because, well, a President said it. No, let’s not go there.