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  1. Republicans call Obamacare a ‘failure.’ These 7 charts show they couldn’t be more wrong

  2. The news today was dominated by republicans “repeal and replace.” Of course the repalce part of it will be … maybe in a few years …?

    I heard several republicans talk about selling insurance across state lines as part of the replacement stuff.

    So let’s remember — For starters, we don’t need to pass a federal law to allow insurance companies to sell policies across state lines. We don’t have to repeal Obamacare. We don’t have to do anything. Nothing in federal law prohibits states from allowing out-of-state insurance companies to sell policies to their citizens.

    Individual states are responsible for administering and regulating their own health insurance markets. They decide which insurers receive licenses to sell policies within their borders, and establish standards for what benefits those policies must provide to their citizens.

    States were free to allow insurers from other states to sell to their citizens before Obamacare, and they are still free to do so today. What Obamacare did was establish an “essential benefits package” — basic minimum standards that all individual policies must meet, no matter where they’re sold.

    You don’t often hear Republicans calling for the federal government to interfere with the constitutional rights of states to manage their affairs, but I guess they’re willing to make an exception when it would help unscrupulous insurance companies rip people off.

    I can hardly wait to watch the republicans introduce a bill that takes away states’ rights.

  3. (from the link): As Bloomberg’s Jonathan Bernstein joked a while back, the Republicans’ best bet is probably to take the Affordable Care Act, slap a new GOP-friendly name on it, and “pretend they’ve ‘replaced’ Obamacare with a new, market-based solution.”

    Here’s my best guess: Republicans will move forward with their “repeal and delay” gambit, scrapping the ACA while keeping the status quo in place for years while they work on a GOP alternative. The “delay” will be indefinite, however, because the search for an alternative is destined to fail.

    Republicans make more health care promises they can’t keep

  4. There is a reason why Trump continues to tell his Trump Chumps that the mainstream media are a bunch of liars and cannot be trusted.

    When the masses are educated – it’s harder to find people willing to be ‘chumps’.

    Knowledge is power.

    • I forgot to add – Trump Chumps Republicans have also demonized education for many years – especially the science classes.

      So this is nothing new.

      The top Intelligence experts are testifying this morning on the Russian hacking.

      And what did Trump tweet out about this?

      Reagan started this – federal government is evil and is the problem.

      But isn’t ironic that Reagan and his Republicans all love that same evil federal government when the welfare checks, subsidies and special tax breaks are given to all the ‘right’ people.

  5. I highly recommend this piece which studies Trumps’ tweets.

    The Cry-Bully
    The sad mind and evil media genius behind @realDonaldTrump.

    • I’ve noticed there is a pattern to Trump’s Twitter Rants – just sit back and observe very closely.

      Trump attacks when he feels he is not completely in the total spotlight and the world is awaiting with bated breath for his next Tweet.

      For example – today’s hearing on the Russian hacking by the US Intelligence experts. Who was on the Twitter ranting so much?

      It’s much like that shiny object that is used by so many CON men in the pages of history – get a bunch of followers to simply watch the shiny object to keep them from peeking behind that gold-blinged curtain to see the true facts

      • Reality T.V. celebrities crave the spotlight – even if it is negative press – they don’t care. Their name in the news is the ONLY thing that will give these celebrities their ‘fix’.

  6. GSTIR

    If you don’t have ethics, or believe in them, why would you need an office to protect them?
    In the Republican world, preconceived notions trump facts, always, always.

    • Hi, GSTIR! Always good to see you around.

      Hadn’t thought of that way, but sure recognize it’s the truth now that you’ve drawn me a picture! 🙂

    • Sad to say – substitute the word US intelligence experts for ethics – and the same can be said about Republicans.

      Republicans hate the mainstream media and have called them all liars. But Breitbart, Alex Jones and the other Alt Right media are the only truth tellers.

      Republicans hate the US Intelligence experts
      Republicans hate the Ethics Office
      Republicans hate the Obama care
      Republicans hate public education
      Republicans hate freedom of speech for all Americans – especially when the others confront the hypocrisy of Republicans

  7. Trump is still defending Russians – and yet his supporters continue to applaud and shake their pom poms?

    I’ve said this before – Reagan did a lot of damage to our country but even never cozied up to the Communist Russians.

    And yet nobody is asking why Trump is defending Russians so much?

    Hey – here’s a thought – Trump’s campaign staff was filled with Russians. Hell – you could not swing a dead cat without hitting a few of them.

    And those are the ones we know about…..

  8. GSTIR

    Remember all those polls that consistently said over 60% polled thought Trump was not fit for office? He’s validating that now, and he isn’t even in office yet.
    Dark times loom ahead.

    • I’m terrified.

      Of war.

      The deaths and suffering of everyday people I see coming.

      Of financial ruin.

      Of the language Trump uses to encourage hate.

      • Trump has demonstrated multiple times that he does not know – nor does he care – that our government has certain traditions and safeguards in place.

        We are not a country run by some dictator who is on some narcisstic ego-inflating mind trip – and the only goal in every single thing Trump talks about is – how much MONEY can he make.

        I noticed something about Trump throughout the entire GOP primary campaign and the 2016 Presidential campaign. –

        this man always walked in something and was clapping for himself.

        What type of person does that?

        Oh yeah – carnival barkers -bullies – choreographed pro wrestling celebrities and reality t.v. stars.

        Trump bragged that he can control the media by simply picking up the phone and arranging to be on national t.v within 30 minutes.

        This is what I was talking about this past week – if the mainstream media would stop clamoring to cover every word he spews or Twitter Tweets he sends out – that would be the worst possible thing to do Trump – IMHO

        Don’t give him the time of day……it will drive him NUTS

      • correction: walked in somewhere – not something.

        But, then again, maybe Trump always has that look on his face like he just walked through a pile of dog shit.

        Or maybe it’s the smell of the load of Bull shit that Trump and his Trump Chumps are about to spew?

  9. Obama Leaves Behind A Job Market That Is Finally (Mostly) Healthy

    Lots more information, charts and graphs at the link above.

    • Let’s not forget –

      Bill Clinton left a surplus

      George W. Bush blew through that surplus and added trillions on to our deficit – even with those two wars he put off-budget (they still count). GWB also was in the White House when 2008 Wall STreet collapse happened. Taxpayers had to bail them out.

      Obama came into office with a plate full of GOP Elephant shit to fix – and did his job with much demonization and absolutely no help from those same Republicans that helped their boy GWB create the GOP Elephant Shit.

      Now comes Donald Trump – the ONLY thing he really cares about is MONEY. He seem to not give a damn about our country – he only wants to make MONEY.

      What could possibly go wrong?

  10. Gee, it came through this time! When did common sense a reason stop so suddenly? wow, I have been know in my family as a political wonk. Granted that in general I am able to refrain from discussing politics unless the topics has been brought up. But man this Trump is something I just do not seem to be able to shut up about. Then every time I get on line again something new with the ass wipe! I have been spending a good deal of time today countering crap about Hillary Clinton. The continuing call to have her arrested and imprisoned. I keep saying give it a break! the election is over and trump has been declared dictator so to speak. OMG I am so seeing shadow of Bush Jr. and his neo-Nazi-cons in power. LOL, OK here we are again! It was what I was saying about Bush Jr. that got you all’s attention of me. MY ex son in law is using my truck. So I can not go anywhere , house work don’t you just it!

    • I think Trump is just a recycled version of Richard Nixon.

      Nixon hated the press – tried to ban them from the White House.

      Nixon was paranoid – thought everybody was out to get him.

      Nixon did not give a fat rat’s ass about all that ‘legal stuff’ – which eventually brought the S.O.B. down.

      Nixon thought he could as he damn well and the country could just suck it up.

      Well – NO – the country does not have to suck it up and this is 2017 -where WOMEN are no longer the ‘weaker sex’ that they were when Nixon was in power.

      Trump has dismissed the Woman’s March as those people that did not vote.

      NO – we voted and 2.9 million MORE of us voted for Hillary than Trump.

      And if you have followed today’s current GOP talking point – Trump and his mouthpiece Sean Spicer is continuing to spew the falsehood that illegals voted in the 2016 election and that in reality, he won the Popular Vote.

      Trump will not let the issue of the crowd size or this Alternative Fact that illegals voted . He is like a dog with a bone.

      But Nixon got himself all caught up in a mess of trouble and I strongly suspect history is about to repeat itself.

      But the question is – will Trump manage to start World War III before the midterm election in 2018?

      Time will tell..



    Very interesting article and it explains a lot about the real Putin.

    I can understand why Trump admires Putin – but these Evangelical Kriistians going along with Trump admiring Putin is way beyond my idea of true Christianity.

    R.D. – you were the one that led the way in exposing the Neo Cons – and now we have the Republican Party who apparently has a hard on for Putin.

    I just don’t understand it.

    Is it because Americans have been dumbed down the point we don’t know the history – or do we just not care?

    Or – are we too arrogant to know we are ignorant?