Saturday, 12/31/16, Public Square



by | December 30, 2016 · 10:30 pm

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    What does the next president choose to say in his New Year’s Eve Tweet?

    Does he say something inspiring, hopeful, thankful, grateful or dare I say – inclusive?

    NO – Trump chose to taunt his enemies and go ‘bigly’.

    Governing a country is NOT a reality t.v. show.

    I wonder if Trump’s supporters even know the difference?

    • I wonder how long will it take before the Trump Klan brings in their cans of gold paint and turn the White House into something only a reality t.v. show celebrity-obsessed fan could love?

      One might want to watch out all those columns in the White House – they would make good stripper poles – wouldn’t they?

      Oh, I’m sorry. Stripper is such a low-class name – just what is the same stripper called when it’s married to money?

  2. He is not a nice person. Notice how it seems to be all about winners and losers with him? He doesn’t have a clue how much he disgraces the office of the President.

    We’ve lived through republican presidents (sometimes barely) but I personally have never even known someone who does so much disservice to humanity. He is mean, rude, a bad guy.

    • I picked-up a great message, new to me, this morning; one based in wisdom. “Life can be painful if you live it right,” i.e., correctly! So, let’s all look at all those we know who diligently pursue their “life” living it so as to avoid all “pain;” e.g., The Donald, the 1%, the selfish, criminals, politicians (especially federal and state), lobbyists, bankers, car dealers (new and used), lawyers, CEO’s, (———- help me out with other suggestions).

  3. Good lately every time I tried to post something it said I am a non person?
    It is coming slowly, for lack of a better term. “Buyer’s remorse ” . Since his “Win”? He is getting more and more out there and finally at least some of his supporters are noticing that the screws are not so tight within him.

  4. Thunderchild

    I am not optimistic In the new year.
    Trump tweets
    And this is what we are REDUCED to, a President elect who communicates in TWEETS!
    I wont get the wording right but the gist was: “Happy new year, even to my many enemies who I have so badly beaten! Love.
    He, like his supporters, have no plan of outreach or cooperation. No they mean to rub our noses in what they are planning.

    • I call it the Republican Cock Strutting.

      If these Trump supporters who claim to be such fine Christians would actually read their Bible before they thump it – they might just find that it talks about how Pride Goeth Before the Fall.

      But I heard Franklin Graham (Billy’s boy) actually say that Trump is God’s answer to America.

      I also heard a leader in the Southern Baptist group defend Trump when that infamous 2005 video came out where Trump bragged about groping women’s p_____ and trying to nail a married woman.

      This Southern Baptist Leader actually stated – and did not even blink an eye – that sometimes God uses a repulsive man to do his good work.


      So – God’s answer to America is to put a known repulsive man into power?

      When you’re asked when America finally embraced it’s ignorance and arrogance – just reply it was when these so-called Kristians defended Trump. And even went further and said that it was God’s idea.

      JEEZUS Almighty…



    This is so classic Trump – isn’t it?

    He knows something nobody else knows but can’t tell you right now, in a few days he will let us know.

    We’ve all heard this from Trump before – and in the next few days, nothing will be said – nobody will even ask him about it.

    Is this because our attention span is that of a gnat now – or is it because we just don’t really care?

    As was pointed out several times – Trump won the White House with the least amount of actual votes.

    This morning on the news show – Newt Gingrich actually said that Trump has a mandate simply because he is the next president.

    When confronted with the fact that almost 3 million MORE voters chose Hillary – so where is Trump’s mandate?

    Newt doubled down on his response that it does not matter who won the most votes. Because according to the rules of the game – Trump won and that gives him the mandate.

    With logic like that – what could possibly go wrong?

  6. Thunderchild

    “God uses a repulsive man to do his good work” HUH?
    I’m fairly familiar with the bible. I note he did not cite chapter and verse, because I don’t think there is any. Actually I’m sort of surprised. THE go to answer about Trump and his treatment of women IS addressed in the bible which (being written BY men) is that women are to be subservient and second citizens to men, because Eve was responsible for the fall. I thought they would run with something like that given their “victory” and “mandate”.This is a restraint expressed by Christians that I did not expect. They clearly KNOW that their core beliefs, honestly expressed would alienate half the population. So now they are making things about their core beliefs up on the fly?? Their “sacred” word straight from the Lord…interpreted to support Trump?? I’d be comforted actually, if I didn’t know it was just where they will hide for awhile where they hope for more of what they want…