Saturday, 12/24/16, Public Square



by | December 23, 2016 · 8:18 pm

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  1. Thank you! “We come into” the wonderful experience of Wendell Barry. I love his work. Great for today.

  2. Thunderchild

    It is the very first time in my life I go to sleep alone on Christmas eve and will wake alone tomorrow. Always before, I had family or at least pets. This night I have no one.
    An unkind and cruel America is coming with Donald Trump. So we of the kinder thinking have to step up.
    If you see someone in a jam, help them out.

    • I had to go shopping yesterday (Christmas Eve Day) and I was out for approximately 5 hours.

      I looked throughout the crowds to see what type of atmosphere was going on. The Christmas music was playing – but 99% of the shoppers were rude, running over people, glaring and overall acting like a bunch of jackasses.

      The worst place I noticed this happening was at Walmart. And there – it was not just the shoppers – it was their employees.

      I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s – you know, those good ol’ days that Trump and Republicans want to take us back to?

      Back in those days – I remember people were nicer but these retail store employees were welcoming, friendly and had a smile on their face.

      Yesterday – I had two people wish me a Merry Christmas – one a 20-something girl at the Starbucks in Target. The other woman was at Bed Bath and Beyond and she was about my age.

      My biggest pet peeve when shopping at Walmart is when I am leaving the store. My cart is usually full and I am struggling to get through their side door that does not automatically open. I try to avoid the automatic front doors because that is where rude people love to congregate and talk. Why, I don’t know.

      Anyway – as I approached the side door – a group of young late teen girls were walking up. They opened the door and was about to walk through when they noticed my full cart was there in their way.

      INSTEAD of pushing my cart out of their way and bullying their way through – these late teen girls backed out the door and held the door open for me while I got out. And each of these girls had a smile on their face when I told them they were the first people that were not rude and actually thought of someone else.

      So – my assessment of our country we live in?

      I have hope for the younger generation. These are the kids that have felt the most consequences of how our country has become so corporatized and desensitized since Reagan was in office. The 1980’s were all about Greed is Good – remember?

      And these Mega Evangelical Kristian Preachers and Televangelists have shown us their only motivation is MONEY.

      When society only worships MONEY and its people justify their bullying behavior as the way to get MONEY – then we’re all doomed – IMHO