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  1. O.K. He’s right; humans have for way-too-long worshiped the wrong Gods. Mostly the one called “currency.” I’ve settle on the one called “Love” (1 John 4:8).

  2. The seven most dangerous words are –

    My God Can Beat Up Your God

  3. Thanks for the laugh – I needed it today.

  4. Thunderchild

    At LAST Obama stands up. Where has he been the last 8 years? He had total power for two years and spent it trying to play nice with people sworn publicly to thwart him.
    He spends the next almost 6 years being the Republican plant he was meant to be even letting them deny him his Supreme Court nominee.
    THEN he plays nice for awhile with Trump.
    And NOW now when he has less than a month left to do anything he stands up to the bully? A little late there Barack. Word up, Trump does not care about the dignity of the office. You should have figured THAT out a year ago.
    If there is any dignity left In you at all or if in fact you ever HAD any, you will not just lend your voice to but LEAD the protest and obstruction of Trump.
    Whatever that sonofabitch tries to say at his inaugural, it needs DROWNED with boos and protest.

    • “He had total power for two years and spent it trying to play nice with people sworn publicly to thwart him.”

      Although President Obama did have majorities, it’s not quite true that he had total power. I would agree that he did try to play nice. No republican remembers that, but we do.

      (from the link below): ” Let’s take a trip back to 2008.

      And let’s brush up on some basics. First, did you forget that the President needed 60 votes to pass legislation? The healthcare bill is a good example of that. There were NOT 60 Democrats in the Senate. Remember that? So there had to be reconciliation.

      What about the Stimulus? Again, there was NOT 60 Democratic votes to pass it. Reconciliation did not work. It was blocked by the Republicans, and Obama traded job-creating for tax cuts. Remember those tax cuts he let go on? Yep, traded for job creation – which it did accomplish as much as the baby stimulus that he was able to get would allow.

      Is it all coming back to you now? How about this: It was Obama’s inaugural dinner. Senator Kennedy suffered a seizure. It’s kind of hard to work when you’ve had a seizure. He went back to Massachusetts.

      Old news is so much fun to go back and read about. Here’s one I had forgotten, too. Al Franken had not yet been seated because the previous senator had challenged the election. Mein Gott, that went on forever with no way for him to vote in the Senate.

      With Kennedy in Massachusetts and Franken in purgatory, awaiting his chance in the hell that is Congress, that left just 58 votes in the Senate. Memory Refresher: It took 60 votes to pass a bill in the Senate. The Republicans were already playing dirty politics and would not work across the aisle with the Democrats.

      By the way, that was 56 Democrats and 2 Democratically-minded Independents. Not 58 Democrats.

      Then, in April 2009 – good news. Republican Arlen Spector switched to Democrat. That gave the Democrats 60 seats with which to discourage a Republican filibuster (their most prized procedure at the time). But… oh no… we forgot, Al Franken was still in Purgatory out there in election recount turmoil. So… back to 59 votes.

      We can pause here to lovingly remember the filibuster I just mentioned. Republicans made history during that time by using it more than any time ever before. Reminder (because this can get confusing): It takes 60 votes to overcome a filibuster. The Democrats only had 59 at this point… technically. One of those votes was the very ill, Senator Kennedy. He did cast one vote during that time.

      Then, Senator Byrd was admitted to the hospital.

      Then Al Franken was sworn in but Byrd was still in the hospital and Kennedy was too sick to ever vote again.

      Senator Byrd finally returned, but Kennedy did not.

      It wasn’t until August- 2009 that Senator Kirk was appointed to Kennedy’s seat, and finally they had the 60 votes.

      That filibuster-proof 60 votes lasted exactly 4 months – Not 2 years. Not 1 year. Not 6 months.

      Just 4 months – from August 2009 to February 2010 – when Scott Brown was sworn in.

      But here’s a fact that nobody can deny:

      Republicans had the presidency, the House, and the Senate from 2001 – 2007.

      For six years, Republicans had total and complete and undeniably absolute control over everything.

      And how did that work out in the final analysis?

      It doesn’t bear repeating. You know the answer to that as well as I do. Six years to screw up the whole country – nay, the entire damned world!

      And you whine because Obama could not fix it all in four months?

      Alright, I expect you to whine. But from this point on there is no excuse for lying. Not now that you know the truth.”

    • President Obama has always been a person who has respected the process.

      In other words – Obama knows how governing means making sausage – which is not a pretty sight to watch.

      I have been frustrated with Obama from time to time because I thought he was giving Republicans too much credit for being Americans who would do the right thing for the country – even if it meant going against their party.

      As we’ve seen from so many Republicans – they don’t give a fat rat’s ass about the country first – it is their own damn party loyalty that comes first. Especially when it comes to lining their own pockets.

      But – I have come to the conclusion that Obama is a man of integrity and he really believes (perhaps being too naïve?) that every American cares about their country.

      Sad to say – this is not true. But I still admire Obama for having those beliefs. I think this is one of the reasons Obama is respected around the world – he is still one of those people that really believes in the ideals of what America says they stand for.

      Does that make him a bad person – NO.

      I’ve heard Republicans gleefully say that Putin pounced on Obama’s weakness of being timid and not wanting to fight. And that Obama has never stood up to the rest of the world to fight for America.

      They confuse a loud bully in the playground with a man of quiet strength.

      A bully is always loud, boisterous and ‘bigly’ – but when it comes to being actually brave – where is the bully? Usually hiding behind his momma’s skirt.

      Just because Trump has a loud mouth – does not make him a strong leader. It just makes Trump a source of a lot of loud noise.

  5. One more thing –

    Obama is a work horse – they are the ones that quietly do their jobs without getting credit.

    Trump is a show horse – a lot of shiny objects to distract the truth, a lot of hype and publicity to make it appear this horse is something special.

    Between the two horses – which one will get the job done when the rubber hits the road?

  6. Well said, Indy!

    We’ll soon see whether republicans have anything. Anything more than “It’s Obama, so it must be bad! (Even if it isn’t, we must still lose our minds with outrage!)”

    My bet is that anything they do have will only benefit the economic elite. The rest of us will suffer.

    • When did loving the Communists become a fashionable thing?

      But…these same Republicans that love Putin continue to hate Castro in Cuba – and the reason is because Cuba is a Communist country.


      I wonder if these Republicans know the FACTS that it was the Communists – Putin included – that helped Fidel Castro keep Cuba afloat with all that Communist money??

  7. Thunderchild

    Uh yeah, sorry. But Obama, just as I suspected 8 years ago was and is a phony. Just as Bill Clinton was. America has not had a real Democrat president for over 40 years.
    Obamacare? A sop to the insurance companies. A sop the GOP wont kill but will exploit.
    But more and most important, Obama could have replaced Scalia with a Progressive Justice. Yeah, I know, the right was dug in and would fight to the bitter end but seriously?
    10 MONTHS! And he did not even TRY to fight. If he EVER took a public podium and fought for his RIGHT to nominate the replacement for Scalia? I sure did not see it. Go along get along. Just as I said of him 8 years ago. I blame Hillary here too. This should have been a MAJOR issue for the last year. It was for the right.
    Obama could have kept the Court progressive 5-4 for maybe 5 years. NOW Trump will inflict a Court that is 5-4, 6-3, and even 7-2 or 8-1 for the next 20 YEARS. Right to choose, minimum wage, collective bargaining, the social safety net, any SORT of control on guns, even the right to vote or speak or organize, separation of church and State, all of these and more will be GONE in less than 4 years. Trump means and SAYS he means to take America back to the 1890’s. When HE thinks it was “great’.
    And why should Obama care? He’s rich. It won’t any of it affect him. And so he doesn’t. No if the manchild who Russia elected pouts in a tweet, Obama is on the phone from Hawaii promising he is gonna make the transition as smooth as possible. While he makes a show of doing things Trump can wipe out on day one.
    It was “Hope and Change” right? Ok, I saw some change. That will be gone in a year. See Barack? When you do bring change you have to provide the means to defend it. You didn’t. As to hope? Oh yeah there is a lot of hope going on on the right. They are hoping social security, Medicare, and the things I listed above will be done away with. And they will see that hope granted. For those who dissent publicly “hope” will be I hope they don’t put me in prison, a labor camp, or leave me to starve.
    But you don’t care do ya Barack? Just like Trump, you never imagined yourself in this position. Oh but the niceties must be observed between the gentry.
    And so Barack Obama, while a Trump presidency will be brutal, awful, and for many, even millions, unendurable, and that is at best. It may well end life on this planet. The very best you can “hope” for is that somehow he will find a way to be worse than you. It’s ok, he will. Though “I was the last President who didn’t destroy the world” is not much of a legacy.
    I guess you CAN claim the title of worst President ever legitimately elected.

    • Medicare is not going anywhere – and you want to know why?

      Too many Corporations are making obscene profits off this program.

      Obamacare is much the same way – there is too much money being made by the all the ‘right’ people. I agree – Obamacare will be morphed into something that Republicans will put their name on it to get the credit – but it will basically be the same giveaway to Corporations making obscene profits.

      As I said previously, I was frustrated with Obama for giving too much credit to the Republicans for being patriotic Americans.

      But lets face the facts – our entire political system is so corrupt that even if Obama did want to change all the wrong – could he possibly do it?

      The president does not really have that much power – which is what Americans do not understand.

      Corporations own our country – and that was brought on by Reagan in 1980 and Reagan was the one that doomed our country to what we have become today.

      But – as much as I dislike Reagan – even Reagan would be appalled at Trump and Republicans rallying around and praising the Communist Leader Putin.

      Reagan was a snake in the grass – but even Reagan knew enough to never trust a damn ex-KGB Putin.

      Also – I was not naïve enough to think Hillary was going to get in there and get rid of all this corporatization of America.

      But – at least with Hillary – I was not so afraid of retaliation, mean and hate-filled Republicans intentionally burning down the country just to prove their damn point.

      Personally, I think Trump will pull a Sarah Palin and quit halfway through. He will use the lame excuse that he wants to spend more time with his family but he will make sure to blame the Democrats and mainstream media for persecuting him – which prevented him from doing the job he was elected to do.

      Yeah, sure. We’ve all heard this line of B.S. before – haven’t we?