Thursday, 12/29/16, Public Square



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  1. Sadly, a larger number didn’t vote at all. 😦

    • The last news story I read was 46% did not vote.

      That says it all – doesn’t it?

      • But what is even more sad is the fact Trump has convinced a lot of people that all the mainstream media are liars and not to be trusted.

        But that Breitbart and Alex Jones are the only two sources that can be trusted. Oh, let’s not forget National Enquirer – remember the time Trump said that Ted Cruz’s father helped Fidel Castro assassinate John F Kennedy because of that news story in the National Enquirer?

        This is what will eventually destroy our country – IMHO.

        This total lack of embracing facts in our society is dangerous.

        With the advent of technology – instant communication via social media – one can intentionally put out proven-lies and yet millions of people will believe those lies.

        Something is very wrong in our country – as evidenced by so many Republicans gleefully stating that Trump wanting to partner with the Communist Leader – the ex-KGB – Vladimir Putin should be a very big red flag.

        Even with Reagan’s character flaws – do you think Reagan is rolling over in his grave to know the Republican Party is lining up behind Trump who is chomping at the bit to partner with the Communists?


  2. I just received a text with the news of yet another American in her late 40’s that died from lung cancer. This was a woman that I used to babysit her newborn baby. She was diagnosed a short 5 months ago and now she is gone.


    Excuse me if I vomit while these Republicans gleefully try to repeal Obamacare and give the false appearance that they are going to replace it with anything else. Obamacare was far from perfect (as Obama has said himself several times).

    But at least Obama gave a damn and did give Americans some form of guaranteed health care insurance.

    What angers me the most about Republicans is how they claim to be such moral Christians. I call B.S. on that load of crap.

    1) Jesus healed the sick for free
    2) Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead (imagine the obscene profits from that patent)
    3) Jesus also fed the hungry.
    4) Jesus protected the prostitute from being stoned by the ‘good’ people.

    Compare that to these Kompassionate Kristian Konservative Republlicans:

    1) No money – no health care
    2) Heave help us if KKK Republicans ever get that patent to raise the dead
    3) No food stamps – no school lunch program
    4) Men can grope women’s p______ all they want and then brag about it in the locker room with their fellow Gropers.

    The Republicans hijacked the name of Christianity when Reagan teamed up with Jerry Falwell Sr back in 1980 to smear the good name of Jimmy Carter.

    IMHO – that is when this current bunch of Republicans was created.

  3. This is an interesting article!

    (from the link): “Somehow he identifies clearly with Kane. Kane is Trump. And it’s not the kind of identification that I would make if I were Trump. Of course that issue—if I were Trump, what would I do, what would I think, what would I say?—it’s one of those counterfactuals I’m probably not equipped to address. But, if I were Donald Trump, I would not want to emphasize that connection with Kane. You know, a megalomaniac in love with power and crushing everything in his path. The inability to have friends, the inability to find love. The moral that Trump takes from Kane—I mean, it’s one of the great lines that I recorded. I ask, “Do you have any advice for Charles Foster Kane, sir?” You know, let’s get down to the psychiatric intervention. How can we help this poor man? He’s obviously troubled. How can we help him? Donald, help me out here!
    And Donald says, “My advice to Charles Foster Kane is find another woman!” And you know, I thought, is that really the message that Welles was trying to convey? That Kane had made poor sexual choices, poor marriage choices?
    AA: It’s an incredible line. And it makes you wonder what goes through Trump’s mind as he watches the movie. I still can’t wrap my head around if he just chooses to ignore its obvious moral undertone, or if he genuinely doesn’t see it.”